Tuesday, February 26, 2008

beauty pageant is not only for the blondes (apparently)

Beauty can be overwhelming, no? It definitely is so when one surrender oneself to be scrutinised, err..pecs and all, in tiny bits of spandex and nothing else much. It is shallow enough if one is female, and worse if one is of the XY genetic makeup. Oh lelaki, haruskah kamu menjadi begitu? Why oh why do u crave such validation from the (pea-brained?)masses i wonder...

Top three that sizzle:

1 - kesedaran untuk bersenam dengan seriyes, for health and not beauty reasons.
2 - actually making it to the gym.
3 - making it to the gym and working out on own effort tanpa dipaksa-paksa oleh encik-encik trainers.

Top three that TOTALLY FIZZLE:

1 - male vanity
2 - baby oil
3 - male vanity topped with baby oil.

My membership entitles moi to all clubs. Now i'm in a dilemma. Have just found out something gross on mr *bleep*. How will I ever face that person now? Web 2.0 is surely a powerful technology!

AdiEPoTT don't do vanity showcase (nor baby oil)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yep, Bandoeng itu kerennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

The food: makyussssss!

The peeps: of course, keren!

The place: keren banget loh!

I malas le nak citer panjang-panjang kan. Kalau nak tau aktiviti kitorang buat apa kat sana hari-hari sampai 3 pagi (selain bersoping macam orang gila), sila baca moira nye update.
Photo hi-lites (click thumbnails to view bigger. all thumbnails below link to the whole album in my Picasa).

makan @ enhaii bandung culinary school

official bevvy: es teh manis sasro. yeah!

wif leyle - tour guide & lil' bro

tempat shopping ini adalah seronottt...

somewhere in the city

shopping adalah aktivitas yang happening. need we say more?

at one of the many distros. one of a kind stuff here. mak suke!

another distro

@ pinholic. button badges yang sangat keren. going from IDR7,000 each.

@ newspaper cafe, parijs van java. makan depan live band. keren ke tak keren? kerennnnnnn.....!

us and new friends: andre, arief, max. the performing band for tha nite. diaorg belum ada nama. we proposed myradie, ngahahahha....

we made more new frens! azra & uthra whom we met at Rumah Mode. hotel sama okeh....flight pun sama tapi tak perasan, last2 jumpa kat outlet, boleh? shopaholics are no longer anonymous.

hiking @ gunung tangkuban perahu. tetapi berpakaian adalah seperti nak gi soping. hihi...

kawah ratu, view from the top.

us and christian. bergambar ala ABG.

us and Leyle. gambar poyo lagi.

berlagak emo di kedai kerepek pisang. chris is very da drama queen. aku pon sama.

nak balik dah...makhasih Leyle. senang sekali ketemu kamu :)

bila tak boleh tido dlm kapaltebang, bermain2 kamera. konon best la kan :P

to Alien: Kasian deh loe...melepas semua ni. too bad for you, heh. (tu la sapa suruh x lawan bos).

to Mr John Doe: We won't have as much fun without you. Sad lah u had to leave so early.

to Moira: Babe, you are truly the best travel mate anyone can have. aku sayang sama kau sangat2.

Leyle & Chris: Our heartfelt gratitude to God for the opportunity to have met, known and nongkronked with you guys. We missed you so much already ;(

People, I think I have traveled for quite a bit in the past few years (sapa2 yang travel sebab kompeni dia antar keja tak main la, guna duit seniri and backpacked baru kerennn....haha). However, none of my trips can beat Bandung. I shopped, walked, nongkronk-ed, made friends with nice people, makan like 'naga', chilled out to great music, dan bermacam-macam lagi yang tak terlist kat sini. Every trip is special but Bandung is wooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(saya mau pergi lagi tahun ini. tiket 5 sen anyone? nyehehehehehe....)

AdiePoTT sayang Bandung
AdiePoTT gila Bandung
AdiePoTT tak kira nak pegi lagi Bandung

Bandung, Bandung, Bandung!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Live update 1

Who: Moira n moi
Where: The airport

dear people, after having gone thru drama episode 1 this morning we
are now in the boarding hall. Tema hari ini adalah 'amazing race',
hehe. Yes, if only u know how one of us three is currently held back
from boarding this plane. Eh bukan security issues kita bukan
terrorists no. We're anxiously waiting 4 our 'hero' to join us later
today in bandung. Kuang asam betul bos dia. Time mcm ni la ada
emergency macam2. So people, please pray for Alien. Let him catch the
next flight. We need him with us. Huwaaa!

Monday, February 11, 2008

And the saga continues...

She: I miss you so much it hurts real bad.
He: I know. I hope our friendship will never end.

Stumbled upon the convy on a 'live' soap opera. Baru je tadi while i was minding my own never-ending drama. Come on...honestly?

AdiEPoTT sangat ngantuk esok kena kerja dah. Otak juga sangat semak dengan macam2 recent nonsense. Ah, dem!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

my commitment to Mr. A

Tonight I made a commitment to a relationship which...i hope will turn out to be the one of the best decisions I have made in this life. I believe the demands will be quite a handful to have it worked out. But I put my damn signature down and there is no turning back.

To Mr. A, I hope your words aren't just mere promises. I have placed my faith in you. Considering the recent disappointments that I have gone through of late, adding another one in my list isn't something that I really wanna look forward to. But I know that it takes two to make it happen. You know, literally, how little strength I have and it is you who'll have to really really help me to make this thing happen - you already commenced your part and i'm grateful for that. It is now my turn to reciprocate, sweat it out and provide us both with what's hopefully a good result.

Though I know that I won't be seeing much of you, twice weekly the max, I look forward to what brief time we'll spend together :)

Quiz: Apakah kesimpulan entry hari ini? Think I'm on cloud 9? In love? Or not in love but something else? But we're talking about being committal here people. If you can piece the bits scattered here and there in the above, I promise that there's a nice treat waiting for you from my upcoming vacation. Ngeeee......

AdiEpoTT sangat Sayang kamu

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hepi Besday to Meeeeeeeeee!

Hari ini saya berumur...jeng,jeng,jeng. If you happen to know - just. shut. up. Ahahahaha!

Anywayzzzzzz, the day didn't go off as smoothly as I thought it would be. What with a bout of emotional turmoil (the usual drama queen in moi really kicks off at the most inappropriate moments, on my birthday nite) and a literally 'head-spinning' sesh in tha morn'. But somehow, I really felt that need to go to work. Funny, office suddenly feels comforting and errr...'homey'. Jangan tanya saya pun tatau la. Maybe it's all in the birthday wishes from the gang that streamed in non-stop the whole morning.

Achi tanya, "tada potong kek ka ini hari?". Haaaa, ini hari saya potong 'pan'cake la Achi.

My birthday treat from lovely colleagues: Lunch at Paddington Pancake House (yum yum)

Thank you Elinor, Nurul, Fida, Yin Ping, Wan Zul, Abang Richard (hehe), Puan Big Boss, Bang Napi, OmegaKenny, Zul, Encik Boss, Aireen, and Azita. And Soo Meng and Tay who dropped by to wish me hepi bufday. Saya adalah sangat kenyang :D

She who never fails to make me happy, office and elsewhere.

Best thing was, a makan 'celebrity' turned up at the lunch sesh. Let's give big round of applause to "Zul - The Boy Who Ate His Way to Malaya"...!

One dish of his own, half (or more?) of dua orang lain punya. Bela hantu ke apa budak ni?
I have never publicly thanked anyone who sent me bufday messages so here goes my long list, in da order of masa message itu diterima:

Via SMS - Hairil Chicken, Ng Yin Ping, Su, Hafiz, Nazli, Ezleen, Penan (how odd...), Raad (yg berjanji hendak membelikan saya Sony MP3 player jika saya men-reciprocate the good deed on his bday), Aimi, Sidol (SMS nyanyi2), Elinor, Tasya, Azmar, Fida, Nurul, Azah, Lynne, Wan Zul, Aireen, EzaRena, M, Ivan, Myra, Jackie, Cik Ja, Lokman Alligator, See Kiong, Ezwin, New Hubby, Uncle, McBudd, Enddee, Epul, AliReza, Noridd, Ng Yin Ping (again, haha!).

Via Video Message - Syaza! and Mama Syaza

Via Skype - Encik Boss lagi satu and Encik Scarlet Kingsnake

Oh oh, don't forget the presents!


  2. Accessories from Emy.

  3. More accessories from Noridd.

  4. A return trip ticket to any Air Asia destination from Nazli. Yipppppeeeeeee!

  5. A, err....multimedia candle from Myra. Hehe

  6. A pearls and diamonds top from Zack. Chantekk hokes. Pandai Zack beli ;P

  7. Angpow Manhattan Fish Market and a set of babe-themed-oh-so-chic! towels from Nurul.

  8. An out-of-tune birthday serenade from Epul. Sangat terharu saya, ngeeee....

  9. And from Ryan, Tay, Wan Zul, Yin Ping, Soo Meng, New, Kenny, Agnes, Reena, Ivan, See Kiong, Jasmine, Felicia, Ling Wei, Richard, Amy, Alreza, Yong and James......one that I've been meaning to get for ages but didn't get around to:



Semoga saya lebih senang bangun pagi selepas ini. Ehem.

And I got my 'closure' at 7 o'clock this evening. I have SO moved on. Ask not, but it did happen I tell you.

Thank you God for such a blessed life - loving family and friends, and the chance at achieving everything better.

AdIepott, of course, sayang kamu :)

Monday, February 04, 2008


Venue: Bora Ombak, Ampang
Date: Feb 2, 2008

Click thumbnail to view pics!

Who says being single means you' re doomed?
Nope, not when you have your babes wif you and with whom you share bufday week with!

Bufday Babes: 5th, 4th, 3rd February

Thanks so much darlings.

I love y'all soooooooooooooooooooo much.

Nota kaki: You'll notice the only XY in da album and wonder why I call him a babe too. He takes good care of one of us babes (and the baby!), and for that, he deserves the Babe-EST of the Babes medal! Kitorang semua sayang kamu Wale *sob*.

ADiePoTT Sayang Kamu

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Menyambut Hari Wilayah

Tempat kejadian: The Curve, Damansara

Never let a girl wander off alone in an apparel setup (couture or otherwise). All hell will break loose.

Also, never let a girl (ie moi) wander off alone in a mall with a huge book store. Dia akan mengambik semua buku dengan lahapnya.

Today's Findings





another long-awaited

Read more on Pramoedya Ananta Toer here. More links here.

need for bimbo lit

the freebie that came with

(beli buku dapat cola?)

all of the above, and the following that are pending belum habis baca:

I have gone bonkers. Honestly deyyyy...bila mau kasi habis baca ini semua? Hehe...

Oh yeah, here goes the icing on the cake:

Jeng, jeng, jeng....bufday pwezen for meself. To complement my 'knight' in shining armour la. They're gonna deliver it to moi via courier service (from another store since the color i wanted was out of stock).

So yeah, who says being single is the ultimate depressing thang? So many to do, even more to buy muahahahahhaaaaa.....