Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tension of the Opposites

Mengartikan dirimu di dalam hatiku
Betapa ku sesali adanya dirimu
Haruskah ku bertahan demi cinta ini
Yang tak mungkin

Andaikan saja ada keteguhan hati
Tuk membuka kembali jalan cinta ini
Biarkan ku menanti semua janji kita
Sampai batas waktu mengakhiri

Dan tak mungkin untuk kita bersama
Di atas perbedaan yang slamanya mengingkari
Dan tak mungkin bila ku melepasmu
Sungguh hati tak mampu
Mengertilah cintaku
Dan tak mungkin

Semestinya tak ada yang memisahkan cinta ini
Karna hanya dirimu satu cintaku
Mengertilah cintaku
Percayalah cintaku

Apa mungkin...?



Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is this a sign?

You peeps must think i've gone cuckoos for putting up another post here. Fact is, i am a little pening in the head. i did a test on Tickle. "Someone" forwarded to me lah, of course. Quite challenging, the questions.

Ironically, i aced the test. Here's what the MENSA brains at Tickle resolved for my state of currently unsound mind:

Nadia, you're fit to commit because you've met the right person

Sure, you've been in love before, but it looks like you've really found a match in this one. You've probably been around the block a few times, and you know exactly what's out there. Whether you've had a few heartbreaks or some dating disasters, you know a keeper when you find it.

You're a fun and energetic catch yourself, and you know that the secret to a great relationship is good communication and good times. An honest soul, you believe in lasting love and making things work. Keep up the good work!

*jiwa kacau...

The One

God never forgets us. It's always us mere mortals who seem to forget Him. And when we can't perform a certain major task in order to turn to Him for help, we know that we had done just that - forgotten Him. Even if we didn't intentionally do it at all times. Guilt haunts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have turned him into a monster. A tortured soul. No, i'm the
monster. *sigh...

Monday, March 19, 2007

it's no longer sweet, this.

they no longer offer banana caramel waffle at marche. there's pancake with caramelised baked banana at paddington, which looks nicer, but doesn't taste as good. i could have asked the people at marche to bring it back, perhaps they would have listened and obliged, but i didn't. instead i headed to paddington for a substitute. did it serve my cravings for banana caramel dessert? yes. but did it give me the same familiar comfort? no. why did i want to choose paddington? because it's something new? because anything new gives me thrills?

i want my marche banana caramel waffle. yet i walked away for something else without even trying to ask. now it's very scary without my comfort food.

it's very scary without M.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The day everything became history (Silverchair knows all)

Across the night
It was the moon that stole my slumber
Across the night
I fell in love with people sleeping

I don't mean to make you cry
But this feeling will run right through the night
And I'll only make you cry with these feelings

Never seen the sunshine
From higher points than sunrise
I don't wanna be lonely
I just wanna be alone

I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle everyday
Like the one that just past
In the crowds of all the people

Remember today
(You said) I've no respect for you
And I miss you love
And I miss us love