Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm still stoked over the weekend's outcome

Are you ballsy enough?

We got balls! Errr.....

...okay mungkin mereka saja. Kami takde. Eheh.

Lomo-nya tunggu. Setahun tunggu baru dapat cuci satu roll filim ini. I heart UWS.

And Meet The Parents week(s). Nasib baik bukan Fockers kot.
Oh ini tiada gambar. Barulah artis kalau sorok kisah perchentaan.
Nanti you all tunggu I kat Bangsar. Ada hotspot kalau nak paparazzi artis macam I.
Nope, bukan kat Telawi. FYI KiMoira was also spotted there once.

Next week, any inquiry will be responded with "kami hanya kawan biasa".
Harap maklum.

If this is circa 1999 I would have probably become a doctor by now hehehe

It's official: I'm a stress junkie.

I whined, complained, got all worked up on crazy loads and deadlines and whaddayaknoooow....full results are out and praise to God for I had passed with flying colours. It's at least 1% doa I tell ya. If you don't ask from Him, you will not get as much as you want for He has the final yay or nay. He will give you access to everything that is required to achieve your target - sufficient brain capacity, good teachers, good friends, last-minute *ehem*, red bull, etc etc

So for the new year should I ask for a gazillion tonne of work at the office to complement the load of my school work so I can push myself towards being on the verge of a nervous breakdown and redeem the As at the end of the semester? Okay senyap sekarang dan ini malam sila tido dengan sengih sampai ke telinga. Ngeh.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

In the spirit of the holidays...

Heading off to Dum's christmas do shortly. Wanted to bring a fruit cake so I went to all 3 supermarkets in Mid Valley in search for one but alas it was to no avail.

Out of desperation I bought these. OK apa, fruit cake jugak. King of fruits some more, hah!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to being much happier ;)

Hello long time no see!

I miss this space and I'll come back real soon with more silly things as usual. For the next few days/weeks I'm looking forward to:

1) Christmas day - something more exciting-and-nerve-wrecking than the celebration is happening I am "berdebar-debar" so wish me luck!

2) A birthday. Not mine. Surprise plans.

3) Complete exam results - anxious like hell. For the record, I now consider myself "ethical" in conducting business.

4) My sister's hari meminang. Much as I reminded mom to spare me from wedding works, I apparently look forward to sis' big day and I believe that I am gonna naturally assume that crazy wedding planner bitch role anyhow cos I can't stand messy events. Structure people, structure!

(Note to future brother-in-law: I could use a Chanel bag. I'm not fussy with my langkah bendul offering bahhahhhhh!)

5) Going back to school - hahah crazy, I know but I miss the crazies. I do not thrive in a monotonous environment.

6) Starting another crazy year at work. I repeat, I do not thrive in a monotonous environment.

And here's how I did at last weekend's Malakoff 12K Run:

(Click to enlarge, ewah.)

Geng Pelarian

Not bad for no proper training and very tiring days leading up to the race, one of which was KiMoira's awesome birthday picnic (which I, ehem, helped co-organise with Winn).

(Thank you Mr Pillsbury you saved the day)

Ah, camwhore. Biasa ini.

Okay gotta get back to work. Oh wait, lunch time - mari makan atau jalan-jalan di Mid Valley.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Confession of a Conscientious Shoppaholic

A picture speaks a thousand words. This one has nine (9) that speak out loud and you know sins have been duly committed yet again today. Rest assured that 100% proceeds from this rawkin shopping bag goes to charity. Please don't question the content.