Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm a-MUSE-d!

heyya there people, hating 2007 already? good. new year is nothing but just another year.

anywayssss, if you happen to be one of those folks like moi who check out frens' blogs and the comments of each entry, then perhaps you will have read one of the comments in my last. i really feel like rolling about on the floor, laughing and abusing my tear ducts like a YM emoticon. kelakar ok, this person obviously checked out my friendster profile, saw my shout out of the week, got really upset (why, i'm not sure..hehehe), and didn't know how to convey his/her pent-up anger at moi when he/she suddenly remembered, "ahah, this adiepot has a blog!", and has used this oppo to channel out his/her sincere feelings to moi. sigh...kesian. he/she had to go through all the trouble to let me know that i have that pull factor on him/her. thank you darling, i'm flattered, hihihi.... (FYI, i'm still giggling as i type this entry. hihihihihihiiiiiiii....)

ok lah, what i had for my frenster shout out was this:
"why la some people like to assume that others dont know shit about a lot of things? hello, just because u studied abroad it doesnt mean that u r better than the rest of us ok?"
and that fella was da very da upset, wrote me this:
"Proly (s)he is better than the rest of u even w/o studying abroad.Kewl la wey..."
I mean, whaaaaa? apakah masalahnya ini? hihihi...smells so PMS-ish. Perhaps this person studied abroad and felt like i was insulting him/her. Ok then, my apologies.

I have nothing against peeps who study abroad. i've got a pool of best friends who studied, still studying and professionally working in foreign countries yet they're all amazing humble people (u know who u are babes!). i wrote that because i read something somewhere la, that ada la this person ni whom has a liking to 'teach' stuff to people as though people don't read, don't travel, don't surf da Net, don't watch discovery channel/travel/animal planet/berita/etc etc, etc... Yeah, i've always had a grudge on peeps who parade around with a "better-than-thou' attitude. And i've seen this person doing it many, many times before. And i guess i too, let it go to my head last week hence that emotional shout out. Didn't know la got somebody else will get very emo-core because of it hihihi....

But then again, perlu ke claim that you are "probably better than the rest of us"? And actually going through all the trouble to go to my blog and put up your comment there? that just shows how insecure you are. u need therapy dude. seriously. know what, i recommend watching Grey's Anatomy or Sex and The City because you'll then realise that the world has bigger problems. Even petty girly issues in tv shows dont seem as pathetic as your inability to ignore stupid written remarks in the virtual world. some more that remark will not be permanently stuck there, aiyah...

in summary, i'm AMUSED by his/her determination to "talk" to moi. the drive, oh my...go, go, go! hehehe...

speaking of being amused, MUSE is coming to town! so people, if you can make yourself available on Feb 25th let's chill out to some brit rock! Oh, hopefully there won't be any "fashion muse" attending the gig. they're pretty, they're rich, and they're just gonna be there prancing around in punk-ish get-ups from their designer friends. gag! (eh, eh, emo la pulak)

M says i'm too old for MUSE, so what? jealous ke sayang? i like their music. funny, i hate Coldplay but MUSE gets to moi. I missed the 30% discount promo but Enddee seems to have offered me some free tix, no? are definitely givin' 'em to moi bro.
yes you are...yes you are ;p

MUSE on Feb 25th, Stadium Negara

(but adiepot does not condone drinking and going tipsy at gigs, no no...)

XoXoXO adiepot

Saturday, January 20, 2007

another one on second base

my old roomie who's also one of my closest friends is officially engaged today!!!

So it looks like everybody is on 2nd base or will soon be, except for moi. and M thinks i'm upset that i'm not in the club. suka-suka hati je. i'm not, okay? it's just that i always thought all of us girls will get married a lot later and bersama-sama ber-enjoy dahulu dan berkahwin pada masa yang sama. how could you leave me all alone out here in singledom? :'(

but it's alright, when i do get betrothed in 2009 all of you selfish people will have to get me the gempak-est wedding pressie because:

  1. i will constantly remind you that you have to. oh sudah tentu....

  2. it won't be cool to share wif other people when u are married. u only share wif your husband lah of coz. and married people always give nice pressies dont they? *wink wink

  3. when u share wif your husband, your husband pays, which practically means you can demand for whatever u want to buy for your bestest best fren (this would be moi).

  4. or at least, very likely you'll earn beribu-ribu lemon already by that time. a gempak-est gift will not scratch your gucci purses the slightest bit.

  5. i will also remind you time and again that you have left me all cold and alone by choosing to get married first, which will make you very much laden with guilt, and the gempak-est gift is an offering to moi untuk menebus rasa bersalah anda hahahaha!
it's january and i'm already expected to attend FIVE weddings. Mind you that these are only friends', not inclusive of distant cousins' or friends-of-friends'. Phewww...
I've been attending a lot of weddings of late and it's amusing that many of the same people i met at every one of them tend to ask the KBL question again and again - "Kau Bila Lagi?". The same answer will be "Lambaaaaaaaat lagi". lepas tu tanya lagi, tanya lagi, lagi lagi lagi.... Perhaps wedding hosts should separate their guests into several categories:
  1. married
  2. single and looking
  3. single but not looking
  4. in a relationship and getting married soon
  5. in a relationship but not getting married anytime soon and very comfortable with this arrangement so please stop asking them the KBL

This, in itself, will be a great conversation guideline, no?

Anyhow, i'm not all bitter and grumpy lah... So to all of my babes who will take the plunge soon, i wish you congratulations and semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu y'all! Married or not, you guys will always be the best friends anyone could have :)


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mari Mengomen

To those very few of you who visit this page,

Please be informed that I have worked out the comments settings, yeay!

You can now view your comments from 372 years ago and my feedback which have only been uploaded, like, ummm, the last 3 minutes. Hahaha.

Do keep posting your comments. If you haven't got any, just ramble some nonsense. I love nonsense. You know i do, *wink *wink!

And whenever i don't have any photos to upload, doodles will do the dirty deeds. That's a cheat sheet tip from moi for today.

XoXoXo Adiepot

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Punishment for disgraceful behaviour

One must not be the slightest bit jealous of one's mate. It is EXTREMELY against the the 10 Commandments of Eternal Friendship. More so if it's someone whom one has known for many...many years.

Checking up the 'validity' of the 'news'?
Shame on you Adiepot >:(

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let's meet up! NOT.

I went to (bleep) for a meeting,
'twas my job to minute all the yapping,
It started out very much confusing,
but half-way through didnt't look like it was ending.

What fun can a girl have in the middle of this
when All she wanted to do was doodling,
Cause one of the guys was talking-cum-a-spitting!


- by adiepot ketepot

That's moi all confused and the know-it-all guy who talked non-stop getting on the nerves of everybody. Okay, so there were actually more than 2 people at the meeting. But I can only draw on Paint and it's not so fun using a mouse, eh? Let's pretend that everybody else is also in the picture that i drew :D