Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Unlucky day? Says who?????

'tis Friday the 13th. Me and mates got lotsa freebies from the FlyFM Perodua Troopers. And me won more goodies just by answering some silly quessies, ngeeee :D

FYI, this is the third time I've won stuff on/from radio stations. Whoopeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ants (not) in my pants

_________________ badan berkerat tiga
ada enam kaki sesungut di kepala
bermacam ragamnya bermacam caranya
serangga yang kecil sangat rajin bekerja

(Please fill in the blank area because old age has got to moi, lupa sudah bahagian itu.)

Siapa ingat lagu semut ini? For those who went to public schools, kita nyanyi masa darjah satu kan? No? Errr...did i learn this at Tasuka MARA eh?

Jadi semut pun macam best. Cepat buat kerja. Very productive, rajin, semangat yang tinggi. Hoh, perhaps these are the perfect candidates to fill in the empty seats at you-know-where. Very 'ramping' too. hmm..agak best jugak.

But they all look alike. Best ke jadi stereotype macam tu? Stereotype and serving a (i bet) nasty queen who preys on innocent males. And some run back n forth much like they're OD-ed on speed. Maybe that's why they're so ramping? Anyhow, i'd like to have some of that royal privileges if i can. if u know what i mean hoho...naughty naughty

aaahhh's just so nice to be lepaking on the grass on a sunny day sambil mengambik gambar semut.....