Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Minimuffs: A tribute to the PMR results announced today

Making choices isn't easy. Do I go for plain banana, or pair it with apple-cranberry sauce, chocolate chips, raspberry conserve, or as the usual me would do in such indecisive situation, attempt all in one go?

I went with the last option. Some of my mini muffins are somewhat not too hodoh I think. But one or two definitely "deserve jail time" (quote: Debbie). doesn't matter if they taste sinfully good (they do). Had I decided to go for one flavour at a time, I might have been able to perfect them by batches. But I was kinda too excited, tamak, impatient, and look what I ended up with.

Isn't this like the PMR exam? Multiple choice answers but you shade only one. You could hit bulls eye. But if you shade two columns in your answering sheet thinking the machine doesn't know any better you head straight to '0'. Markah kosong.

Making choices. Deciding. You can't have it all. Well you can, but they won't as near perfect. C'est la vie.

Happy new year friends. I am bad at choosing. Muffins?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hajime, kamu maukah?

Presenting my apple-raisin-walnut muffins that look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame - TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I crammed all 12 cups in a baking tin (not even a proper cupcake tray) hence the significantly picasso-esque end result. Lihatlah ada tinggi rendah. You can gelak, takpe. Next time I'll try to be lebih proper :P

Don't play play they taste awesome tau..... When emak gives you a thumbs up you know you score, heh. My emak is the Simon Cowell of baking okeh? Jadi apabila emak suggest saya buat bisnes part time jual muffin saya rasa macam dapat SPM 15A1. But perhaps I need to undergo cosmetics surgery training before attempting going commercial. Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

party animals (yeah baby)

Saya adalah tetamu yang paling tua

Saya sangat suka makan ayam belanda lauk krismas. Malam ini Michelle menjemput saya ke rumah dia untuk makan-makan dan bersosial. Seronok!
Saya dapat makan banyak...

Saya dapat kawan-kawan baru...
(dlm gambar ni setgh je guests, yg lain belum sampai)

Saya juga dapat prezen...

Saya tak boleh balik lambat atas arahan ibubapa dan telah miss sesi bermain game (saya patutnya jadi marshal sebab saya bukan peminum, kena jaga score dengan tangkap orang mengelat). Tapi takpelah saya sangat gumbira malam ni sebab sekali lagi orang ingat umur saya 23-24 tahun. Kalau tiap-tiap weekend ada hari krismas kan bagus. Makan free, prezen, dapat puji lagi...miahahahahaha.

nota kaki: jangan risau. ayam belanda konfem halal - ada sticker JAKIM. Michelle has been a gem to make sure that she caters to the guests' religious (food) concerns, as in HALAL stuff and no beef for the Buddhists :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I could have extra room for storage should these go out

Yoohoo yoohooo I've made a list of stuff that I'd like to let go of at very attractive price tags. All used at very minimal frequency or never at all. These will include:
  1. Benefit Maybe Baby EDT 100ml (actually sold to Fied tonite hehe)
  2. Nike bag pack - fits a 15-17" laptop, gym stuff, 1 pair of sneakers in front compartment. Bought in June/July, used less than 5 times, for minimal duration. Also useful for weekend getaways.
  3. Targus laptop bag - fits a 15" laptop. 1 year old.
  4. GAP shoulder bag - fabric+leather
  5. GAP wrist clutch - straw+leather, never used.
  6. 1 pair of GAP flip flops, never worn.
  7. 1 pair of ankle boots. PVC that looks like nice patent leather - perfect for stylistahs. See previous entry.
  8. Le Sports Sac bags (let me update the style names later lah) - 1 big carry-all, 1 med carry-all reversible, 1 small baguette, 1 two-fold shoulder (very pretty), 1 limited edition design wallet (wallet style also discontinued), 1 cosmetics tote
  9. Guess small tote - fabric+PVC (kot...certainly not leather)
  10. Benefit Rush Hour - for lips and cheeks (20% retail price)
  11. Benefit Primpcess - limited edition eye makeup kit (20% off retail price)
  12. 1 pink corduroy jacket, size UK 12 (boleh up harga ke kalau saya cakap sebenarnya saya beli jeket ni kat London? ahhahaha)
  13. Loop cosmetics cases - 1 tote, 2 travel pouches
  14. 1 MNG denim jacket
  15. Several GMAT prep books, 2008 & 2009 editions. I've decided to pursue my MBA locally so yeah, GMAT books can make a move outta my room at 25% off the shelf price. Maybe 30% off if I'm feeling generous on the day you enquire. Mahal okeh buku2 ni.
  16. 1 Nike iPod (latest, 3rd generation kan?) armband. Gift from my che su tapi dia silap beli. My iPod is the square one takbleh masuk.
  17. 1 Esprit plaid skirt. Grey. Looks kinda like the Brit school uniform skirt. Baru beli 2 bulan.

I've also some stuff that I haven't really decided whether to simpan or sell. Maybe selling if the price is right:

  1. Starbucks destination bears - 2 Malaysian, 1 Singaporean, 1 Taiwanese, 1 Indonesian, 1 American (San Diego). Sayang lah...but I know there are peeps who collect them too and willing to pay good money for ones they don't have.
  2. Altec lansing portable speaker for iPod. Bought it several months back. Hardly used and it just collects dust.
  3. CK One Summer 2008 EDT 100ml. Yang lain pun belum habis pakai....sigh
  4. A (sombre) pink Furla handbag. Better suited for office use, or a very boring occasion.
  5. 1 pair of Nike+ running sneakers. Size women's UK 5.5. Worn twice and in the gym.
  6. If I can get a better pair of running shoes, not Nikes, I'm also letting go off my Nike+ running tracker device - 20% off retail price (it's never discounted in the stores)
  7. Fish eye lomo camera.
  8. 1 pair Gucci sunnies.

Also, there are clothing items going for cheap cheap cheap. Tahlah, maybe I just give them away. Let me know if you're interested because my sisters can't take them in either.

  1. 1 evening dress. Long, black, not velvet but gives some sort of sparkly sheen. Very good quality. I really sayang this dress but don't think I'll have any occasion that warrants its use anymore.
  2. 1 black lace party dress. Worn once.
  3. 1 knitted sweater in brown. 70's inspired. Worn twice max.
  4. 1 pair Ralph Lauren cargo pants in navy. Men's size 28. I wore these many times la but they don't look buruk or what. Can give to your Wak tukang kebun for his Sunday outings (if he's the petite type). I don't have any brother to pass them down to. Kawan2 lelaki pun mostly boroi dah. Nyehehehe...
  5. Some accessories that may look good on your bohemian-themed Christmas tree. Or on you. Yeah, pile 'em all up and you can be a walking bohemian Christmas tree yourself!

I'm really serious lah. Bukan main2 tau. Will snap pics and upload them on my Picasa and Facebook albums. Please tunggu for my next update.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

I am thinking of letting go of some stuff, pre-loved and never-been-kissed. Just random thoughts that seem to come flooding everytime I get home early from work and usually never materialise come the weekend when I'm supposed to rummage through my closet and separate my "wants" and "want-nots".

I should bid adieu to:
  1. Le Sport Sac bags that I don't recall having anymore. They're there, at the bottom of the box and easily forgotten. Funny how they keep calling to me before I bought them. Now it's like, 'hey saya ada beg ini kah? Oh chomel.' (ps: they're not that outdated, 1-2 year old max. Maybe there are buyers out there kan...)
  2. Other bags too, including this one designer label that was a gift from emak. Derhaka tak kalau senyap2 jual online? I so...soooooooooo don't fancy beg itu.
  3. Shoes I hardly wear. No one to pass 'em down to as adik beradik berkaki besar and lebar macam robot.
  4. Those new peep-toe ankle boots. Pure lust in the kedai, they were so seductive that I failed to realise their non-support of my high arch. Wore them for 5 minutes from the car park to office and now they're sitting nicely on my display shelf - a reminder that I always make stupid purchases.
  5. Some evening dresses that I wore perhaps only once.
  6. Lots and lots of accessories bought during my weekend bazaar-crazy years.
  7. A medium-sized toolbox. Bought for safekeeping of stationeries but apparently too small for all my junks that I had to get a much bigger one. RM3 for you - any takers?
  8. Benefit makeup bought online recently. Havent been used and now making me feel like a big sinner.
  9. Also Benefit's Maybe Baby perfume. I have 5 others that can only be finished off in 10 years so I better let this poor bottle go before it has to succumb to a painful slow death on my dresser.
  10. My many pairs of jackets. Oh yes, Malaysia used to be da very da cold until recently. If you are into layering (ahah!) you should give me a call.

The question is, can I handle parting ways with them after all these years? Ish...scary la pulak.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just don't mess with me because I can revert with the ugliest of things

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time
Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

~From the words of Leona Lewis' Better in Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I will not work in the city centre

Hello people. I am currently stuck in the mad Jln Sultan Ismail
traffic as a result of my sheer stupidity.

Malaysian Savings Sale. Saya - bengkrap. Damn you kucing.

Pembelian hari ini:

4 bijik bantal bagi menggantikan 4 biji bantal lama dan 1 bantal double baru yang telah dikencing kucing saya yang sedang horny. Seems when a cat comes of age, they pee. Everywhere. I wonder if it's really pee and not 'reproductive excretion'.

Kucing also peed on my expensive bean bags while I was out. Emak panicked and cleaned up the mess before I got home but adik no. 3 blabbed. Gotcha emak - apasal sorok haaaaa.....

Lessons learnt:
  1. Don't ever get excited over cute tempat tidur kucing. It's expensive, the kucing can't be bothered with it and prefers to chill and PEE ON YOUR BED instead.
  2. When you always desires mid-to-high-end range stuff, your kucing also adopts the behaviour. Hence, I believe, the peeing on expensive cushions.
  3. Kucing should have been neutered. Call me evil but apparently this stops the pee-fest.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Ki-Moira, our posts are kinda related lah for today. You inspire me, awww...

Apa itu 'timing'? Mengikut Incik Oyett, 'timing' adalah naik hangin. Ki-Moira juga mendiscuss tentang isu ini kat blog dia. Saya pun baru belajar macam mana nak guna perkataan urban ini.

Contoh kejadian 'timing':

Hari ini saya timing dengan makcik cleaner kat office. Nampaknya bukan incik oyett saja yang timing dengan makcik cleaner dia. Makcik cleaner kat office saya tu memang dah melampau. Kalau bercakap satu level 13 boleh dengar. If it's not for the partitions and many simpang labyrinth maybe boleh dengar sampai kat hujung department orang lain. Makcik cleaner ini kalau bercerita lord of the rings pun kalah, so never attempt to strike a friendly chat with her because oh boy i dont think she can stop talking. Dan sangat kuat suara macam speaker surau. Hari ini dia pasang volume kat maximum. Apparently she's upset that some people tuduh her having done something or the other and she 'obviously' is being victimised over something she didn't do. Siap ungkit pasal 'pengorbanan' dan 'jasa' dia kat Firm tu. Wah wah drama betul kau makcik. Saya takbleh tahan saya sudah komplen sama admin dan admin hantar email komplen kat dept services (sambil mem-bcc saya). Esok kalau makcik cleaner buat vocal practice dia kat pantry lagi saya sumbat dia masuk dalam peti ais.

Bila timing, perut jadi lapar. Betol tak? Jadi saya singgah di pasaraya membeli sayur untuk memasak makan malam. Heh, I cooked again tonite. Bapa wanted to heat up masak lemak but I said, 'No Bapa, very unhealthy lah everyday u makan masak lomak jo. How about some pasta?'. Bapa is always up to people cooking for him. Little did he know that this is a vegetarian dish. Heh. Heh. Heh.... Halfway through cooking I casually said, 'Oh by the way, this is a vege only pasta.' Bapa responded with 'oh oklah' but I think I heard him muttering 'bukan ke pasta selalu ada meat?' *kihkihkihhhh*. Anyhoo spaghetti aglio olio saya itu sedap. Bapa memuji lagi walaupun mengulang suara berkata 'mungkin sedap juga kalau ada cebisan daging'. Ahhh.....real men need meat. Kasihan bapa, jarang komplen. Bapa tidak pernah timing dengan apa2 yang kami masak kat rumah walaupun tak sedap. paling teruk pun dia cuma cakap 'tak berapa sedap lain kali try cara lain' saja.

Oh masih ada lagi spaghetti dalam kuali sebab emak dan adik belum pulang dari tempat kerja. Family saya memang champion dalam hal-hal balik kerja lambat macam ni. Dalam hati I'm having a very keji thought of hoping that both emak and adik won't come home hungry so that I can tapau the spaghetti to work tomorrow. *evil schmevil*

esok kerja balik. tak best.

eh tak, mungkin biasa2 je. tak boleh kata tak best, nanti betul2 tak best. saya tak mau tak best di tempat kerja. saya tak mau fikir (atau dengar) apa2 yg tak best lagi. nanti hati sakit saya akan mengamuk baling semua barang dalam bilik macam saya buat semalam. saya marah hati sakit sangat. baling barang was the least i could do since it was already 3.30am. drama drama!

facebook really takes forever to upload pics of the engagement ceremony and here i am writing nonsense. my babe, eza, got engaged today (eh, yesterday) and there she goes leaving natd and i dua orang terkontang-kanting in singledom. kamu mesti fikir, eleh dia baru tunang je kenapa saya ni dah paranoid. FYI, eza dah nak kahwin 26/12 ni. oh oh saya bukan bukan bukan paranoid. in fact saya okay je dan sangat2 happy bila kawan2 baik akan/sudah kahwin. saya hanya fed-up bila orang tanya bila saya nak kahwin. ye, kalau kamu biasa baca blog saya kamu mungkin perasaan at least setahun sekali saya akan ada post yang bising2 sebab orang tanya saya bila mau kawin bila mau kawin bila bila bila mau kahwin. bila-bila lah!

in this twisted world i'm living in, not bothering anymore is the best choice because pusing kiri pusing kanan banyak benda buat pening kepala. maybe when the day that i have that knockout body and washboard abs but without a single calon for kahwin comes, i'll worry myself sick.

terima kasih selamat malam in less than 8 hours i need to be at my desk in the office and after a week-long break i so don't feel up to it.

nota kaki: facebook belum habis upload gambar. damn you i need my sleep!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

bila tidak bekerja

I am on leave. Perasaan yang boleh tahan best sebab boleh bangun tido lambat. ehehe...

Perkara-perkara yang telah dibuat sejak bangun tidur:

  1. Ikat rambut.

  2. Toilet. No need to elaborate la.

  3. Online - facebook, baca blog orang, tengok email dan...

...Tersengih-sengih girang melihat confirmed itinerary PENERBANGAN PERCUMA untuk PERCUTIAN KE SIEM REAP bulan depan.

Angkor Wat here I come, yaaaaaaaa...huuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Nota kaki: There wasn't much that I did since I have only been awake for an hour or so. hihi.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I am reacting and that's about it. Period.

A really shitty drama post picnic today. But i'm not gonna stoop to their (low) level so i'm just gonna stay quiet. i've got better things to do and i dont want people to start wearing their 'i'm with stupid shirt' when i'm around because i clearly am not. thank you.

lesson learnt: morons wear you down. why bother?

Friday, December 05, 2008

lamanya tak tulis

minggu depan saya cuti seminggu. tapi saya tak dapat pergi mana-mana. ini semua bangkok yang cemas punya pasal. haih...apa nak buat dengan teket free tu? mesti pakai sebelum 31/12 ni.


sekarang saya rasa macam nak road trip. naik atas pergi kuala kangsar ke...turun bawah pegi segamat ke... tah, macam best je. ada sapa2 nak ikut? jadi co-pilot. minyak saya bayar. awak boleh belanja tol, atau makan minum. saya dah lama nak pergi road trip. sebelum tua sangat, sebelum umur _ _, saya nak buat ini dan pergi volunteer kat negeri orang miskin. boleh tengok dunia sama tolong orang jugak.

jadi yeah, saya nak pegi jalan. telefonlah saya. amiklah cuti. saya yakin kamu orang ada banyak lagi annual leave belum habis. saya kena habiskan entitlement cuti. bagus betul kompeni baru ni, masa probation pun suruh pegi cuti.

kalau kita tak pergi road trip, kita pergi siem reap nak? jogja ke. padang ke. saya tak kisah. dah puas pegi tempat orang putih saya nak pegi tempat yang airasia pegi je. ya, ini alasan saya yang dah takde duit nak jalan jauh. harap maklum.

telefon tauuuuuuu kalau nak ikut road trip/amazing race asia saya :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things happen for good reasons

Pernahkah anda bertanya mengapa hidupan air tidak mempunyai telinga?

Jawapan adalah kerana telinga yang dipenuhi air sepanjang masa adalah suatu keadaan yang sangat tidak selesa, irritable dan boleh membuat sakit darah tinggi. God is GREAT.

Today I had a first-hand experience that led to a bimbo AHA! moment in relation to the above. Gegendang telinga saya mengalami infeksi di mana semalam demam panas dan kepala terasa hendak pecah serta telinga terasa tersumbat seperti berada di altitud tinggi. Hari ini telinga masih sakit seperti dicucuk besi barbeku jadi telah mendapatkan konsultasi tuan dokter. Tuan dokter berkata, "Gegendang telinga anda bengkak dan sangat merah. Ini menunjukkan tanda-tanda infeksi. Saya beri kamu antibiotik dan obat titik. Sila berbaring mengiring selepas menitik obat, dan kekal posisi ini selama sekurang-kurangnya setengah jam." Tuan dokter juga memberi cuti sakit kerana adalah tidak sesuai untuk membuat perilaku sedemikian di pejabat.

Oh boy was it an annoying experience or what. Berenang is something different okeh. Having liquid welllled up in your ear canal is only for those patient enough to lie down for very long. Untuk memastikan saya tidak kebosanan, saya telah meng-ejas sofa supaya menghadap tv jadi saya mempunyai hiburan semasa merawat Encik Gegendang Telinga. Nasib baik ada cerita John Tucker Must Die. Jadi sesi rawatan berlanjutan selama sejam setengah. Tapi letih jugakla nak tunggu dengan telinga separa cacat pendengaran (kalau tutup telinga kiri dengar bunyi gema je).

Kesimpulannya saya kagum dengan ciptaan Tuhan. Kalau saya ini ikan yang ada telinga mungkin saya merupakan ikan yang paling dikeji kerana mempunyai mood swing sepanjang masa. Ye lah, dengar bunyik pun semuanya bergema2. Tak best hokayyyyy.........mau tak rasa nak marah-marah je selalu.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

drama drama

Pelbagai perkara kurang enak berlaku di jimnasium:
  1. Saya sampai lambat. Macam mana boleh jadi mcm ni sedangkan tempat keja lama dgn tempat keja baru kat area dekat2 je?

  2. Saya terjumpa Boss kat changing room dan bercakap dengan kuat untuk mengatasi bunyik lagu. Saya berkata 'Boss is that you??'. Saya rasa Boss rasa tak best sebab macam agak malu jugak la kena panggil 'Boss' kuat2 mcm tu. Tapi dah memang bos pun. Takkan nak panggil nama betul. Oh, Boss saya sangat hot. Dah sangat senior tapi body....wah wah anak dara confirm kalah. Oleh sebab Boss saya lebih hot saya pun malu nak tukar baju depan dia jadi berlari ke toilet walaupun bukan la nak buang apa2 pun. Anyway adalah berharap Boss tidak terbawa2 rasa kurang enak di opis esok.

  3. Saya mengerang kesakitan di atas beskal. YA, SAYA MENGERANG (bukan memerang. walaupun bau badan semasa bersenam lebih kurang macam bau memerang). Telah mengalami kejang otot di betis. Wah, dah lama tak kena. Mungkin terakhir semasa sekolah, itu pun masa form 1 form 2. Saya ada lagi 6 minit (4 minit masa program+2 minit cool down), sudah mencecah 5.9km - hati meronta2 semangat nak kejar 7km. Saya konfiden sempat cecah 7km kalau saya kayuh laju2. Jadi saya pun kasi up itu resistance sama RPM kayuh macam kena kejar hantu kum kum. Lepas seminit tu hantu kejang otot sudah tangkap saya punya betis. NGAPPPPPPP! Saya pun dengan automatis 'berkata' (read: menjerit) 'aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!'. Nasib baik encik pelatih peribadi bernama Suhaimi ada kat depan tgh PT dgn client dia. Dia muka sudah panik dan datang menolong saya turun dari beskal seraya berkata 'Yang kau kayuh laju2 macam nak buat wheelie tu apesal? Kan dah lama tak datang senam.' Saya sudah tergelak2 malu kerana orang2 di keliling sudah beberapa orang menuju ke arah saya termasuk seorang lagi pelatih peribadi bernama Dino yang selama dekat setahun saya pegi gym dia baru sekali cakap dgn saya itu pun minggu lepas, 1/2 minit je.

  4. Anda pasti ingat saya wanita sangat super hot sampai orang semua bergegas hendak tolong kan? Muahahahhahaa......! Ya, memang tidak. Tapi saya menjerit sakit terlampau kuat rupanya (mengikut laporan si Suhaimi). Malu dan sangat malu di sini kerana akibat mencucuh telinga dengan ipod pada tahap volume yang boleh kasik pecah gegendang, saya rasa cam takde apa2 je menjerit tu. Ye lah telinga dah pekak tersumbat, lagu feng tau pulak tu mana nak perasan sebenarnya menjerit kuat. Rasa macam ok ok je...hehe. Rentetan peristiwa ini (rentetan? mak aih... karangan SPM ke apa ni) berita saya merempit di atas beskal senaman dan menjerit kecederaan telah tersebar luas ke seluruh gimnasium dan bahananya kena gelak besar dengan budak2 pelatih peribadi yang tak makan saman. Haih..malu makcik. Mulai esok akan bersenam di tempat perempuan saja. Tapi kalau tercedera takde sapa nak tolong pulak....isk isk isk saya buntu. Walaubagaimanpun seorang pelatih peribadi baru bernama Zira dengan sangat baik hati menolong saya stretch lagi kaki masa kat dalam changing room. Siap pegi ambikkan air manis kat dispenser. Tapi malang nasib dispenser nescafe tgh dicuci jadi saya setel dgn air water cooler je lah. Zira tunggu sampai saya kata saya ok. Memang ok pun tapi budak ini macam sangat semangat nak tolong saya. Jika busuk hati saya akan berfikir dia cuma begini sebab baru masuk keja 2 minggu. Tapi kebelakangan ini sifat busuk hati saya macam ada kurang lah. Ho ho....

  5. Habis mandi ingatkan nak terus balik. Kakak cleaner tu pulak nak buat borak. Heh dia ni suka taw kacau daun. Tapi saya sempat mengelat daripada kena tahan lama2. Saya penah sangkut busuk2 15 minit sebab akak ni berborak okeh? Ah, sambung balik. Bila hantar towel kat counter budak towel pulak hilang. Jadi telah menunggu. Dan tunggu. Tunggu lagi. Ini takbleh jadi. Jadi saya telah menggamit (wah hebatnya kosa kata saya!) Bangla cleaner supaya datang dan tolong kasi balik kad keahlian saya yg disimpan di kaunter. (Bersambung di poin berikutnya...)

  6. Lama tunggu tau. Brader Bangla tanya 'kad apa kaler?'. Saya jawab 'Silver'. Dia macam konpius. Jadi saya cakap 'kaler grey'. Ohhhh grey jawab encik bangla cleaner. lepas tu dia kasi kad kaler purple nama 'Phillip Lim'. What da kejadah????? Saya cakap ini bukan. Kalau explain pun dia mcm takkan paham. Dia korek2 lagi tak jumpa jugak dan menyuruh saya pegi belakang kaunter cari sendiri. Pulak dah...... (Bersambung di poin berikutnya...)

  7. Wahhhhhhh...! Memang kad saya sudah hilang. Lepas tu encik Bangla kasi kad nama 'Rosilawati Ismail' yang ada kat slot sebelah slot kad saya. Sah dah tertukar. Hantu punya budak towel yang jaga tadi. Yang minah tu pun x check agaknya. Nama ayah dah le sama. Aisehmen...

  8. Saya turun bawah kat kaunter resepsi dan mendapati budak2 towel sedang bergelak tawa riang mengusik menghibur hati rakan seperjuangan. Eh panas hati betul aku. Bila saya merepot bahawasanya kad saya sudah hilang diaorang agak panik. Nasib baik ada Arthur yang baik hati tolong naik cari balik kad. Bila konfem kad tak ada, kawan dia yang budak baru dengan takde rasa bersalah cakap 'Oh aku la ni tersalah bagi tadi'. Boleh?

  9. Sekarang saya kena tunggu 2 minggu. If my membership card doesn't turn up they will request for a new one for me. Saya dengan ini secara resminya mendeclare perasaan sangat kurang senang dengan pihak pengurusan gimnasium ini. Dahla sekarang towel short.

  10. Sekian. Sekarang mau tidur.

*Bekerja keras untuk kembali cergas, badan cergas otak cerdas, tapi kalau susah2 sangat maintain percakapan seperti dik cerdas!*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kenangan lama mengusik jiwa

Adakah kawan-kawan sekalian masih hengat dengan selipar berikut? Apalah sangat crocs tu kan. Ini lagi best.....

nota kaki: post ini ditujukan khas buat cik ki-moira yang gila kasut.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hai saya kembali!

Sebab-sebab konkrit kenapa blog ini tidak di-update dan bukan keyboard tercabut butang (dem u alien):

  1. Sebelum raya adalah masa menggelabah pergi interview.

  2. Sebelum raya adalah bertugas sebagai pemandu jarak jauh. Saya juga nampak 2 ekor gajah besar kat hutan Grik. Hah tergezut betul malam-malam dalam kabus tetiba ada 4 mata silau dengan lampu kereta high beam. Nasib baik gajah tak kejar. Tapi tak sempat pon kalau dia nak kejar.

  3. Sebelum raya memandu jarak jauh dan ditahan polis. Tapi dia suruh bawak slow-slow je bukan kena saman. Mungkin berkat memasak untuk keluarga di bulan puasa hehehe.

  4. Semasa raya sibuk makan, makan, makan, makan, makan, makan, makan.

  5. Selepas (cuti) raya sibuk basuh baju sebab kat kampung malas nak basuh.

  6. Selepas (cuti) raya menggelabah prepare masuk kerja baru. Sibuk juga pikir-pikir gaya baru mana la tau ada kawan opis yang boleh buat saya ini berkobar-kobar nak gi keja hari-hari aaawwwww..... (oh yes, i still dream of those oxford shoes. meleleh air liur.)

  7. Selepas (cuti) raya juga bersedih-sedih sebab 'cuti semester' ni dah nak habis. Kalau x payah kerja sampai bila-bila kan bagus.

  8. Bila dah masuk kerja baru terpaksa layan emosi sebab dah lama tak keja. Jiwa kacau dua hari. Parking mahal, makan mahal, lunch time pun semua orang keja je, hujan lebat hari-hari, traffic jam berkurun lama, tak boleh chat tak boleh bukak gmail kat opis (benci!).

  9. Bila dah masuk kerja baru badan penat otak penat jadi tiada kapasiti untuk 'penulisan kreatif' yang ada cuma kapasiti perut untuk makan hidangan malam yang dimasak oleh bapa yang sangat sedap. Ye, bapa saya ada resipi best untuk benda2 yang emak tak buat.

  10. Bila dah masuk kerja baru nampaknya hari2 pukul 11 keadaan bertukar auto-pilot di mana sistem pintar akan masuk ke mode 'tido sampai pagi tak hengat punya'.

Sekian. Waktu bantahan terhadap pengumuman di atas dibuka dengan rasmi sekarang.

ps: tempat keja baru bagi banyak barang free. ada sedikit rasa macam masuk tadika hehehe.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

There is always something that is not meant to be...

But that smile will always await you in the morning

...buried deep in the farthest corner of your heart.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Projek Hari Esok (dan/atau lusa)

  1. Membuat chocolate fudge untuk Illa.

  2. Membuat muffin untuk Sarah.

  3. Membuat apple sauce atau peanut butter fudge untuk sesiapa yang ada di rumah.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(Even the) stars are blind

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18) for September 16, 2008

There is an emotional issue that you're mulling over your head. Try to balance your rational thought with an emotional evaluation, without the former dominating the latter. Write that letter.

Funny how it is advising me to go against the flow, heart over head.

Write that letter? Berbaloikah kita bukak rasa hati kalau yang menerima tu tutup hati dia seketat mungkin? Yang pernah buat salah pun tak semestinya akan buat salah sampai bila-bila...

Saya dah cuba mengalah. And I am deemed masih salah.

I'm really hurt.

Monday, September 15, 2008

have wok will cook

Monday, September 15 - The domestic goddess movement pioneered by Ki-Moira and Adiepot is getting more aggressive by the day. Adiepot, spotted (again) today in her kitchen, seemed oblivious to the power trips during the afternoon storm while preparing hot dishes for buka puasa. Further investigations revealed that there was a big kuali of ayam masak kicap and a combo of bok choy-and-mushroom stir-fry ready by 6.45pm. It is apparent from the size of the kuali that Adiepot is still a rookie who has yet to guesstimate serving size correctly. Yesterday, sources have also reported that she was seen doing major cleaning at the front porch and even rearranged the furnitures to create a cozy lepak place for enjoying the cool night breeze.

With cupcake baking/decorating and every other home-making skills getting a rise in popularity, what has become of the work-crazy, going-out-from-dusk-till-dawn-crazy young single women these days? Is there some kind of plague going around at the moment or are they just laying low for a while, comforting men who are getting the paranoia with women increasingly snatching up the power thrones in the corporate world? The latter perhaps, holds a more resounding truth and real soon women will strike again leaving everything domestic as just a 'passing hobby'.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sheep goes to heaven

I spent Saturday afternoon bijou bazaar-ing with KiMoira. We were really psyched to go since their previous events sounded sangat happening and we haven't been to any of those. Kinda made us (me actually) felt like the left out old maids so we had to go lah to revive what's left of our youth, haha... (we're not THAT old kan babe?)

However, much to our disappointment it was pretty dull. I assume that perhaps it was just one of those times when business isn't doing so well. Puasa kot... For me only several stalls stood out - gajah gajah gallery, the one selling cool polymer clay monster figurines and bangles with eyeballs, bowgroup and the blacksheep. The rest were pretty much selling the same stuff - used clothing items (some are nice vintage but some look like they were ransacked from an old tailor aunty's 'factory outlet circa 1975'), new clothing items that only fit really young girls, accessories, handbags... Perhaps I AM THAT OLD since nothing much got to my fancy. Despite this, I got myself a top from blacksheep because all of you know that I will get BRAIN HAEMORRHAGE AND SEIZURES if I don't buy anything on a supposed shopping outing.'s a...'condition'. And I'm not as strong as KiMoira when it comes to battling this disease.

my blacksheep tee - sedikit renyuk cos i declined the plastic carrier bag and shoved it into my handbag instead as a little contribution to mother nature.

I hope that the RM50 naive art painting lesson is still offered at the gajah gajah gallery. What a romantic way to spend time with friends, a loved one or with diri sendiri kan? Read more from this article: Artist opens gallery to public. I couldn't help to Google them up since their stall has really nice paintings of cats and elephants on canvas.

We promised to 'sleep on it' on these oh-so-chantek handmade leather gladiators (sandals, for u men out there who will definitely not understand) from ninakimi@bowgroup. I haven't gone to sleep but I already know that I'm getting them else I'll be in misery till the end of Q4. Yeah, at least till then cos they're such great investments!

Cik gladiators, saya akan mimpi yang indah-indah tentang kamu malam ini. Aaaahhhhh.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

who says i can't make people happy?

Ingat beberapa hari lepas saya keciwa dengan lauk beli? Semalam ingin memasak tetapi bapa sudah potong jalan dan membeli ayam masala dan sotong - ini lauk sedap dari restoran jadi tak mengapa.

Kerana rancangan semalam terbantut, hari ini saya meneruskan cita-cita memasak. Jadi saya ke pasaraya membeli bahan-bahan asas iaitu sayur-sayuran dan sardin. Heh, jangan ketawa ya...sambal sardin saya ramai orang puji okeh? Kalau Nazli datang dari Kuching mesti dia merengek "Adieeeeeeeee...masak sardin pleaaaaaase? Rindu nak makan sardin kau masak" (dengan muka seperti puppy comel yang meminta belas kasihan*). Masa memilih sayur saya sedikit tergamam kerana tak berapa kenal nama2 sayur ni. Berdasarkan pengalaman memasak yang serba sedikit saya hentam je ambik sayur yang macam kailan tapi kontot dan montok tu. Rasa2nya yang ni lah yang saya suka makan tu. Agak konfius sebab ada lagi satu sayur yang macam nak sama tapi batang dia kaler putih. Lepas tu saya tambah carrot, tomato dan....aha! Tauhu klasik. Nyaman ni semua kalau masak kacau-goreng (stir fry?). Di pasaraya saya juga membeli sardin untuk mak kucing kat rumah ni yang dah tak mau makan friskies. Jadi kucing dan tuan kucing bermenu utama yang sama tapi stended lain2. Mak kucing makan sadin harga rm1.15 je setin kecik. Cukuplah tu, semalam saya dah bagi dia makan 2 tin tuna in water yang saya biasanya dikhaskan untuk musim saya berdiet sahaja. Damn u Mak. If it's not because of your 5 kittens yang teramat kiut itu and that you are nursing, jangan harap kau dapat makan tuna saya.

Ya, berbalik kepada cerita memasak. Saya ada satu jam sahaja sebelum waktu berbuka dan telah memasak dengan tangkas. Walaupun adik sudah pulang pejabat dengan penuh nekad saya tidak mahu meminta tolong walau sedikit. Saya boleh buat ini! 5 menet sebelum berbuka, sambal sadin dan sayur campur sudah siap. Walaupun ada beli tambah lauk gulai lemak bapa kata "Oh kakak masak ke? Tak payahlah makan lauk beli ni.". Sedang makan bapa juga berkata "Lauk ini jauh lebih sedap dari yang dibeli". Adik juga berkata "Wah, lauk hari ini sangat sedap". Untuk pengetahuan anda semua, selain pisang keluarga saya ada obsesi dengan lauk sadin. Bapa juga telah mencadangkan supaya saya masak sadin lagi Isnin depan, tapi kari sadin pula. Nyehehhe...

Saya sangat hepi di atas prestasi hari ini. Bapa juga saya rasa hepi sebab selain memuji sadin, dia juga telah habiskan 1/2 portion sayur yang saya rasa cukup untuk 5 orang sebab saya tak pandai bajet bila masuk bahan2 (selalu termasak lebih huhu..). Adik hepi bercampur sedih sebab nanti sahur kena makan lauk beli balik. Tetapi saya meng-console adik, lauk sadin sebenarnya banyak lagi dalam kuali, dan dia tersengih girang. Kami juga bertambah hepi kerana kuih yang saya beli tadi dua-dua sangat sedap. Besar pulak tu, sebijik 40 sen dgn 50 sen je. Macam ni lah meniaga ikhlas namanya.

Oleh itu kesimpulannya, memasak lebih bagus tambahan jika family anda tidak cerewet. Jika ada adik beradik yang banyak songeh dan memilih lauk, sila beli sahaja supaya tak ada orang merajuk di meja makan.


*statement ini mengandungi unsur-unsur exaggerate oleh penulis

nota kaki: Hari ini emak berbuka kat function opis jadi dengan dukacita reaksi emak terhadap sadin dan sayur campur tidak dapat dirakamkan untuk dikongsi bersama para pembaca. Harap maklum.

mood hari ini ialah...

Berperasaan seperti ingin MAKAN PISANG.

Sekian terima kasih.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

don't talk to me

Hari ini saya bersenam. Walaupun tak sehebat (ehem) bulan tak puasa tapi kurang2 lepas jugak kayuh beskal 4.5km dan membuat senaman tangan dan kaki yang lain. boleh tahan la buat leg press pakai berat sama macam time tak posa *terasa berlagak*

Lepas dah mandi wangi rambut pun dah blow cantik2 (hair dryer dekat gym adalah paling hebat di dunia hoho) saya pergi ke pasar ramadhan TTDI yang konon2 famous itu. Oh hari sangat panas dan ramai betul orang pakai spek itam membeli makan. (Hmm...macam sama je menu macam pasar ramadhan dekat rumah?) Saya cari gerai nasik kerabu yang DJ Light n Easy sebut tu - gerai makcik hasnah - tapi takde pun, dan juga saya tak nampak mana2 gerai menjual produk yang sama yang nampak ada kualitas . Jadi saya beli lah nasik ayam kukus (sebab nampak ramai je orang kat sini), 2 jenis kuih, lauk untuk sahur, dengan air soya Jenny Hong. Bila balik rumah bapa pun ada beli lauk tambah dengan kuih lagi.

Bila dah berbuka dengan sangat excited nak makan banyak habiskan ayam sebesar dinosaur tu sebab tadi bersenam banyak kuar tenaga dan perut lapar maksimum.


Kuah gulai tu manis gila gila gila punya manis. Lauk bapa beli pun sama (rendang apo mcm tu?). Kuih toksah citer lah membazir sebab semua macam ke tong sampah le jawabnya. Ini belum beli banyak2 okeh? Macam mana orang2 yang soping makanan berbuka macam saya soping kasut/beg tu? Konfem 95% yang diaorg jual tu tak sedap langsung, aaarrrgghhh, so macam mana diaorang ni boleh beli berplastik2??

Tiba-tiba rasa frust yg teramat sangat. It's only the 10th day of puasa and I've been having very bad experience with pasar-bought food. hari-hari kena tipu dengan orang jual makanan bukak posa. I am really really marah okeh? Sudahla mahal yang amat. Kalau mahal tapi sedap orang tak marah tau tak? Ini bukan marah, tapi saya banyak kecik hati sama orang meniaga makanan. Haih....

Sudah cakap dengan emak bahawa esok saya mau goreng sayur sama masak kicap (the only few dishes saya boleh masak tanpa was-was). Emak kata kalau telur masak kicap pun tak apa. Konfem konfem lagi edible daripada lauk pauk fancy yang beli kat luar.

So yeah, I'm hot and bothered and ngantuk sebab semalam tak cukup tidur dan sebab hari ni pergi jumpa recruitment agents yang seorang boleh tahan arrogant dengan seorang yang bagi remark 'your previous employer was very generous' (hey watch your mouth there young man!) dan yang paling penting: MARAH SEBAB MAKANAN BELI SEMUA TAK SEDAP!!!!!!!

Makanan tidak bersalah, saya tahu itu. orang jual tu yang keji keji keji.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sleep on it first la kan?

I have just finished mengisi borang minta kerja. My back is killing me. Never have I been so intense in job applications - what do you call a gazillion times of double-checking? I so don't wanna have left anything out and a small voice is telling me that I better call it a night and finalise everything tomorrow. Maybe I did miss a tiny field or two there. Hmm...I really want them to see my mail in their inboxes first thing in the morning. But perhaps I should hold my horses. And go downstairs makan instead. Food calms yeah.

And.....they also want academic transcripts since the yonder years and that's not good. I was so busted back in pre-u days. Nasib baik pass. With all the 'karipaps' I got for Physics I'm praying that the peeps at *** will just dismiss it as my 'mencari erti hidup' (read: berfoya2) phase huhuhu..... Forget about the past people, the present moi and you over there in that snazzy office are meant to be (work) together!

I want this job badly :(

Monday, September 08, 2008

Confession of an oatmeal convert

I have hated oatmeal for the past 27 years+++ (sekarang kamu tahu saya tua). But woohoo not anymore!

I. AM. OATMEAL. CRAZY. And I have it every morning for sahur *wink wink*.

The main players

Pisang nuked on HIGH for 1 minute

(Mushy pisang+oatmeal+hot water+dash of milk back to 1 minute in the microwave on HIGH) + generous sprinkle of chopped walnut

...5 minutes later, it was moi on HIGH :D

Makanlah oat untuk kesihatan tubuh badan walaupun ia nampak seperti muntah kucing yeah!!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I miss working

I thought this would come much later. Ok, I'm coming to a confession here - I miss my job. I didn't quit because I hated it. maybe a little bit, but it was more of something else, and the fact that the graph has already come to a plateau. I wanted new challenges. Now I don't know whether I miss the job, or working or the money i get at the end of the month (hehe). You see I love love love reading business books. Since I have stopped working I can't read more than a few pages at a time because I can't relate the content to what I'm doing. Well hello, I'm a penganggur berjaya. There's no product or business strategy for me to associate with what I'm reading anymore so things get very boring. I have tonnes of books waiting to be finished. And today I G-talk to Sara about working with former employer (and the whole company) and Sara was like, 'u miss that place babe'. Whoaaaaaaaa sedihhhhhhhh!
I need to do something worthwhile. And I hate my sleep disorders. Sangat buat saya tidak produktif aaarrrggghhh!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sudah puasa!

What I had the day before puasa:

  • Nasi ayam penyet
  • Sup rawon
  • 1/2 pint ice cream
  • A major portion of 100g-pack choc chip & macadamia cookies

What I just had for sahur:

  • Maple nut oatmeal
  • Pisang
  • Low fat milk
  • What's left of my cookies - 4 keping (Sungguh jahat kau beskot merosakkan diet pre-raya saya!)

What I have in the fridge for buka later:

  • Bundaberg root beer!!!!

Rut bir = Soda gembira?(!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Malam ini saya merdeka daripada pemakanan sihat. Baru sahaja makan seperti Raja Naga. Saya memesan pelbagai hidangan dengan penuh semangat kerana yang bayar adalah bapa. Emak menggeleng kepala tetapi penuh kagum melihat seronoknya saya makan. Alasan saya 'Takpe kakak minum Coke Light, zero sugar zero calorie'. Abih yang brownie dengan aiskem sebesar muka tu apa kebendanya? Hahaha. Takpelah 2 hari lagi nak puasa. Saya berazam untuk membuat senaman ringan setiap hari di bulan puasa untuk tahun ini. Harap berjaya.

Esok ingin berfoya-foya dan makan lagi. Oh nyaman......

Friday, August 29, 2008

bujang dan kebuluran

hari ini saya memasak. biasa-biasa saja. resipi pendek pandai-pandai sendiri mi goreng tomyam. tak mau lah saya berkata panjang lagi. yang penting, saya telah mencampur telur yang sudah sizen ke dalam masakan itu dan makan tanpa segan silu. habis makan semangkuk besar barulah terasa tekak dan sistem pencernaan bergelora melawan graviti.

ya, semua telah kumuntahkan kembali. air oren yang diminum untuk mengawal rasa tidak senang itu juga keluar dengan gembira seperti arus laju di gelongsor dalam taman tema air. perbuatan tidak bekerja ini agak sukar. sukar mencari makan. jika tidak dengan wang rm5 sahaja dapat menyelesaikan segala masalah kebuluran tatkala matahari tegak di atas kepala. kini walau wang berkarung-karung tidak menjadi magis muncul masakan enak sedulang besar apabila berada di dalam di rumah. masalah juga menjadi semakin kusut apabila anda sebenarnya baru bangun tidur seperti tadi dan malas bertatarias untuk ke kedai makan menapau.

dah lepas ni takmo masak lagi. pegi mcD depan rumah je.


nota kaki: sebenarnya selepas diperiksa dengan betul, telur yang baru dibeli emak/bapa pada malam tadi sebenarnya berada di atas kaunter di dapur dan belum mengganti yang lama dalam gobok air batu. saya lalai dalam pemerhatian. mungkin akibat malas memakai kacamata siang tadi. aaaahh.

i'm feeling gassy and itching to write (eh???)

Tidak, i am not gonna discuss gastrointestinal systems or any colonorectal discomfort after having those huge glasses of cold green tea at Sushi Zanmai tonite. It was an awesome get-together with my old kawan-kawan from uni/residential college - ya, saya budak agak skema yang tinggal di kolej/hostel dari Asasi sampai habis belajar but that was fun fun fun.

Despite the sloooooooooooow service I'm pleased with the sushi platters. Not my beef rice though. Apa tah nama dia, nuki yuki koki or something. While waiting (forever) for our food there was a lot of bitching about our jobs. So I have quit my job, Ju-Li just tendered her resignation (and currently being woo-ed by the bosses so she stays), Mei Wah's determined to play her cards right at year-end appraisal and Ming Shiang feels like trying something really different. The world is full of peeps who have had enough from their jobs and bosses, yeay!

ini 4 orang dulu-dulu organise pertandingan catur antarabangsa masa kat universiti tawwww... how dorky were we back then? hehe.

Wong Yuen Meng, Tan Koh Pek and Saim Yong Harng: shame on you for not showing up! You missed out on all the gossips huhuhu....

Also today, a man named OyetT just started his own musings page. Dear all, please welcome a new brother into this (cult) throat world of blogging. Guide him, teach him, let the young one have faith that the this won't fail him. Go to 'Cerita untuk today is...'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aku tak mampu mengawal diri..oowwwhh!

Saya benci Benefit. Hampir setiap hari menghantar first dib pasal barang-barang dia yang best itu. Tapi mungkin salah saya juga kerana telah mendaftarkan diri untuk mendapat newsletter - tiada paksaan di sini. Dan hampir setiap kali juga saya terasa cam nak order. Kalau order direct, saya jimat banyak tapi saya juga harus mengorder minimum USD100 untuk menikmati tawaran penghantaran antarabangsa percuma. Dan konfemnya kalau dah naik syeh meng-add to cart mesti saya belanja lebih USD100. Saya pernah melalui situasi itu. Dengan status tak keja ni saya harus menahan gelora hati.

Hari ini mendapat update mengenai berus-berus yang 'harus' saya miliki. Saya tak mau semua, nak satu 'atau dua tiga' je. Mungkin boleh mempengaruhi Cik Myra untuk membeli bersama-sama bagi mendapatkan penjimatan yang dimaksudkan. Sementelah (whoaaa big word!) saya juga ada kod untuk tambahan diskaun 10% bagi pembelian yang baru secara online hasil daripada pembelian terdahulu. Ini bagus bukan? Kita harus bijak berbelanja!

Lihatlah dunia berus-berus chomel ini!

Jika kamu juga berminat untuk mengorder bersama-sama saya dan menumpang diskaun, sila hubungi ye? Marilah kita mengamalkan sikap perbelanjaan bijak yeah!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

saya diteg...

...oleh Cik NYPD yang hari ini meng-SMS saya dengan berkata dia rindu saya kat opis sebab ada makan2 dan selalunya dia makan dengan saya (di mana saya akan makan dengan banyak dan dia makan ngam2 je) tapi sekarang saya dah berhenti keja jadi dia missing missing sama saya lah. Sangat sweet itu :)

1. nama-nama timangan oleh org tersayang

Selain 'Adiepot', tentulah.....aawwwww....malulah nak jawab. Pass! ;P

2. anda seorang yang...........

a. Gemuk
b. Kuat makan
c. Obses dengan aktiviti membeli-belah
d. cakap banyak
e. Cepat marah
f. Kaki merayau ke sana sini.
g. Pantang diajak berjalan/keluar melepak/kena tegur cepat melenting

3. insan teristimewa.describe apa yg membuatkan die terlalu istimewa di mata anda.

Mata masa pakai spek ke masa tak pakai spek? Ni soalan tak lengkap.

4. makanan kegemaran anda

Ini mengikut musim. Jika berperasaan gundah gulana roti kosong dan air kosong (atau tak makan langsung) mencukupi. Jika hepi segala mak nenek pun boleh jadi feberet. Tapi semua aplikasi pisang amat saya gemari. Pisang goreng, pisang rebus, lepat pisang (nyam nyam), pisang sira, pisang togel makan mcm tu saja, pisang caramelised dgn aiskem vanilla (oh heaven...), susu kocak pisang, pisang pisang pisang.....

5. warna kegemaran

Mengikut musim juga. Anda boleh lihat melalui kaler baju yang dibeli pada satu2 masa. Tapi biasanya kaler hijau jarang saya tolak tepi. Ini telah dibuktikan oleh Cik Myra masa bersoping di Bandung.

6. lagu kegemaran

Kerna Ku Sayang Kamu oleh Dygta (jiwang kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan???)

7. sikap yg membuatkan anda tertekan

Oh banyak. Tapi ini bagi 3:

a. Sikap merajuk tak tentu pasal.
b. Sikap rasa macam dia best sangat.
c. Sikap mencurik besfren orang dan membuat besfren itu menjadi orang lain dan tiba-tiba bercakap omputeh dengan tidak semena-mena (ohhh makan dalam ni)

8. 3 bende yg mesti ade dalam handbag anda

a. beg duit
b. karung kecik barang2 emergency yang mengandungi pelbagai ubat sakit kepala dan sakit perut, dental floss, lip balm, gula2, plaster, lipstick 3 kaler, lipgloss.
c. talipon

9. kali terakhir anda menangis beriya-iya..kenapa??

Eh apasal kena ada soalan yang artis tak bleh jawab?

10. teg 6 rakan anda

a. Myra
b. Lokman & Alien (kata nak bukak blog sama2. Hah amek ni bagus untuk permulaan blog anda.)

Lagi 3 tak bleh fikir sapa sebab semua orang sebok main facebook dan macam takde masa nak tulis blog.


MUKHRIZ LATIF that is. Go to for beautiful pics. And for an earful of Laila's Lounge's Mawar Khayalan in the background. Yep, really beautiful combo people ;)

Nothing stops the candidsyndrome clan. Dem. I wonder if Mell can set us up on a blind date. Haha orang tua gatalousity has kicked in!

And I'm loving this song.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sud yerself up with prime time drama!

I feel very Meredith right now. Totally channelling the Meredith. And he is so doing the Derek (minus the McDreamy external factor). I feel like there's a Rose in the picture and there's definitely a Finn Dandridge here. The only thing missing is the whoring around among friends and colleagues. And the ex-wife (well that's a relief).

It's scary that I find myself identifying so well with Meredith Grey. How can I not be? She goes to work without makeup (like me). The obvious eyebags (like me). Goes on and on with her work trying to prove something that she isn't sure of but she thought she is (like me, although I've recently quit my job that I secretly miss). Friends with pretty fucked-up issues, not unlike her, but proves to be a strong support system to her life (like me). Most significantly, half the time her relationship is screwed up (SO-hoho like me). It's also scary that after each time I went on a marathon spree my love life became a mess. What, is this like bad (soap) karma?

I can't wait for Season 5 to air in two weeks - meaning I'm limewiring it the immediate it's up for grab. I'm an addict and I am not ready for rehab just yet. Arrgghhhh aaarrrgghhhhh aaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!

And you. Just admit that deep down you believe that you're the real life Hiro Nakamura. Or Inspektor Mazlan. Hah. Hah. Haaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I still have ramai kawan.

Happy birthday Fox!

Vegetarian restaurants can have extensive menu. Not bad, but the place could do better with the dishes.

Fixing the phone line = RM150. According to bapa tiada resit diberi. Haruskah kami terasa sudah kena con oleh budak2 contractor itu? Lahabau punya contractor Telekom.

3 guys, 2 girls and a kopi place on a friday nite means:

  1. Not arriving on time as usual.
  2. Gosip-gosip liar (current and lapuk).
  3. Going down memory lane reminiscing the joys of youthful time. This can sometimes be painful, aaaaahhaaaaa.........
  4. Confessions of 'aku tak suke ko masa skolah dulu'.
  5. The ultimate 'singles bonding'.
  6. Therapy - coping with the recent loss of used-to-be single friends to marriage and silently wondering who's next.
  7. Scanning the crowd not to pick up hot babe/dude alerts but for the assurance that these people are just like you - over 25 and single. Signals are currently pretty good.
  8. A minimum of one bathroom trip.
  9. Panggilan keramat oleh bapa selepas jam 12 tengah malam.
  10. Pemanduan litar lumba untuk pulang ke rumah sambil neves memikirkan alasan kepada bapa. Social mobility gets harder as you age (obviously at my end, not his).

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Streamyx hancur. After 2 days of waiting apparently it's my phone
line. So another ticket was opened and i need to do more waiting.
Later sure kena charge seratus lebih lagi for new cabling yada yada.
Hoh benci betul. I'm a penganggur okeh??

I have a job offer and i'm not doing anything about it. I dont know.
Tak ada mood. With the series of unfortunate events happening at the
moment, i am unsure if working is a good idea. But i need $. How?

I feel like i'm getting better at putting up a show. 'Make like happy'
is the way to go. Whining is tiring and i bet it tires people too. So
there, make like happy. But it's good, kinda influence the mind to
realise that no matter how shitty things get there's always a little
peek of sunshine behind the drawn blind (i am not doing the curtain
thing at the mo'. trés chic eh? ehem ehem).

One person has really disappointed me. It's bad, but i'm just gonna
say 'sod it!'. One versus the lot that loves me and of whom i love
dearly too. So 'sod it you who hurt us!'. Fug i'm rambling like a
drunk old spinster. Baiklah beta berhenti merapu di sini. Satu malam
tidak tidur. Perut semakin lapar. Dalam gobok air batu ada nasi goreng
usa tak habis. Hoh...mari makan!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A day in the life of a Penganggur

Bandung trip. CANCELLED!!!!
Tickets i bought in February sudah burnt. I feel jinxed. One travel mate already flew off to that bloody faraway country. Another got held back by his encik boss. Same thing happened the first time, but I was lucky that two others joined me at the last minute. If it were up to my adrenaline rush of being unempoyed, I would've hopped on the plane at 9.50am today, ALONE, okeh? Benci benci benci. Rugi duit. I want to distro, huwaaaaa....

Since the Bandung trip had to be called off, my plan was to wake up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past 10am.
This was disrupted at 7.15am, a reminder was 'delivered' to me for the gazillionth time that I need to collect the Kemby's road tax. Pored over a magazine till 9.30am and passed out again till 10.30pm. So I guess this was semi-accomplished.

Collect phone charger from ex-employer's office - left it in a hurry yesterday.
This trip had to be cancelled for I took my own sweet time at brunch while watching 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-grader?'. Aaahh..the joy of re-runs on morning telly. So yeah, I didnt have enough time to stop by the office and settled for a RM10 car charger from the neighbourhood kedai top-up on my way out.

Weight training was scheduled for 4pm.
Couldnt find any clean sports bra (kantoi lama tak buat laundry). Thought of getting one at MV since I planned to drop by the office. Both goners, and I retreated to Burger King for a wholesome double mushroom swiss set instead, heheh.

I believe that tomorrow promises more adventures for jobless me. Maybe I'll cook. Maybe I'll make an extra batch (or two) of chocolate fudge besides the one I'm making for an, ehem, customer. Maybe I'll drag my lazy bottoms to the gym. Maybe...I'll just nap all day long :D

AdiePoTT being positive on the endless possibilities of being unemployed
(woohoo! woohoo!)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

yes, i'm still under intense emo core

Latest Raleigh alerts:
  1. am still getting the sponsorship (partial or full, pending his bank balance) so yeay!
  2. maxis IDD132 is 20 sen a minute not 99 sen. pheww...
  3. eva air has way cheaper tix to the states. i'd prolly get full sponsorship after all, heh.
I hope them Raleigh folks have ferris wheels in town. There's a promise of Eye on Malaysia that was not fulfilled before he left. Again, the fault is most probably mine. Ngok. Ngok la kau Adie. One hefty lump of ngok-ness in you.

AdiEPoTT the 'Ngok'ness Monster

Sunday, July 27, 2008

jangan lembik!!!!

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

please go to sleep.

or keep cursing the airlines for the extra 2k for june '09 (babi la mahal nak mampus baik aku bayar ptptn).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i need RM6k to fly to Raleigh

i miss him so bad. 

why raleigh? why cant they have regional training, like, in malaysia? :(
many other MNCs conduct local trainings. why cant your stupid company do the same?????

it's gonna be a long, hard year. i have to let go of may other things, and people, to prove that i'm worth the pain. 8 years and things are still difficult.

i miss u M. i know i cant have 7 hours of video conference with you everyday come July 28th. i hate the awful time difference. i hate that Maxis IDD132 is expensive for calls to the States. I hate that I have to close both eyes to get my own pc so that i can call u for cheap cheap. i hate that u give me more and more mixed messages. i hate that it's one year, and not one week or one month. i hate that the possibility of me seeing you is next july or august and many rounds of careful savings so that i can scrape off enough money to fly to you. i hate that you're not around when i start my new job. i hate i hate i hate all of these.

pain... :( 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fringe Benefit? Heho!

My benefit shipment arrived today, yeay! Thought they're only arriving on aug 19th so this is a welcome surprise :-). Really made my day, after all those bad things i've gone thru for the past week.

It pays to buy online: a lot cheaper n i hv stuff that the counters dont have. I'm a happy camper!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gone Bonkers and Lovin' It

Sorry for being AWOL for a bit. Not that the five, maybe six, of you there reading mind kan? Hohoh...

Ok, here's the dirt-

Current employment status: Employed

Employment status in three weeks time: Unemployed

Perasaan: Exhilirated, Lega, Ha-he-ho!, Sandy beaches+Guccis = Schweeeeet......

Perasaan lain-lain: Scared shitless cos I wont have much money if this lasts for...a bit longer than I thought, Gila ke aku ni?, Pelik-but-ok-la-kot-kejap.

Also, I'm totally not in the mood to baby anyone. I'll adopt a tiny orphan if I'm so damn psyched to doing just that.

And I'd quite like to really butt-kicking start my fudge business seriously soon.

Sejak bila aku suka pegi pantai ni?

Monday, July 07, 2008

can't take it anymore

'So what's your plan?'

'What are you working on today?'

'Maybe you can think about it over the weekend.'

'When do you think you can get it done?'

'What's on your plate at the moment?'

...and a string of others.

Tell me, am I crazy of wanting to move away? It's hard when I want to deliver but can't. I don't have the drive anymore. I can't cope.

i. really. want to move away. far.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sick shit

I'm at a conference in singapore. Very tiring, practically running
from one session to another. Last nite was hell. Received 'the call'
from hell too. It's been several years that i've put up with this
scenario. I held back the urge to move on out of gratitude towards the
good things that i've received from that end. So i thought i should
compromise and not act on impulse or go on emotional strike. But now
i'm numb. Maybe i can do something else less attractive
compensation-wise. I dont care much anymore. So long as i'm happy, at
peace. It wont be a rebellious decision anymore. I'm tired. And i hate
myself when i dont perform well. I currently extremely underperform.

AdiEPott on gmail mobile, in a boring session, nothing that she
doesn't already know.

Monday, June 23, 2008

kecik itu chomel

halo. saya tau awak semua rasa 'hek eleh, macam bagus perempuan ni letak entry kat bawah tu guna bahasa pelik2'. haha. biarkan, kadang2 hati memang rasa nak mengada. tapi takdelah sampai nak announce kat majlis makan2 kat rumah orang yang saya nak pegi shopping lagi walaupun semalam dah shopping dan kawan saya kat sebelah memberi respon bahawa semalam itu telah beli kasut nine west. ahhhhhh, tak koser mak dengar cakap2 besar macam ni. kalau kat homeland dia nine west tu takdela semenggah mana pon cik kak yang baru kenal nine west oi. meh sini mak nak citer, mak ni umur 16 dah pakai kasut nine west tu so mak tak heran la ye nyah. susah orang kalau orang yang rasa dia best sangat ni. macam mana la orang itu boleh jatuh chenta dengan dia. poor thing, he's unknowingly shackling himself to a life-long episode of kekejian perempuan keji. ohoooooo...adiepot is menyampah of her big time okeh? and adiepot feels bad cos she cant rescue her friend away from the bi-a-tch.

eh, apa ni refer kat diri seniri as a third party? kenapa emo, kenapa tetiba digress dari tajuk entri ini? sebab sekarang macam2 benda yang frustrating dah jadi. sigh...

anyhoooooo....i'm enjoying this cute tiny lappie that emak bought coupla months back. initially i was skeptical of its usefulness la kan. so kecit cenonet my digits are all over the keyboard trying to type correctly. dah la mak ni femes dengan masalah typo. keyboard besar pun selalu berterabur taip ini kan pula yang sebesar tapak kaki nyamuk cenggini (heh). I'm actually testing it for a conference this thursday-friday. need to do lotsa networking but ordered by encik boss to carry the lappie for uncalled-for demo oppos. haih, takkan le mak nak pikul laptop besar tu sana sini, dah la bahu mak ni tak kuat. so yeah, i guess i'm now eating my words for having kutuk-ed this cik lappie cenonet before. so people, i reckon u don't need a macbook air for the ultimate portability. u only need an Eee PC, weeeeeeeeee!

learn more about my cenonet clan here

aaaahhhhh...terima kaseh emak kerana membeli cenonet ini. walaupun emak masih marah dengan saya tapi saya pinjam la dulu cenonet ni pegi conference jauh tu. nanti kat sana saya ada 1 hari untuk shopping jadi saya akan cuba membeli samting untuk emak ,kasi emak terpujuk. nampaknya saya terpaksa mengeluarkan kuasa hekmat gores dan hutang untuk misi ini. harap emak tak marah lagi lepas saya balik nanti.


adiEpoTT is also tensi with WORK, jerawat attacks, not having enough comfy shoes and sakit bahu.


Ik wou dat ik kan stoppen met mijn werk en maak chocolade fudge thuis.

Nu ik wil naar huis.

Ja, chocolade fudge.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

beats the MNG sale anytime

I bought a library today. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........!

So what if i'm 27+ and enjoying my Mr Men? Who are you to judge moi when you're still bantal busuk-whoring huh? huh? huh?

You have these, you carry them with you when going anywhere solo.

Orang gatal: Hi, boleh kenal mintak fon number?
You: Sorry, I'm here with my man.


I don't believe in denying my childhood fantasies of having heaps of (mr) men in my room. A man for every mood. Sleeping with a different man everytime, ohoho... Can you just imagine that? *Drool-fest...*


Friday, June 20, 2008

coffee karma

It's 4am and i'm hungry. Cant sleep. Spent whole nite 'cosmetically' updating this blog. Damn the extra shot. Gila apa esok keja ni. Esok? Hari ni. Oh. Keja banyak. Aaaa!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

(my) internal system has crashed

I miss *******. So much that it hurts, yet i'm putting it at the back
of my mind as i always do. Go ahead live in denial cos that's what u
do best, u say. Sigh...i know. And I know i'm being the loony me all
over again. I think in this life i'm destined to hurt. Myself
included. I need rehab. Or reformatting ;-(

someone please get me the old operating system cos this one's not working.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

jakun sikit

Am helping special someone run software updates on his NEW MacBook since he doesn't have Internet connection at home. Gotta say that the jakun in moi is pretty signficant at the mo' ye kawan-kawan. Dah la macam tergaruk-garuk kepala looking for stuff. Ye lah, I have been microsofted all these while kan? Plus, having a Nano doesn't really qualify moi as a Mac person much (eleh...nak jugak ulang ada ipod berkarat tu!). Even today, when special someone mentioned Mac my immediate response to him was in relation to, err.... M.A.C. :P

But I guess I now understand why encik colleague baru and encik bos lagi sorang are so pro-Mac. It's really nifty. Yeah i know i know, i'm like, very outdated and all. Excuse my age la. Perhaps I would've known more about these things if i'm at least 6-7 years younger. Tapi saya akan berusaha untuk catch up dengan teknologi hebat dan chantek ini. BAIK!

Now i see something jumping up and down at the bottom of the screen. Ishhh takde benda lompat2 kat windows. Anyway, the jakun in me was fumbling to look for one particular app because it looked so seronok at the kedai. Found it at last (see? not so microsofted anymore heheh) and here are the results:

Jakun kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?????

One confusing bit though, can't the browser window size be maxed out? Sedikit annoying ye bila nampak sekerat browser sekerat desktop camni. Ohhhhh... I so need more time to adapt. Dem. Eh eh, orang punya ke sendiri punya ni? Perasan pulak, ahahahahahaha!

AdIEpoTT is having more new preferences these days

Friday, June 13, 2008

Benci keja mcm biasa la kan

I hate fridays sometimes. Casual office day but i'm required to do everything far from casually. More numbers to look for today, more articles to read, more reports to write, for different industries n i have a feeling that the next 2 weeks will be H.E.L.L. For now, i just feel like ranting. And i'm using my phone to blog. Supaya encik bos ingat saya tgh sms saja. Heheh.

Damn working totally sux.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Pengapit duty lagi hari ini. But this time it wasn't bad at all and it's emy n hairil's! Dan pengapit adalah makan dgn penuh selera di meja pengantin hahaha

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fudge-in-a-(nice) box

Hazelnut choc fudge as ordered by Nizam. This is how I pretty the box up a bit lah cos it's for his mum's birthday and he can't be home this weekend. Am also helping him to decide on a birthday gift as a err...personalised/customised service. For mum I made the fudge with less sugar and more hazelnuts. Oh yummmm... (hopefully emak Nizam thinks it is and start promoting it to her patients at the hospital haha!).

Also made 2 boxes of peanut butter fudge for nurul to occupy her kids with in the car tomorrow. Extra marshmallow and almond flakes just for the little tykes. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get good almond butter in KL?

I'm loving doing this more and more. Customising each order without even a special request is like, trying to connect to those who will be enjoying my fudge. I really want them to feel like the choc bits know them, talk to their souls (ewah!). Can't wait to get feedback from them :D

Next will be caramel fudge and mint choc (as requested by Joe in the office).

AdiEpoTT's fudging more n more

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bersenam di TF. Bukan California Fitness

Ki Moira and moi, post workout. Macam nak mampus lari hari ni. Moi lah. Ki Moira ok je membakar beratus2 kalori. Mmm...what shall i have for supper tonite eh? :-D

Friday, May 30, 2008

10 years ago she sat next to me in the physics lab doing anything but the experiments. the same hand would have probably held a 50 sen cream roll (yes, in the same lab) more often than it would have a voltmeter. but last night it's bedecked with henna art. and by this afternoon, it will glisten with the sparkle of a rock on a band, signifying her crossover from here to 'that place'.

It's a loss for me for I can no longer claim my stake on my best friend, for she's already 100% someone else's. Letting go is really hard and I'm gonna miss her a lot. But she's ready, and she's happy, and so will I be. I've seen her bucketload of tears and the immense hurt caused by ruthless jerks she put up so much with. I can't be selfish now. And my conscience is telling me that this time around she won't be in such pain no more. There were good reasons why things never worked out with them babe. You deserve to have someone a million times better. Your time has come :)

Congratulations Emy and Hairil, May 31 2008

AdIePoTT loves Emy and it's not in a queer way (doh!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fudgepott Beta

In the morning, today, my beta testers will have a go at mocha nutty
cherry 1.0, mocha krispies n nuts 1.0, and peanut butter extra marsh
1.0. Encik bos said my first attempt was 'yum'. I hope the new batches
will be 'yummy'.

Encik Alam Kekal will get his order by 9am. My first customer, heheh.
New orders are most welcome. You know where to reach me *wink*!

aDIepoTT is fudGIng psyched on fugdE

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bimbo moment

I'm totally hopeless at this. Aaaaa!

Thank u friends. But i have failed u ;(

beg lagi, hehe

Semua beg adalah chenta hati...oh!

Thanks to fox and ah beng down in singapore, i now have a lowepro at cheap cheap.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bloody wcit

My feet hv got blisters all over and im starving. Plus, i'm not
allowed inside at the mo' while the Agong is making his round cos im
wearing short skirt. Malay female exhibitors in short skirts arent
allowed to be hovering around the venue now. Gila unfair n the mamat
mdec was so cocky okeh? Now im stuck outside with no place to sit
wishing im wearing bedroom slippers cos my feet are killing me. But
thank goodness for gmail for mobile so i can rant nonsense like this

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sheep are better options. Are there sheep?

Mukadimah: God has great plans for us and they go beyond our expectations all the time. So don't curse yourself for being a clumsy lot, hitting G instead of LG.

Jam sudah pukul 1. Ani tak mau pegi makan? (Mau mau...)
So there I was in the elevator, while nervously waiting for Aggie (cepat la Aggie..lambatnyeee).

Lantai G
He was well-dressed, and pretty good looking. She was not half as bad. He was carrying her up the staircase, a-la newlyweds walking from the altar off to the honeymoon suite. But her expression didn't look too pleasant. Sakit kot? But why would he take the staircase instead of the lift? I thought "gila mamat ni perasan macho nak angkat awek sakit balik ofis naik tangga. But wait, tak penah pun tgk mamat ni kat blok ofis kitorang ni... hmmm".

(Do you know that our brains process data/information so rapidly, in such high-throughput, that all these questions managed to actually run across my head in less than a nanosecond?)

She dropped her purse. Struggled to break free. As the elevator door lift slowly shut I began to suspect something amiss. My right hand went on auto-pilot pressing the 'open door' button. Aggie walked out. Girl dropped butt first on the staircase and guy still tried to drag her up by grabbing her ponytail.

Ya, that was my immediate reaction (hand still fixed on the 'open door' button here mind you). I called for Aggie who was already out of the building. Don't know why also. Terperanjat okeh? Like, apakah yang sedang berlaku ini? Guy still pulling girl's hair. Girl softly cried in protest. Tak nak...tak nak... Guy looked at me. I, errr...reciprocate? My eyes went terkelip-kelip looking back at him. But guy didn't look like he cared. I wasn't scared. I wanted to help yet I didn't intervene either. I walked out of the lift lobby. Head still 'terteleng-teleng' at the guy.

Code Blue
Aggie was telling Syahrir and Cus 'ada orang tarik rambut perempuan kat dalam’ (Syahrir's recollection is she said 'cabut' instead of 'tarik'. haha ye lah kot). I explained to them further but out of sheer panic can't exactly remember what I said. So the two guys and Izzie (also a guy, heh) went in and the drama unfolds as told in the following blog post by Encik Shawn Michaels: Aku, Cus dan menu MPH Book Cafe yang membosankan

Cause and effect
Girl wanted off, guy couldn’t handle reality.
Girl wasn’t firm enough, guy resorted to being a cissy. Halo, pukul pompuan. Super cissy okeh?

The 411 to breaking up with an abusive partner

  1. Just do. Period.
  2. Do it over digital medium. Avoid room for physical contact. And you’ll have less explanation to do.
  3. No, tak payah nak jumpa jumpa dah lepas tu.
  4. And delete him/her from your facebook and the likes. And don’t pine for him via your shoutout. It hinders new nice potentials (ie guys emak will approve) from super-poking you. (that’s what people do in facebook kan? Kan? Kan?)
  5. If you must see him/her for the last time (please excuse me but you guys are always the pathetic kind anyway for having hooked up with such a person and i strongly feel that you will be wanting to meet walaupun mulut berkata tak mau hati mau juga kerana sifat menggetis itu semulajadi ada), do it in public. And by public I don’t mean an office building staircase. In public, it is highly likely that there are macho macho men (seperti colleagues saya itu) around to save your sorry ass from harm.
  6. Honestly, if you must must must go see him/her, have a friend, much like Kak Nas, to accompany you during the sesh. Kalau nak kena penderaan verbal dan emosi balik dengan dia cuba la apa-apakan kamu.
  7. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  8. Stop falling for his apologetic post-abuse self yet again. Keep forgetting that he’s done it? One hit, two hits, three hits more!
  9. Stop going through the same cycle, jumping from one abusive partner to another.
  10. Take up a hobby. It’s calming, promotes creativity hence the generation of new brain cells or triggering of neuron sparks in your brain or something smart like that. Hence better level of intelligence. Hence you achieving an end to looking and behaving like a bimbo/himbo.

So Girl, learn your lesson well. And take up yoga for your injured pelvic. (No Myra babe, by Girl I don't mean you although we do need to act on the True Yoga membership we unknowingly signed up for.)

On another note, a guy friend was mildly sexually harassed by another guy in a wheelchair whom he helped with accessing the elevator.

Whatever the hell is wrong with the world la?????

AdIePoTT do not condone sexual and physical abuse (but is ok with abusing her paycheck all the time)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i want

a new job.

my own pad.

a khaki shirt dress.

pair of boat shoes.

more muscle mass.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

So now you know...

AdIePoTT dah bosan

Thursday, April 17, 2008

pressies, pressies, mo pressies!

It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my birthday but I keep getting presents, yeay!

Today I'm a totally happy camper. Who isn't with the load as per exhibited above? Fitness ball, set of 3lbs dumbells, and a very very cute pair of fitness gloves! You tak mau tangan i kasar sebab angkat weights? shweeeeeeeet. Oh drats, i forgot. He also got me a jump rope. Everything i need for basic at-home cardio. Ini orang memang pandai kasi saya cair huhu...

On top of all these, today a cheque finally made its way to one of the winners of Maybank Auto Financing contest - yep, that's moi. I'm RM888 richer now, muahahahha... Dont hate me for my luck. I do always win contests. Oh, bragging itu kekejian yang best :P

AdIePOTT Sayang SemUanYA

Friday, April 11, 2008

now that's what you call lurve

See the decadent raspberry butter frosting...adakah rasa berdosa?

Tidak :D

Oklah I do feel berdosa towards my (healthy) meal plan. I go run more next week. Promise.

I love running these days.

Yeah baby. Yeah. Yeah.