Friday, June 27, 2008

Sick shit

I'm at a conference in singapore. Very tiring, practically running
from one session to another. Last nite was hell. Received 'the call'
from hell too. It's been several years that i've put up with this
scenario. I held back the urge to move on out of gratitude towards the
good things that i've received from that end. So i thought i should
compromise and not act on impulse or go on emotional strike. But now
i'm numb. Maybe i can do something else less attractive
compensation-wise. I dont care much anymore. So long as i'm happy, at
peace. It wont be a rebellious decision anymore. I'm tired. And i hate
myself when i dont perform well. I currently extremely underperform.

AdiEPott on gmail mobile, in a boring session, nothing that she
doesn't already know.

Monday, June 23, 2008

kecik itu chomel

halo. saya tau awak semua rasa 'hek eleh, macam bagus perempuan ni letak entry kat bawah tu guna bahasa pelik2'. haha. biarkan, kadang2 hati memang rasa nak mengada. tapi takdelah sampai nak announce kat majlis makan2 kat rumah orang yang saya nak pegi shopping lagi walaupun semalam dah shopping dan kawan saya kat sebelah memberi respon bahawa semalam itu telah beli kasut nine west. ahhhhhh, tak koser mak dengar cakap2 besar macam ni. kalau kat homeland dia nine west tu takdela semenggah mana pon cik kak yang baru kenal nine west oi. meh sini mak nak citer, mak ni umur 16 dah pakai kasut nine west tu so mak tak heran la ye nyah. susah orang kalau orang yang rasa dia best sangat ni. macam mana la orang itu boleh jatuh chenta dengan dia. poor thing, he's unknowingly shackling himself to a life-long episode of kekejian perempuan keji. ohoooooo...adiepot is menyampah of her big time okeh? and adiepot feels bad cos she cant rescue her friend away from the bi-a-tch.

eh, apa ni refer kat diri seniri as a third party? kenapa emo, kenapa tetiba digress dari tajuk entri ini? sebab sekarang macam2 benda yang frustrating dah jadi. sigh...

anyhoooooo....i'm enjoying this cute tiny lappie that emak bought coupla months back. initially i was skeptical of its usefulness la kan. so kecit cenonet my digits are all over the keyboard trying to type correctly. dah la mak ni femes dengan masalah typo. keyboard besar pun selalu berterabur taip ini kan pula yang sebesar tapak kaki nyamuk cenggini (heh). I'm actually testing it for a conference this thursday-friday. need to do lotsa networking but ordered by encik boss to carry the lappie for uncalled-for demo oppos. haih, takkan le mak nak pikul laptop besar tu sana sini, dah la bahu mak ni tak kuat. so yeah, i guess i'm now eating my words for having kutuk-ed this cik lappie cenonet before. so people, i reckon u don't need a macbook air for the ultimate portability. u only need an Eee PC, weeeeeeeeee!

learn more about my cenonet clan here

aaaahhhhh...terima kaseh emak kerana membeli cenonet ini. walaupun emak masih marah dengan saya tapi saya pinjam la dulu cenonet ni pegi conference jauh tu. nanti kat sana saya ada 1 hari untuk shopping jadi saya akan cuba membeli samting untuk emak ,kasi emak terpujuk. nampaknya saya terpaksa mengeluarkan kuasa hekmat gores dan hutang untuk misi ini. harap emak tak marah lagi lepas saya balik nanti.


adiEpoTT is also tensi with WORK, jerawat attacks, not having enough comfy shoes and sakit bahu.


Ik wou dat ik kan stoppen met mijn werk en maak chocolade fudge thuis.

Nu ik wil naar huis.

Ja, chocolade fudge.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

beats the MNG sale anytime

I bought a library today. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........!

So what if i'm 27+ and enjoying my Mr Men? Who are you to judge moi when you're still bantal busuk-whoring huh? huh? huh?

You have these, you carry them with you when going anywhere solo.

Orang gatal: Hi, boleh kenal mintak fon number?
You: Sorry, I'm here with my man.


I don't believe in denying my childhood fantasies of having heaps of (mr) men in my room. A man for every mood. Sleeping with a different man everytime, ohoho... Can you just imagine that? *Drool-fest...*


Friday, June 20, 2008

coffee karma

It's 4am and i'm hungry. Cant sleep. Spent whole nite 'cosmetically' updating this blog. Damn the extra shot. Gila apa esok keja ni. Esok? Hari ni. Oh. Keja banyak. Aaaa!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

(my) internal system has crashed

I miss *******. So much that it hurts, yet i'm putting it at the back
of my mind as i always do. Go ahead live in denial cos that's what u
do best, u say. Sigh...i know. And I know i'm being the loony me all
over again. I think in this life i'm destined to hurt. Myself
included. I need rehab. Or reformatting ;-(

someone please get me the old operating system cos this one's not working.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

jakun sikit

Am helping special someone run software updates on his NEW MacBook since he doesn't have Internet connection at home. Gotta say that the jakun in moi is pretty signficant at the mo' ye kawan-kawan. Dah la macam tergaruk-garuk kepala looking for stuff. Ye lah, I have been microsofted all these while kan? Plus, having a Nano doesn't really qualify moi as a Mac person much (eleh...nak jugak ulang ada ipod berkarat tu!). Even today, when special someone mentioned Mac my immediate response to him was in relation to, err.... M.A.C. :P

But I guess I now understand why encik colleague baru and encik bos lagi sorang are so pro-Mac. It's really nifty. Yeah i know i know, i'm like, very outdated and all. Excuse my age la. Perhaps I would've known more about these things if i'm at least 6-7 years younger. Tapi saya akan berusaha untuk catch up dengan teknologi hebat dan chantek ini. BAIK!

Now i see something jumping up and down at the bottom of the screen. Ishhh takde benda lompat2 kat windows. Anyway, the jakun in me was fumbling to look for one particular app because it looked so seronok at the kedai. Found it at last (see? not so microsofted anymore heheh) and here are the results:

Jakun kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?????

One confusing bit though, can't the browser window size be maxed out? Sedikit annoying ye bila nampak sekerat browser sekerat desktop camni. Ohhhhh... I so need more time to adapt. Dem. Eh eh, orang punya ke sendiri punya ni? Perasan pulak, ahahahahahaha!

AdIEpoTT is having more new preferences these days

Friday, June 13, 2008

Benci keja mcm biasa la kan

I hate fridays sometimes. Casual office day but i'm required to do everything far from casually. More numbers to look for today, more articles to read, more reports to write, for different industries n i have a feeling that the next 2 weeks will be H.E.L.L. For now, i just feel like ranting. And i'm using my phone to blog. Supaya encik bos ingat saya tgh sms saja. Heheh.

Damn working totally sux.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Pengapit duty lagi hari ini. But this time it wasn't bad at all and it's emy n hairil's! Dan pengapit adalah makan dgn penuh selera di meja pengantin hahaha

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fudge-in-a-(nice) box

Hazelnut choc fudge as ordered by Nizam. This is how I pretty the box up a bit lah cos it's for his mum's birthday and he can't be home this weekend. Am also helping him to decide on a birthday gift as a err...personalised/customised service. For mum I made the fudge with less sugar and more hazelnuts. Oh yummmm... (hopefully emak Nizam thinks it is and start promoting it to her patients at the hospital haha!).

Also made 2 boxes of peanut butter fudge for nurul to occupy her kids with in the car tomorrow. Extra marshmallow and almond flakes just for the little tykes. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get good almond butter in KL?

I'm loving doing this more and more. Customising each order without even a special request is like, trying to connect to those who will be enjoying my fudge. I really want them to feel like the choc bits know them, talk to their souls (ewah!). Can't wait to get feedback from them :D

Next will be caramel fudge and mint choc (as requested by Joe in the office).

AdiEpoTT's fudging more n more

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bersenam di TF. Bukan California Fitness

Ki Moira and moi, post workout. Macam nak mampus lari hari ni. Moi lah. Ki Moira ok je membakar beratus2 kalori. Mmm...what shall i have for supper tonite eh? :-D