Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kanye West III

My dodgy pics at Kanye West Live @ Stadium Negara, April 8th

1 - belum start lagi masa ni. boring, boring, boring.

2 - jeng, jeng, jeng...nak start dah!

3 - yeay, abang kanye!!!!

Ok, puas hati cik myra?

eh, lupa. i wore my new crocs to the gig! look at my Jibbitz, adorableeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kanye West II

Concert's over! Awesome, AWESOME performance!

But the crowd was shitty. Kanye was givin' me my money's worth. RM123
well spent. Cant understand why these peeps just watched, or shall i
say, STARED, at the stage??? Only the 2 girls in front of moi were
genuinely enjoying demselves. Fine, they're kinda annoying pre kanye
but they actually saved moi frm having a sordid concert episode.

If only i'm 5 years younger, i would've dashed off to da standing
arena where the kids were having a blast. Drats! Note to mind: please
also make sure that the next concert partner is somebody who actually
'gets' the meaning of 'concert' and 'dance' and 'fun'.

KW, you're the best.

-adiepot on mobile. Pics to be uploaded later.

Kanye West I

Am at kanye's gig @ stadium merdeka. 2 phat's performin now, opening
act. Duhhh...super bosan. I mean, im updating dis page via my mobile!
Cant wait 4 kanye. Zzz...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

i'm loving it!

Friends warned me to not be too garang for I might scare the kids. They think my natural tendency to hit the roof does not resonate well with the teaching profession. Heh, how I proved you wrong, you evil people! The kids are superb, they love my jokes, they love my lesson, they love moi...hahaha!

They salam cium tangan moi after class ended ok...terharu ;)

XoXoXo Che' Gu Adiepot

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ikmal, how would you describe my hair?

Your hair is orange in colour, teacher.

Kids say the darnest thang, haha! I hope this tutoring thing will do
me good *wink