Saturday, May 30, 2009

Di mana aunty babe

Pulanglah cepat wahai Ki-Moira saya menunggu untuk mendownload aksi-aksi camwhore di majlis kahwin Lokman-Fira.

Terima kasih makcik neighbour Fira sebab memikirkan saya masih menuntut di menara gading. Terima kasih kerana memberi komen 'oh you look sooooo young'. Do you have facebook makcik? Maybe u can leave the same comment on my profile page. hehhh.... Tapi makcik juga terlampau peramah saya rasa makcik mungkin kalau ada facebook akan suka buat macam2 kuiz tu especially kuiz "how well do you know XXX..." because u ask people personal questions from the word go.

And no makcik, all three of us are not getting married anytime soon. I think.


Update at 1.45am selepas Aunty Babe Ki-Moira sudah passing gamba:


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Red alert, red alert I have to repost this!

The Star today assures me that being single is the best option. I feel like celebrating tonite bersama Singles Inc.


Study confirms mothers-in-law are the chief cause of divorces

KUALA LUMPUR: Every married person knows it, but a local study has confirmed it – mothers-in-law are the chief cause of divorces, especially in the Indian community.

Data in the Malaysia Community and Family Study 2004 by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) revealed that “meddlesome in-laws” is the number one reason why Indian couples get divorced.

It is also among the top three factors for divorce among the Malays and Chinese. The other two factors are incompatibility (42.3%) and infidelity (12%).

“Interference by in-laws is the main reason for Indians to divorce. It is the top-ranked reason at 30%,” said LPPKN director-general Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman when presenting a paper on Malaysia’s family profile and its effects at Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia yesterday.

Infidelity is the marriage breaker among the Malays and Indians but it is tolerated among the Chinese.

Among Malays, the second most common reason is infidelity and refusal to put up with polygamy,” she said.

“Among the Indians, infidelity is the second highest ranked reason for divorce at 25%,” she said.

However, the Chinese considered infidelity as the least crucial reason for a divorce.

Cheating was at the bottom along with health and gambling addiction at 4.2%.

Surprisingly, abuse is not a reason for divorce among the Malays and Chinese, but is a reason among Indians at 5%.

“Another overall reason which ranked high among the three races at 11.5% is ‘not being responsible’,” she said.

Although it is common perception that the family institution is quite fragile and divorces are rampant, data shows otherwise - only 0.7% of the population was divorced in 2000.

The data shows that divorce is more likely to happen to those under 25 and above 40.

Meanwhile, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said that more Malaysian women were choosing to marry later in life and it could cause a reduction in fertility rate and an ageing society.

The National Family Policy and its action plan will address this issue of late marriages,” she said.

The policy would be presented to the Cabinet soon.


Makcik Shahrizat, are you gonna set me up with a hot, rich, interesting and very responsible guy soon???

What's with suratkhabar headlines these days?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hoi Adiepot pergilah tidor sudah lebih 1 pagi

Perut oh perut kenapa engkau sakit?

Macam mana aku tak sakit engkau lambat makan....ennnnnnnngkau lambat makan

Hey perut dah bagi makan chicken salad buatan sendiri yang sangat sedap dan murah (hanya dengan kos RM2.55 excluding dressing dalam botol yg juga murah saja RM8.99 setahun pun belum tentu habis) pun nak meragam ke?


Perut ni memang manja.
- makan lambat sakit
- eksesais lebih sikit sakit
- lebih makan sakit
- tak eksesais gelebeh. Eh? Heheh...kantoi *malu*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Minta maaf Encik Trainer

Saya sangat penat. Saya demam belum betul2 baik. Sudah lama sangat tak demam sesema macam ini. Saya rasa Encik Trainer sudah sangat upset saya kensel training hari ini. Berharap supaya Encik Trainer boleh dipujuk dengan burger mahal (aaaaah saya memang suka menunjuk2 begini).

Adakah ini sifat semulajadi semua jurulatih peribadi? Berbadan sasa tetapi jiwa mudah terluka? Tapi kalau dapat client yang asyik suka kensel training memanglah hati terluka kehkehkeh...

Sori bos. Hari Rabu saya training. Demam lah apa boleh buat balik pun terus terdampar atas katil seperti ikan paus sesat kat tepi pantai...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kalau tak suka kenapa simpan dia dalam Facebook? Aha....

By now you should already realise that despite having a philantrophic streak I am also quite a bitch at dissing people. Saya tidak bangga dengan perangai ini tapi kadang2 menyampah sgt sampai mulut jadi jahat.

There's this person on my facebook whom I have known to love flaunting stuff she does. Tak payah cerita semua sebab membazir tenaga jari2 nak menaip saja. I logged on FB today and saw her latest status asking for tips and advice for travelling to location X. Mind you, location X itu bukanlah Timbuktu sampai nak kena announce kat facebook dan bertanya cara2 nak melancong di tempat itu. Gosh woman, your trick is so yesterday. Yes, I know I shouldn't get upset over such petty issue since you have always been like this since college days but you just make me sick(er) lah. Perhaps you have forgotten that you used the same trick before you left for your honeymoon in Location Y. Dua-dua location pun tempat yg tak payah bersusah payah nak tanya orang macam mana nak bawak diri jadi hentikan perbuatan yang jelek ini.

You know you can just Google it up and that millions of entries will be listed.

You know that kalau dah habis malas pun kau nak baca semua webpages itu kau boleh saja baca Wikitravel page on Location X itu.

You know that you cant give 'no Internet access' as an excuse to not doing these things.

You surely know that kalau dah teruk sgt takde Internet access you can just go to one of the many bookstores here in KL and get a gazillion travel guides - tebal ada, nipis ada, map semua ada.

Janganlah berpura-pura kau risau tak tau macam mana nak menjadi pelancong di tempat itu. Travelling is not rocket science anymore. Kalau nak pergi tempat paling obscure dalam dunia pun mesti ada punya maklumat terkini di Internet wahai kenalanku yang amat menjengkelkan hati.

Face it, you just like to show off. Either that or you are just a pea-brain-and-a-half. Aaaaggghhhh stop it stop it stop it you're so lame!

I am nursing my flu and demam and I am very easily emotionally disturbed by the pettiest things as the mo'. Diam.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dear friends,

This is a very important message. I will be running in the KL Marathon 2009 and have registered as a RUN FOR A CAUSE participant, pledging to raise RM500 for the NATIONAL AUTISM SOCIETY OF MALAYSIA (NASOM) by 31 May 2009.

I will be very, very grateful if you could do your bit to help support this cause by forwarding your contribution via my charity runner's page at the following link:

Your contribution will mean immensely to support the special education and training to children born with autism so they could learn to be self sufficient when they are older.

If 50 people donate only RM10 each, we can raise RM500 in next to no time. How you can help:

  1. Repost this post on your blogs

  2. Link to this post and my runner's page on your blogs (put them on your sidebar!)

  3. Forward the links to your other friends and families.

Let's make this happen by 31 May and I know we can!



To learn more about NASOM, please visit:

What is autism?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

unfair kan hidup ni kadang-kadang?

What i received in my mail, amongst everything else, today:

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is something very special.


I don't have anything special. Let alone very special.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sifat semulajadi atau tekanan persekitaran?

For all the things that I bitch about other women I wonder if other women bitch about me 10 times more hahaha!

Moi: I just saw XX-XY's tunang pics. OMG she looks 35! Haggard gila perempuan tu. I'm in shock. Trauma seyh :P
Friend: It's the make-up. Buruk gila - LOLS!
Moi: But crow feet also v prominent. And did she gain 10kg? I feel so mulut jahat pls excuse me hehe
Friend: LOLS! Xpe dia x tao. hihi!

Sila buruk sangka kepada saya sekarang (T_T)

Like a jigsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart

3am. Terjaga tidur.

Mimpi yang sama lagi. Dah penat, tak mau lagi. Mereka kata mimpi itu mainan tidur. But they also say that it's really just us subconsciously enacting our emotions in the head.

Kalau ini apa yang hati mau, then please God be acknowledged that my head and my reality do not want it. Make it go away. I've asked You countless times to erase it from my mind. I'm short of asking for an accident to happen so that part of my temporal lobe gets damaged beyond repair.

The nights are lonely. The days are so sad.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Some people need to be 'briefed' on what NOT to do in public

This anonymous lady called Fly FM at 6pm-ish announcing to the masses that her husband borrows her undies when occasions call for them (official functions, balik rumah ibu mertua and the likes). Reason being he doesn't have enough innerwear and half the time he goes commando anyway.

Hello? Have you no shame to let the world know? Some more can giggle giggle like it's real funny. It's not! And if you can buy them pretty lacey undies for yerself, get some cheapo men's briefs/boxers for your hubs lah. Kat pasar malam pun ada okeh.

I am all about romance and doing the sharing of stuff stuff but something like this should be kept to the confines of your rumahtangga la dey... But since you're all excited dear anonymous lady caller, I wonder if it's actually you who have 'special needs'...

comic courtesy of

Monday, May 04, 2009

I semakin bersifat kedekut

It is already May 4. I owe my NYPD, Alien and Emy birthday presents. My Fied's birthday is coming up. And I am already super broke.

Maybe I should just cook and organise an all-in-one birthday party for all of them.

Maybe I should wait a little longer, like, the year end, and I only need to cook and clean up once. After all the more (belated birthday babies) the merrier.

Gentler on the wallet too. Heheh.