Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A week of bed rest

Seeing you happily swimming in there, with an active heart beat, makes the challenges more bearable. This still feels surreal. You really are in my tummy. Wow...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Parenthood #1

Dear Alfi (or baby girl whom I have yet to find a name for),

Listen now. You can't keep making mommy throw up like this you know. You do know how much had gone in and out mommy's system for the past two days, don't you? Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be oblivious to you anymore. You must be real hungry in there aren't you...? I so wanna eat something nice but you're not cooperating here, bun-bun. Did you realise that the puke even went up mommy's nostrils because the pressure from inside was so immense? It sure happened more than once...eeeeuurrgghhh, soy-flavoured mucus.
No...I'm not scolding you okay. I'm just asking nicely that we do away with this hormonal rage. I say, let's make do with less hormones and you stay a tough kid in there. I think you've pretty much had a luxurious dose of hormones at the rate of my vomiting (oi, do not OD). Mommy's trying here and it takes two to make it work. Okay, three. But your bapak can't do much save for stroking my back when the barfing comes big time. I know that it's only 2 weeks away till we're in our second trimester but aren't you tired of not getting enough food? Mommy has already lost 2 kilos and we both know that now's not the time to shed the pounds away.
I'm gonna let you sleep on it tonight. Go on, think of how much yummy stuff we can both enjoy (yes, there's so much better stuff out there than the sugar crackers you're surviving on). I'll hear you out in the morning, okay? At least let mommy drink plain water la until we get to week 12...if only you know how thirsty I am. Tsk.

You know I love you and I want the best for you. Be a good kid and be nice to mommy. If you behave, I can guarantee you'll get so much (stuff) when you're out in September.

Night night kisses,
Yo Momma

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Raging hormones screw your brain too

Alhamdulillah for a good night's sleep. Crazy dreams are just part of the parcel that I have come to accept during this pregnancy. I've had horrifying ghosts, murders and an episode of almost missing my flight to Kota Bharu cos mom dilly dallies. Also being forced to marry my hubby's guitar teacher. Adoi, macam-macam.

Last night, I dreamt that I gave birth to a set of octuplets...and they weren't babies, but cockroaches. Funny thing was I didn't cry in misery. I just loved them cos they're my children (not a bad mom after all). I remember thinking 'if I just accept and be patient, miracles would happen'. After bathing them for the first time, they slowly turned into eight beautiful baby girls.

Whoa. Imagine the cupboards and shoe racks I have to custom build for 8 daughters...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random thoughts of the day

  1. There are many people who care. 
  2. Sugar crackers may be my saviour.
  3. Pears too. Hopefully.
  4. Goat's milk? Let's take things one step at a time, half a bottle at a time. 
  5. Some people can never develop tact. 
  6. A select few always think they've gone through worse and whatever challenges others are facing are nothing compared to their experiences. My parents went to school with barely any money, had to share everything with 9 other siblings and you call your past 'hardship'? PUHLEASE. But let's just ignore them and make more room for (1). 
  7. I don't feel like going for classes this semester.
  8. Half an egg sandwich is still in the fridge. Let's feed the husband with leftovers, as usual. Haha.
  9. Promised my maid of honour that I'll take notes so (7) is no-can-do. Bummer.
  10. My bff had a tub of ice cream today. She did not share with me. Not even telling me what flavour she got. You tweeted and I shall remember this ice cream tragedy!
All in all, it was a good day. Only two rounds of V in the evening (no acid, yeay!).

Good night and I love you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I teared today. So much.

Within a week, I'm on sick leave again. I hate to be so negative but I can just imagine the bad mouthing of the environment going 'orang lain pun pregnant jugak tapi takde la lembik sampai macam ni'. Prior to conceiving I've heard stories of how some people can be rendered useless during their pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. But back then I thought it can't be that bad. The fact is most people in my circle seemed to be pretty okay, albeit looking slightly exhausted, while they were expecting. Add to that, I've always thought that my being a fairly active person could have some advantage to coping with pregnancy. Surely if I could run with sandbags and lorry tyres on my shoulder I'd be strong enough to handle a few extra ounces of a tiny foetus in my womb.

Or so I thought.

The past few weeks have been really a big challenge. Just today I cried at the doctor's for I'm just too tired of vomiting stomach acid till the wee hours of the night, of which would render me almost lifeless the next day. Save for lying down I can barely do anything much, not even to sit upright for more that 10 minutes at a time when bouts of vomiting start. If it starts early enough in the day my last meal would probably be something I had in mid afternoon and nothing stays down after that. Hence the pain would escalate to gastritis and all that I harbour in my stomach is pure gastric juice. It's this yellowish-green substance that goes up my cavity and burn my throat and will potentially rot my teeth soon after. An appetite is the last thing I have after rounds of this stinging green vomit.

They say try this, this and that. And so I did. None tremendously works so far. On a good day, apple cider vinegar works to neutralise the stomach acid so I purge somewhat less lethal slime. Sometimes ACV wouldn't even have a chance to do its miracle and I hurl the whole glass of tonic out along with whatever else I ate that day. Almost always it surprises me that whatever I ate hours earlier never gor properly digested and out they go again. I'm hungry, dehydrated, exhausted and at my wit's end. If it's my call to put a limit to all these, you would see the usual me at work, at home and in school. But you don't now.

I wonder if some people at work would think of me as a drama queen because no one else have shown such dreary response to being pregnant as I have. I have tried and I'm still trying to be stronger so it doesn't affect my work much, and I hope they understand. I wish they know how much anti-vomit medication the different doctors have prescribed me. I wish they know how some of them work one day but on other days render me so dizzy I could barely lift my head. I wish they know how much I'm trying by taking small snacks as much as possible or by sipping diluted juice to quell the nausea, even if it means my stomach would hurt a little sometimes. I wish they knew that I was working from the bed when I took a sick leave because it was crunch time and I couldn't let my immediate boss down. I'm effing trying here.

There are times when I already feel like a bad mother because I find this experience very harrowing. How could I not bear with this supposed short-term endurance test when I've been through so much physical and emotional challenges of recent years? I feel so ungrateful as I've always wanted a child long before I knew for certain that I was gonna be married. I've loved this baby long before it was conceived. And yet now I just want this to be over and done with. It feels like a second one would only happen (God willing) if I've thought of all of these a thousand times over.

I read of so many people's equally unpleasant experience over many sites, yet nobody says they're too mortified by the experience. And the more I feel like a bad mother.

Right now I'm just counting the days till second trimester knocks on the door. People right and left have convinced me that it will be over by then, that I'll be eating normally again and that I'll regain my energy. I'm hanging on their promise but at the back of my mind I'm so scared that I'll fall amongst the unlucky few who go through this for the whole 9 months.

I'm scared. That's all I feel now.

Guilt. This too. Guilty for troubling my husband so much and he never once complaints. Guilty for showing up at work with a long face, almost daily. Guilty talking about nothing else with my best friends but vomit stories.

And guilty for making my mother so miserable throughout my 30 years of life, and 9 months in the womb. Had I really known what it took for her to have me...

Perhaps, it's all about conscience. And my lack thereof over the years.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Lovin

I'm a sucker for fashion blogs.

Magazines are still a staple on my shelves but nothing can beat individualistic styles, especially the ones that covet vintage, thrifted findings. Fashion should not be everything about designer togs but Malaysians are sadly so shallow that you're practically deemed a disgrace for not being a walking Pavillion/Starhill shopping centre. 

Thanks to my dear friend, whowhatwear, this morning I was introduced to Jessica Stein. I think she's now my next favourite Australian after those cute Junior Masterchefs. 

You just can't not love her minimalist approach. 

So simple. Yet so Classy. I need to get this body by December.

Monday, February 06, 2012

From Langkawi with love

Our hostess at the restaurant.

Dining by sawah padi and hubby is complaining of mozzies. Hehe orang KL.