Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If it wasn't for terlebih bayar cukai...

Wajah-wajah narsis seorang pembayar cukai yang menunggu website LHDN loading:

Sistem lembab haram. Padan muka diri sendiri last menet baru terhegeh-hegeh nak buat.

Monday, April 27, 2009

No, I'm not talking about Pumba

I am thankful to God that my wish to visit the States, supposedly happening now, did not materialise.

Sya bersyukur saya tidak menyerah diri kepada jangkitan selesema babi. I do hope someone gets it though. Padanlah muka kau berperangai sangat cilaka tak sedar diri bila dah pandai pegang duit sendiri. Damn, if it wasn't for me you sure as hell wouldn't have known half the things you presented to the panel. You pig. The flu should definitely get you.

Alamak, tervent-out pula. Oh well I am not me if there is no angst made public. Heheheh.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't kiss and tell like Ki-Moira

Ki-Moira & Nonie dapat salam dengan Vanidah.

Ki-Moira & Nonie dapat salam Wan Darus hensem.

Ki-Moira & Nonie dapat salam cium pipi dengan Vanidah.

Ki-Moira & Nonie dapat salam Wan Darus hensem, apparently genggam tangan kuat-kuat.

Ki-Moira & Nonie dapat amik gambar Vanidah. Dapat amik gambar Wan Darus hensem juga barangkali (kebarangkalian adalah tinggi di sini). Barangkali juga amik gambar DENGAN Wan Darus hensem? Hmmmm....


Hah, haram tak dapat. Ini semua salah emak. Emak nak ikut tangga tepi masa balik. Ki-Moira sama Nonie ikut tangga tengah. Dapat jumpa cast. Dapat salam cast. Dapat cium cast.

Tengok teater Mahsuri memang best. Silalah menyempatkan diri anda untuk menengok teater ini di Istana Budaya. Final show will be on 30 April. Dan sila balik ikut tangga tengah masa balik. Lepas tu jalanlah perlahan2, jgn sebok nak balik singgah McD sebab lapar nak beli Happy Meal. Sudahnya nanti tak dapat cium Wan Darus tu. Eh, salam kuat2 je. Heh.

*Siapa yang jadi Wan Darus tu? da very da hensem and pandai nyanyi juga.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sifat ABG kah ini?

Kenapakah perlu berlari dalam makmal komputer? Adakah budak2 universiti zaman sekarang terlampau hyper active?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't call me tiada iman. Sometimes we just question. Sometimes we need to vent.

If at birth God gives us the option to choose between a monotonous life and a life coloured by many obsctacles that drain your wits almost everytime they wash your shores, which would you go for?

Will we find our soul back when it has left us? If we're still living and breathing, are we fated to be zombies forever?

Will God punish us so badly using other human beings as His medium? Perhaps. But will God punish them back for being so vicious and without conscience? Life is, after all, a cycle.

Does misery equal to ten times our wrongdoings or does it equal to ten times the reward we'll reap when we get through it?

Is it a total sin to be asking God if He has better plans for us, when will the plans actually materialise?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tak mau lah buat kat facebook

1. Slept in a bed beside you: Nazli. Dia bukan lelaki. Saya bukan slut.
2. Saw you cry: Hazlan
3. Went to the movies with: Mira, Nonie, Lokman, Fira, Ray. [Alien sila jeles]
4. You went to the mall with: Haniza-Steph-Shahz
5. You went to dinner with: Haniza-Steph-Shahz
6. You talked to on the phone: Hazlan
7. Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it: Hazlan. Heh. Ye ke? Sila verify.
8. Broke your heart: That girl at Stila counter. Lipgloss on sale sudah habis.
9. Made you laugh: Emak. No she wasn't being funny. I laughed at her. Ngahaha anak derhaka.

10. Pierce your nose or tongue: Tongue. Have always envied nazli but she tertelan her stud once so really mau ka?
11. Be serious or be funny: Seriously funny
12. Drink whole or skim milk: Skim - poyo kan?
13. Die in a fire or drown: Either way, last2 mesti kena rasa api neraka. Errkk.
14. Spend time with your parents or enemies: Enemies, because i can have my maki hamun spree. Tidak boleh derhaka dengan ibu bapa begitu.

every1 is complicated
15. Simple or complicated: (need i say more?)
16. Called Wilhelm: (apa motif soalan ini? or am i too old to get the joke?)
17. Hardcore: Shopper yes.

18. Flowers or candy: Candy (man). Huehuehue
19. Grey or black: Grey - because every other color seems to be the new black
20. Color or black and white photos: B&W - managing the downturn, use less of expensive colour ink. Eh kejap, bukan keja kat firm XXX lagi jadi tak perlu sebok berjimat yeay
21. Lust or love: Love can hurt. Lust is 'slut' in a different order. Dengki la soalan ni.
22. Sunrise or sunset: Sunrise - that means saya banyak duit tinggal kat Solaris Mont Kiara. That's the developer la. Okeh tak kelakar. Tapi mmg berangan nak tinggal sana.
23. M&Ms or Skittles: M&Ms and lotsa!
24. Staying up late or waking up early: Prefer the latter but always end up with the former. Classic.

25. Do you like anyone: Mestilah, ingat aku ni orang busuk hati sgt ke?
26. Do they know it: YA! Wah konfiden.

27. Sun or moon: Moon sebab saya suka lagu moon river
28. Winter or Fall: Neither
29. Left or right: Left - dont get funny ideas please
30. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends: I have perhaps more than 10 best friends so how?
31. Sun or rain: Sun (Solaris) - kemaruk nak jadi orang kaya
32. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: Vanilla with funny toppings
33. Vodka or Jack: Haram ini

34. What time is it: 12.47 am
35. Name: Sila jangan berpura2 tidak tahu
36. Nickname(s): (suddenly i feel too old to continue with this list)
37. Where were you born: Assunta
38. What is your birthdate: Feb 5 - sama dengan Bobby Brown. NOOO not 'Bobbi' Brown u budak muda what do u know about 80's celebrities??!!!
39. What do you want: (you really wanna see my list?)
40. Where do you want to live: House of Gucci muehehehhehe
41. How many kids do you want: None for now, 5 for later. Ewah.
42. What would you want to name a girl: DeeDee
43. What would you want to name a boy: Dexter - dan sila beritahu emak jika mempunyai makmal rahsia bawah tanah. tapi emak Dexter punggung besar oh dem.
44. You want to get married: Yes because it's what keeps sedara mara penyebok from asking

45. Nervous habits: Hopefully no more now that I have left that XXX firm
46. Double jointed: Err where?
47. Can you roll your tongue? Yep
48. Can you raise one eyebrow? Hell yeah!
49. Can you cross your eyes: One go Singapore one go Penang. Hah hebat.
50. Do you make your bed daily: Yes, i make it messier
51. Which shoe goes on first: Selipar biru Ipanema - perasaan seperti Gisele Bundchen
52. Ever thrown one at someone: Not yet
53. On the average how much do you spend daily: More than I should
54. What jewellery do you wear: Huge rose quartz pendant for today

55. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl and twirl and twirl till half the plate's gone
56. Have you ever eaten Spam: Haram juga ini
57. Favorite ice cream: Aiskrem potong
58. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet: Several kinds and all healthy ones *smug*
59. What's your favorite beverage: Kopi mahal
60. Do you cook: Of course!

61. Had a b/f or g/f: Yezzzzz
62. Bought something you didn't need?: Hah. Hah. Hah.
63. Sang in front of people: Yes. In the car and I love to sing dengan mimik muka penuh perasaan. Driver keta sebelah must have been very amused.
64. Been hugged: Yep - I have my huggies people yeay
65. Felt stupid: Made to feel stupid yes but I am not. Wah marah.
66. Got drunk: Nope but i love getting entertained by drunk friends haha
67. Got high: High on luuuuuuuuuuurrrrve potion baby *puke puke*
68. Danced crazy: Tidak mungkin aku boleh menandingi si pamelo dekat gym itu
69. Gotten your hair cut: Nada. Now that's an idea :D
70. Cried: Duh.
71. Lied: 'Tidak'

Seperti biasa mengetag KiMoira dan Oyett dan Ezwin dan Hajime dan Fied. Orang2 ini sangat rajin seperti saya. Mahu juga Puan Nurul Isabella sebab dia dah tak apdet blog dia.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kerja pun belum siap lagi

Lagi satu hari. Kenapa hati sedih? Sayu semacam je rasa.

Oh dah sayang tempat ni eh....?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Walaupun muka jongos di sini tetapi akan rindu

I'm sad to leave the Firm. Have always wanted to work here. But alas the industry fit isn't there. Try as I might it's just another unhappy day everyday - except at lunchtime. Makan lunch pun sgt mahal. Isk.

I need to be where I belong to thrive. The longer I'm here, the less celik IT I become.



Lain kali jangan gatal2 nak publish blog post guna email opis - kan dah keluar disclaimer yg system auto-append tu. kan dah keluar nama kampeni tempat kerja. hah tak pasal2 je.

note to mind: dont try to be creative at (this) work (place) because that's not what they hired you to do.

Hepi Besday Oyett

Dear Alien/Oyett, nantilah kami belanja kau makan. Kami semua kawan-kawan
takde plan apa-apa pun. Kita makan biasa-biasa sudahlah ye.

Semoga kamu sembuh demam dengan cepat.

Im wearing my skirt terbalik today. I mean, accidentally. Harap2 dlm
lif kejap lg org x perasan. Or is this petanda mendapat tuah? :-P

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dah lama tak memblog menggunakan telefon bimbit

Saya tau ramaaaai orang buat duit poket dgn hanya memblog. Saya envy
juga tapi blog saya takde ribu2 pageviews sehari jadi tak dapat la nak
buat mcm tu. Tapi saya rasa kalau semua borak2 sms/ym/email opis (kat
opis semua kena block ye jadi kena la salah guna lotus mail yg
ngokngek tu) antara saya dan HRH Kimoira di auto publish kat blog ni
mungkin saya boleh buat lebih byk duit drp the star online. Kerana
kami kelakar. Kami perempuan witty. Kami juga pandai mengeji dgn comel
kalau x puas hati. Puji diri puji diri!

-saya yg boring dlm kereta

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Have pants will travel. Oh really?

Calling all bored females to share pants. Yep, just one pair.

Am downloading sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 - outdated, fine. Much as I wanna indulge myself in a chick flick treat at home I think the idea that one SINGLE plair of pants can (nicely) fit four different-sized women rather bothers moi. And we're not talking about black leggings here people.

If you're keen to join me, let's start PROJECT PANTS. Am willing to contribute the, uh, pants. See what happens each week they try to squeeze in a different woman's arse. Funky eh?

Comic courtesy of

Kalau oyett, lokman, ray, tat mau buat brotherhood of travelling pants pun bagus. Kalau start minggu depan boleh la mula2 pegi Jakarta/Bandung dgn Alien seminggu, then pass kat Ray dia buat pegi site survey kat merata KL (sbb dia Datuk Bandar), then pass kat Tat buat pegi aktiviti mysterious indie artist dia and lastly, pass kat Lokman just in time for his wedding week+honeymoon in May.

Apa macam?

Let me know if you find them

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