Sunday, December 30, 2007

baby beluga

I want a baby. Of my own. But for now I'll settle for this cutesy-pie.

Mummy's (soon-to-be) shopping partner :D
I'm sooooooo checking out eligible "sperm donors" at the mo, hahaha!

Friday, December 28, 2007

How Starbucks Saved My Sanity

It doesn't matter how, really. It just has its own ways of doing it.
(year-end rush. I hate.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sik Paham

Ohhhh, how i have longed to write non-work related stuff! Okay, here goes:

  1. The use of kata ganda in Bahasa Malaysia (see subject line above). Guna ke tak guna sekarang? I feel so outdated hokesss...
  2. People who refuse to be tolerant towards workmates. Do note that we're (you're) not always right. And no, we don't find princessy attitude (read: selfish me me me) favourable.

  3. The workings of permed hair. I got a perm job a moth ago and now it's arrow straight sans da curl spray-volumising cream-sculpting lotion combo.

  4. Why my muscles still hurt after that RPM class. Hello, it's not like I've never cycled in my life.

  5. Why I keep forgetting that the last time I went cycling was 10 years ago.

  6. My insatiable habit to spend, spend, spend. Happy - spend. Emo - spend. Tak hepi dan tak emo pun - spend.

  7. The need to dwell on petty issues. I do it, you do it, everybody does. But why do we do it la?

  8. Malaysian public transports. Convenient only if you stay within 10 mins walking distance to the LRT station. Else, bas tak boleh harap. Komuter pun just as bad with the unreliable schedule. Dan orang Malaysia suka tolak-menolak dalam train. Dan suka berdiri dekat pintu and never make way for others when the train stops. Oi kawan, orang lain mau turun naik la. And it's expensive ya. How I envy the Europeans. Even their single trip tickets are cheap. Passes for multiple trips lagi la murah. [Luahan hati of a car-less lady.]

  9. Kenapa saya tak rasa tua sangat. I'm like, OLD old. But I still feel da very da youthful (hah!). Reality hits hard when all shop assistants start calling me 'Kak'. And this stupid SMIDEC officer called me 'Puan'. Incik, do I LOOK MARRIED to you? My ring finger is still 'vacant' ok?

  10. Menu yang mengelirukan seperti berikut:

Pok Piah No Pork? Hawww...mak konfius. Hehe.

Lagi satu:

WHy can't I find a decent Laksa Sarawak in KL? WHY? WHY? WHY? Huaaaaaaa.....


No, I didn't have this at the restaurant in Pic 1 above (mak tak sanggup!). This is Barrett's Laksa. Tiang's Cafe at the Bormill, Kuching.

Best. Sangat. *drool*


AdIePoT (laksa crave mode)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Live n Loud n Letih

I'm passing out in 3 seconds. Saya sudah lama tak berfoya2 begini.
Penat hokeh? Badan dah tua. Tak larat.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Live n Def'nitelay LOUD!

Live update frm bukit kiara y'all!

Malam ini saya dan moira officially chenta sama SHAGGY. Hey sexayyy
'lad'dy *faint*

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

industry forums are fine

I just got back from attending a forum on innovation and the way forward for the industry. excellent speakers from the private sectors but same old same old from the public sector. no offence to anyone and i'm certainly not going to blog about the content of the forum. although, someone from the boston consulting group is now the object of my envy (man, i wanna be this girl). and oh, ever notice how some peeps really like to take photos of speakers at events? I mean, i get it if they're snapshots of the presentation slides but of the speakers...? wonder if them pics go into da reports (yes boss i went to the boring seminar u forced me to attend and as a proof of me not playing hookie here's a snapshot of the speaker(s) in slot 1,2, 3 and 4.)

i almost skipped the afternoon session but something held me back and yep, i stayed on till da forum ended. As I was about to leave the venue suddenly i saw a very familiar face just a few yards away and i was like, Oh My God....

...jeng jeng jeng, it was a good friend from my uni days whom i haven't seen for 4 1/2 years! Fine, not a celebrity or anyone famous but it's so nice to have met him after all these years and to catch up. Well, i didn't expect to ever gonna see him again. Having gone to Oxford for his doctorate I had thought he would be bought over from his sponsors by some mega bio company and stays abroad for indefinitely. I'm sure he received offers but he came back and is serving the country. That's what you call a 'national'. And he's the same old guy, very humble, and it looks like his colleagues love him to bits just like all of us did in uni. Dr. Teh Oooi Kock is the same Mr. Teh we all knew in our retro years. *terharu*

Some peeps just aren't like that. Gosh how i hate those i'm-foreign uni-certified-and-you're-not-therefore-i'm better-off peeps. Yeah yeah this may sound very juve of moi but this breed still exists and 'all grown up' is not checked off on their list yet. Oh yeah, their cousins would be those in MNCs or are some 'selected bunch of public servants' (you know what i mean) who make faces when u tell them that u work for a small local company. You meet them everywhere. peace and unity is definitely a far-fetched goal in humankind.

Back to discussing on work-related stuff, i wanna share with u the following jotting i meant to put up online earlier (i kinda passed out immediately after shower last night. must be an effect of that low-fat lunch regime, yikes!). My work requires me to do a lot of research on everything, and translate them to useful stuff for business proposals. As i was perusing the Net to get some insights on Ruby on Rails I stumbled upon this comment on a blog which I find very cute and funny ha-ha:

"I started reading Damian Conway's book on object oriented Perl a few years ago and it made my head hurt so badly that I gave up."

That's it. A good statement for me to quote in justifying my decision to have left the programming hell for good. A lot of people have passed judgements when i told them that i have a BSc in Computer Science, grrrrrr.....

So people, be nice to everyone. We're all entitled to feeling superior over others, but try to be mean only to those who snub us. Hello, i'm not exactly a saint so i have a tendency to retaliate when offended okay....? huhu.

AdIEpoT (who's started looking for greener turfs, oohhh errrr...)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

one of dem days

Smart peeps arent always smart, and it's worse when u think u ARE
being very smart. That's it. I'm so up to becoming the next prez of
the dumberest. Damn. Tried so hard to put my defences up. Still they
manage to creep in and manipulate da head and da heart of moi. This is
going to be a long wait till my next vacation. I need a break. Or
lotsa mad mad work frm da bosses. bosses, help. Distract me please.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bersama Kawan Kawan

10 November 08
SAAS Class of 96-98. Small get together @ Ampang Sports Planet.

20 plus of us, nice. Yours truly had a go at futsal for ze first time. Not bad le kan da experience. Since I was da "VIP", I only kick kick da ball la. Dont want to peluh peluh much. Moira would get injured if she doesnt wear heels so futsal trainers are a no-no, meaning she couldnt play lah. Nonz was da top scorer of da nite. Berkat super bibir. Ngeh ngeh.
And later we went melantak at some tomyam place in Ampang. From my humble observation, the girls makan more than the guys. Huhu.

(i heart kawan2 sekolah very much. hawww...)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


26 Oct
Besfren saya ada majlis khatam Al-Quran sebab...

27 Oct
...hari ni dia kawin. Majlis nikah pukul 11 pagi.

28 Oct
Wedding reception today, and I had bridesmaid duty *major honor*.

4 Nov
Another wedding reception, sebelah Hadi @ Dewan MPPJ. It was quick, phew... (i'm really not cut for bridesmaid duty). Yeah ok, I had to nick this pic from the photog's flickr page. Mell, mana original copy gambar saya dgn Ila? Kata nak bagi....

Nota kaki: 2 days post the groom's reception, the couple fled to seclusion in "LA" (ehem). The bride kinda slipped some juicy bit that they're gonna go MIA for 2 more days than the official honeymoon period (as per made public). Yeah people, you can pay me some token to stalk 'em at 'Location X'. Hohoh.

7 Nov
Gruesome day at work. Last minute major assigment. Expect non-holiday tomorrow. Plus, I think someone's a bit pissed that I was called back to the office from 'station X'. And guess what, Mr Boss knows my blog. Crap. Uhhh biarlah. (If you're reading this, well, hello Boss!)

8 Nov
Happy Deepavali to all. Oh, gua kena kerja hari ni. Kerja yang banyak. *sob sob*

9 Nov
Am getting crossed eyes. Gazillions of numbers at the smallest point of font size in hundreds of sreadsheet tabs. More work till next Monday. Gilak ini.

Depression level

Shopping mood

Choice of de-stressor
NEW 'DO @ MIKO's!!!!!!!

Finally...I've got the curls darlings! Major investment here so they gotta stay till next November hahaha....(Should I get the new colour and highlights next? Hmm...)

TOMORROW'S MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: Early Breakfast Wif FJ (ngeeeeeeh... :D)

Moi. XoXoXo

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drama Hari Raya

Raya 1
Yup, as reported by Miss Moira, country-road-take-me-home to Negeri Sembilan was a big let-down. Massive traffic congestion. Dan bapa saya suka sekali guna jalan lama. Perhaps it takes him down memory lane lah, all those small towns en route to balik kampung. Semonget. Beranang. Mantin. Taman Lobak just before the heart of Seremban. Pokan Kualo Pilah. Thank goodness for awesome food at da baruh. Mmmmm....cheesecake along. Apam manis mak lang. Rendang dan dodol mak long. Rendang emak saya dan ketupat Cik Nona.

Raya 2
11 hours of driving from Bahau to Kota Bharu. 9 of which, I WAS THE ONE DRIVING. Gilo apo 9 jam from Kuantan to KB??? Damn all those traffic lites in Terengganu. Damn all those pak ajis in their 'pok reh reh' (at speed of 30km/hour, there was some serious almost-homicide going on there. me decapitating their heads at full swing of a dagger). Saya penat drive lama-lama. Ini kerja gila. Now I'm starting to appreciate my dad driving us for the past 20 plus years. Tima kasih bapa. Tahun depan marilah bersama-sama menaik kapaltebang saja. Point Enrich bapa kan banyak, hehehehe....
Note: Pok-reh-reh adalah kereta Ford buruk yang biasanya berbunyik "rrrreeehhhh rrreeeehhhh rrrrreeehhhhhhh" bila dipandu sama ada pak aji, atau kimi raikkonen sekalipun.

Raya 3
Yeay, annual raya reunion with childhood fwens! Makan at Ilida's. Lynne is forever full of gossip (I hope she's not entirely serious about her latest love find). Hadiani's back for good, double yeay! And she finally found her true love, triple yeay! Hear this people, guess who made sure that our Angkasawan's food up in space is free of harmful microbes? hohoh, saya sangat berbangga kerana orang itu adalah kawan sekolah saya Cik Nur Ilida, researcher kat mardi sana. and she has verified that Dr. Faiz is a real hottie in person *mmuuuaaahhhh.....
Personally i am not really fond of the angkasawan program. And the chosen guy is so off. Why not Dr Faiz lah? I think the money should have been distributed to the needies anyway. Buy more books and food and baju sekolah for impoverished and malnourished children. Or, give some to Pusat Asasi Sains to make sure they buy new 'radas' for the science labs. Circa 1999-2000, I still had to use some ancient lab tools, waaaay more outdated than what were used in my high school.

Raya 4
I'm a god mummy! Welcome to the world my darling Syaza Fitrihanna Mohd Syawal. Aunty Adie love you to bits already. Can't wait to hold you and kiss you till you get kissy-sores. heh, sori fied/wale. Over pulak aku dgn anak korang. adakah saya kecik hati that she's not named mira nadia? oh tidak. tapi papa mama dia takkan dapat souvenir lagi jika saya pegi vacation. Hah. Hah. Ahaha. (gelak yg evil).

hullo aunty adiepot! it's moi, syaza hanna :D

Raya 5

Skip lah. Nothing interesting except that I arrived at the airport much too early for my flight home. Interesting ke macam tu?

Seriously people, do you actually wanna know what happen to me everyday during raya?

Oh, you do. How sweeeeeeet. Ngehehehehe.

Raya 6
Welkam home. I was Home Alone. aaaaaahhhhh \^O^/. Mid-morning I woke up and bathed and dashed da door to meet my new darling.

Held her so close, and she smelled so niceeeee. Bau baby memang sgt best, mmm...... When she cried, i lulled her back to sleep. Eh, not really lah. I had to calm her down by saying "Okay shayang, kita pegi shopping beli kasut yeh?". MAGICK. See, that's my girl. Always enticed by shops and shoes. Aunty Mira will be so proud too. (Di sepanjang scene ini, papa dia encik wale sudah berpeluh-peluh nampaknya. 'habislah anak aku kalau adie yang tolong jaga'.)

That was the fun part. Not-so-fun part? I went home, makan ayam Mcd, kemas rumah, and fell sick from petang till at the time of this entry being written. Fever. Flu. Cough. Throat infection. Gastric. Two days of sick leave. One day of working remotely from home. But I had everyone to my aide at the height of my fever. So that's alright.

Thank you everyone. Those who took care of me and the well-wishers. Dah lama tak demam teruk camni but you made me less miserable. Ten thousand smile points for you :)

And here's what Mama Fied sent to moi this morning:

She's 7 days old today. Syaza Hanna, Aunty mish you sho muccchhhhhhh...! Can't wait to get better and go see her yeay!

adiepot XoXoXo

Friday, October 12, 2007

esok hari raya!

esok adalah hari raya.
beg belum pack.
panadol actifast belum beli.
rumah belum habis kemas.
baju raya belum collect kat tailor.
bos bagi balik pukul 4 tapi saya dah stop buat keja. eeeiii..malas.

hari gelap. ada harapan hujan lebat kejap lagi.
macam mana nak pergi kat tailor? nak park kereta kat mana pun tak tau sebab itu bukan territory saya. iyelah, pertama complex. tempat orang old skool macam encik scarlet kingsnake (ahah, jgn marah bro). saya muda. saya tak biasa. sebab bukannya the curve ke kan. heheh.

oh, semalam saya dapat duit raya. terima kasih . dah lama tak dapat duit raya. saya terharu. *sob!

selamat hari raya aidilfitri people. if at any time my jottings have offended you, ampun dan maaf zahir dan batin :)

i'll be on the road on raya II. bah! kalau naik flight 8 jam macam tu dah nak sampai europe dah sikit lagi. eh, south africa kot. eh tah lah. tak mau cakap pasal europe ke tempat jauh2. tak ada duit sudah nak gi vacation lepas ni. huhuhu...

**Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri**

Monday, October 08, 2007

Today is not happy day. saya bangun lambat. saya pakai baju kurung bodoh je pergi opis. rambut saya macam rumput padang savannah. dekat taman desa jam teruk. sampai MV dah lambat, saya takde masa nak pakai makeup (no, i dont apply makeup at home. it's done either while driving or at the parking bay or kat chermin depan toilet kat ofis saja). i didn't have much work today. in fact, none. i know i should have rejoiced at the fact that i can goyang kaki. tapi saya tak suka. sangat tidak produktif. otak pun jadi lembab. saya tamau jadi separa bimbo hari ini. oh, my sinus area was wrecking havoc. banyak mucus dan saya rasa gatal-gatal satu muka. not good. not good at all.

Lunchtime saya pergi bayar bill telefon yang dah overdue 2 hari. i must control my yakking habit dengan sesiapa sahaja yang saya boleh mengekol. (memang dari kecik say suka bersembang tepon. tak tau la gene mana ni. maybe i have mutated genes. maybe it's the ubat nyamuk that i 'devoured' on when i was still a baby. intoxicated. hoh.). Dah la beratur lama kat maxis tu. selalu macam tu. they should have an auto kiosk where you just key in your phone num and deposit your pay. saves the time to repeat your num to the service person multi-times.

me: three, seven, ....., seven, one
service desk girl: tree, sewen,....., nai?
me: no, ONE!
me:ONE, UNO, UNO, UNO!!! (cheh cheh, mentang2 le holiday kat spain itu hari hehehe)

Lepas phone bill episode habis, i 'embarked' on a journey to hunt for kasut raya. for the umpteenth time. sudah sebulan kita berpuasa, tapi pencarian kasut raya saya masih belum selesai. nothing triggers my fancy so far. i want wedges. somehow i think i should get a vertical upgrade this year. i know they're very spring/summer and it's fall now but 'do i look like i care?'. you see, i have narrow feet and most of the time they aren't wedges-friendly. and i want slip-on wedges, not slingbacks. tetapi di marie-claire spanish collection di Bata (ohoh, sungguh ole skool) ada sling-back wedges yg sangat delish in brown leather. i didn't wanna get them at first because of the price. so back to my shoe-hunting cherita. pergi sana, pergi sini semua tak minat. masuk pretty fit. oh, ada jugak la yg saya minat. 'hi, do you have these in size 37?'. 'sorry miss, sudah habis'. masuk lewre, 'size 37 please.' yesss, ada! oh, oh, oh kaki saya sgt hodoh dlm wedges ini. jari jari kaki yang panjang terjuloq keluar kat depan sangatlah hodoh. ooohh, how about this other design? damn comfy, sangat best. and on half price! 37? 'Sorry kak, dah habis. cuba tengok kat metrojaya'. so i walked to the other end of the mall looking for my perfect fit shoes. haha, guess wot? tak ada! saya berasa saya nak beli yang kat marie-claire tu. biar lah slingbacks pun, dia chantek. dan saya akan menjadi tinggi. nyammm. (berperasaan sangat superior drp nazli dan nypd haha)

Haih...saya frust. dah la demam. ok maybe belum demam, a bit 'ekzejeret' there. no shoes. ugghh. and to top it off, i actually also do not have a beg raya. haruskah berjalan 5 minit ke The Gardens dan membeli beg kecil brand *tutttttt yang sgt ridiculous harganya itu? sebenarnya tidak harus but no shoes no purse equals to 'NO RIANG RIA DI HARI RAYA'. camney tok?

Mira has new shoes, new lippie, and a brand spankin' new mini-monogram speedy! all for raya, aggghhhh...jeles yang amat sangat. (babe, saya ini adalah sangat sedih)

Lihatlah dunia, ketidak-adilan yang amat di sini....

p/s: cantik kan kasut ni? siapa yang dok US nak tolong belikan? (hint,hint!)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

anda okeh?

because of my ever-changing moods, i have resorted to changing to 3 diff templates in the last 24 hours. i believe that this one quite suitable matches not just my mood (for tonight), but also my age which is, *beep! <-alah kalau tgk kat profile ada je umur kat situ heheh

anda suka ini template? very serene kan? compared to my old template lah which was very broody and 'mandom'...

in approx 8 days, 'mira nadia binti mohd shawal' will be born. congratulations to fied and wale for the upcoming latest addition to the family. kalau nama ni korang amik aku dgn mira bagi duit raya lebih, ngehngehngeh...(saya adalah sangat hepi sebab nak dapat god daughter yeay!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

of surrendering

i heart
good food

i heart
good food
with good companion

i heart
good food
with a good companion
who has always been there
heartache, pain, misery...

i heart
the good times
the laughter
the love
the passion
the security i could feel in his arms

i heart
the bond shared all through the years
through difficult times
and through the times
i was being very difficult

i heart
but i took my heart
and turned the other way

now succumbing to my own defeat
for i'm longing for
the good food
the good companion
the good times
...the heart

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anuar my Love 2

Sudah beli. Anuar is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!
*case of a fanatic. heheh.

Anuar my Love

It's 3 minutes till break time.
Translation: 3 minutes to dashing off the door to get Anuar's latest album
I. Heart. Anuar Zain.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Maafkan daku

Kekasih hati cinta kita berakhir

Maafkan daku

Kerna ku memungkirinya


Maafkan daku

Kekasih hati cinta jadi begini

Maafkan daku

Ku mungkir bahagia


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funky blu cheese

It's difficult to decipher what one really wants when one knows that
one is neither here nor there. But aren't we supposed to put on our
running shoes n go thru the maze again, in search of 'new cheese'? I
miss my goat's cheese but im not exactly running to get bits of what's
left. Maybe if i have some nice saltines to go with it there would be

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the ring that binds

is there still hope? if it really binds, that it's meant to be. perhaps.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Guards up

Dont u just hate it when people think that u're meek and weak and
incapable of war? Start messing with the feisty one and sorry is a
non-valid thing of the past. Dont mess around tiger, this is no
sleeping satellite.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Unlucky day? Says who?????

'tis Friday the 13th. Me and mates got lotsa freebies from the FlyFM Perodua Troopers. And me won more goodies just by answering some silly quessies, ngeeee :D

FYI, this is the third time I've won stuff on/from radio stations. Whoopeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ants (not) in my pants

_________________ badan berkerat tiga
ada enam kaki sesungut di kepala
bermacam ragamnya bermacam caranya
serangga yang kecil sangat rajin bekerja

(Please fill in the blank area because old age has got to moi, lupa sudah bahagian itu.)

Siapa ingat lagu semut ini? For those who went to public schools, kita nyanyi masa darjah satu kan? No? Errr...did i learn this at Tasuka MARA eh?

Jadi semut pun macam best. Cepat buat kerja. Very productive, rajin, semangat yang tinggi. Hoh, perhaps these are the perfect candidates to fill in the empty seats at you-know-where. Very 'ramping' too. hmm..agak best jugak.

But they all look alike. Best ke jadi stereotype macam tu? Stereotype and serving a (i bet) nasty queen who preys on innocent males. And some run back n forth much like they're OD-ed on speed. Maybe that's why they're so ramping? Anyhow, i'd like to have some of that royal privileges if i can. if u know what i mean hoho...naughty naughty

aaahhh's just so nice to be lepaking on the grass on a sunny day sambil mengambik gambar semut.....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Work is pleasure

Ye ke? Am working. And enjoying quality time with M. So for today,
it's kinda a pleasure to be working. Frap, muffin, macchiato, and a
loved one sitting next to moi. Him on his notebook (digital), moi on
mine (V-analog, the paper-n-pen kind), Paul Mccartney on the speakers.
And lotsa quiet smiling moments. Bliss? You bet ;-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Don't drink and drive. Gorge down take-out brownie instead :]

Friday, June 15, 2007

More of Barca!

Sharing more of my snaps from Barcelona.
Am bored. Long lunch break today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wakin' up from deep sleep

No deep sleep for moi. Long hiatus yep I know. Went on vacation as most of you would know and then back to work, work, work and moooooooooooore work!
That's moi in "Rambla de Catalunya, Barcelona". Beautiful city, people. Pergilah. Tak rugi ok?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kanye West III

My dodgy pics at Kanye West Live @ Stadium Negara, April 8th

1 - belum start lagi masa ni. boring, boring, boring.

2 - jeng, jeng, jeng...nak start dah!

3 - yeay, abang kanye!!!!

Ok, puas hati cik myra?

eh, lupa. i wore my new crocs to the gig! look at my Jibbitz, adorableeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kanye West II

Concert's over! Awesome, AWESOME performance!

But the crowd was shitty. Kanye was givin' me my money's worth. RM123
well spent. Cant understand why these peeps just watched, or shall i
say, STARED, at the stage??? Only the 2 girls in front of moi were
genuinely enjoying demselves. Fine, they're kinda annoying pre kanye
but they actually saved moi frm having a sordid concert episode.

If only i'm 5 years younger, i would've dashed off to da standing
arena where the kids were having a blast. Drats! Note to mind: please
also make sure that the next concert partner is somebody who actually
'gets' the meaning of 'concert' and 'dance' and 'fun'.

KW, you're the best.

-adiepot on mobile. Pics to be uploaded later.

Kanye West I

Am at kanye's gig @ stadium merdeka. 2 phat's performin now, opening
act. Duhhh...super bosan. I mean, im updating dis page via my mobile!
Cant wait 4 kanye. Zzz...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

i'm loving it!

Friends warned me to not be too garang for I might scare the kids. They think my natural tendency to hit the roof does not resonate well with the teaching profession. Heh, how I proved you wrong, you evil people! The kids are superb, they love my jokes, they love my lesson, they love moi...hahaha!

They salam cium tangan moi after class ended ok...terharu ;)

XoXoXo Che' Gu Adiepot

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ikmal, how would you describe my hair?

Your hair is orange in colour, teacher.

Kids say the darnest thang, haha! I hope this tutoring thing will do
me good *wink

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tension of the Opposites

Mengartikan dirimu di dalam hatiku
Betapa ku sesali adanya dirimu
Haruskah ku bertahan demi cinta ini
Yang tak mungkin

Andaikan saja ada keteguhan hati
Tuk membuka kembali jalan cinta ini
Biarkan ku menanti semua janji kita
Sampai batas waktu mengakhiri

Dan tak mungkin untuk kita bersama
Di atas perbedaan yang slamanya mengingkari
Dan tak mungkin bila ku melepasmu
Sungguh hati tak mampu
Mengertilah cintaku
Dan tak mungkin

Semestinya tak ada yang memisahkan cinta ini
Karna hanya dirimu satu cintaku
Mengertilah cintaku
Percayalah cintaku

Apa mungkin...?



Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is this a sign?

You peeps must think i've gone cuckoos for putting up another post here. Fact is, i am a little pening in the head. i did a test on Tickle. "Someone" forwarded to me lah, of course. Quite challenging, the questions.

Ironically, i aced the test. Here's what the MENSA brains at Tickle resolved for my state of currently unsound mind:

Nadia, you're fit to commit because you've met the right person

Sure, you've been in love before, but it looks like you've really found a match in this one. You've probably been around the block a few times, and you know exactly what's out there. Whether you've had a few heartbreaks or some dating disasters, you know a keeper when you find it.

You're a fun and energetic catch yourself, and you know that the secret to a great relationship is good communication and good times. An honest soul, you believe in lasting love and making things work. Keep up the good work!

*jiwa kacau...

The One

God never forgets us. It's always us mere mortals who seem to forget Him. And when we can't perform a certain major task in order to turn to Him for help, we know that we had done just that - forgotten Him. Even if we didn't intentionally do it at all times. Guilt haunts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have turned him into a monster. A tortured soul. No, i'm the
monster. *sigh...

Monday, March 19, 2007

it's no longer sweet, this.

they no longer offer banana caramel waffle at marche. there's pancake with caramelised baked banana at paddington, which looks nicer, but doesn't taste as good. i could have asked the people at marche to bring it back, perhaps they would have listened and obliged, but i didn't. instead i headed to paddington for a substitute. did it serve my cravings for banana caramel dessert? yes. but did it give me the same familiar comfort? no. why did i want to choose paddington? because it's something new? because anything new gives me thrills?

i want my marche banana caramel waffle. yet i walked away for something else without even trying to ask. now it's very scary without my comfort food.

it's very scary without M.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The day everything became history (Silverchair knows all)

Across the night
It was the moon that stole my slumber
Across the night
I fell in love with people sleeping

I don't mean to make you cry
But this feeling will run right through the night
And I'll only make you cry with these feelings

Never seen the sunshine
From higher points than sunrise
I don't wanna be lonely
I just wanna be alone

I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle everyday
Like the one that just past
In the crowds of all the people

Remember today
(You said) I've no respect for you
And I miss you love
And I miss us love

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ray of Hope

Sunday, 11 Feb, 11.03 am

Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

The Rooster fares better this year with lucky stars flying into their chart. There is wealth luck indicated, but most of this luck will be tied to connections you make over the course of the year. This is a period of renewal for the Rooster, who emerges after a rocky year stronger and readier than ever to make good things that had to be put on hold. This is a great year for the Rooster to improve their skills or go back to school for additional qualifications. There will be love distractions at work.

Lilian Too as told to Yong Tiam Kui,
NST, 11 Feb 2007
Hah, how true!

A period of renewal? Emerge after a rocky year that was 2006? Tell me about it babe.

And, this IS apparently THE YEAR for me to get that ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION.

Wealth luck? Can't say I couldn't use more $$$, heheh.

However, I strongly believe that the last line only applies to one of my babes, Myra.

Yes, yes, yes, how truuuuuuuuuuuuuue!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm a-MUSE-d!

heyya there people, hating 2007 already? good. new year is nothing but just another year.

anywayssss, if you happen to be one of those folks like moi who check out frens' blogs and the comments of each entry, then perhaps you will have read one of the comments in my last. i really feel like rolling about on the floor, laughing and abusing my tear ducts like a YM emoticon. kelakar ok, this person obviously checked out my friendster profile, saw my shout out of the week, got really upset (why, i'm not sure..hehehe), and didn't know how to convey his/her pent-up anger at moi when he/she suddenly remembered, "ahah, this adiepot has a blog!", and has used this oppo to channel out his/her sincere feelings to moi. sigh...kesian. he/she had to go through all the trouble to let me know that i have that pull factor on him/her. thank you darling, i'm flattered, hihihi.... (FYI, i'm still giggling as i type this entry. hihihihihihiiiiiiii....)

ok lah, what i had for my frenster shout out was this:
"why la some people like to assume that others dont know shit about a lot of things? hello, just because u studied abroad it doesnt mean that u r better than the rest of us ok?"
and that fella was da very da upset, wrote me this:
"Proly (s)he is better than the rest of u even w/o studying abroad.Kewl la wey..."
I mean, whaaaaa? apakah masalahnya ini? hihihi...smells so PMS-ish. Perhaps this person studied abroad and felt like i was insulting him/her. Ok then, my apologies.

I have nothing against peeps who study abroad. i've got a pool of best friends who studied, still studying and professionally working in foreign countries yet they're all amazing humble people (u know who u are babes!). i wrote that because i read something somewhere la, that ada la this person ni whom has a liking to 'teach' stuff to people as though people don't read, don't travel, don't surf da Net, don't watch discovery channel/travel/animal planet/berita/etc etc, etc... Yeah, i've always had a grudge on peeps who parade around with a "better-than-thou' attitude. And i've seen this person doing it many, many times before. And i guess i too, let it go to my head last week hence that emotional shout out. Didn't know la got somebody else will get very emo-core because of it hihihi....

But then again, perlu ke claim that you are "probably better than the rest of us"? And actually going through all the trouble to go to my blog and put up your comment there? that just shows how insecure you are. u need therapy dude. seriously. know what, i recommend watching Grey's Anatomy or Sex and The City because you'll then realise that the world has bigger problems. Even petty girly issues in tv shows dont seem as pathetic as your inability to ignore stupid written remarks in the virtual world. some more that remark will not be permanently stuck there, aiyah...

in summary, i'm AMUSED by his/her determination to "talk" to moi. the drive, oh my...go, go, go! hehehe...

speaking of being amused, MUSE is coming to town! so people, if you can make yourself available on Feb 25th let's chill out to some brit rock! Oh, hopefully there won't be any "fashion muse" attending the gig. they're pretty, they're rich, and they're just gonna be there prancing around in punk-ish get-ups from their designer friends. gag! (eh, eh, emo la pulak)

M says i'm too old for MUSE, so what? jealous ke sayang? i like their music. funny, i hate Coldplay but MUSE gets to moi. I missed the 30% discount promo but Enddee seems to have offered me some free tix, no? are definitely givin' 'em to moi bro.
yes you are...yes you are ;p

MUSE on Feb 25th, Stadium Negara

(but adiepot does not condone drinking and going tipsy at gigs, no no...)

XoXoXO adiepot

Saturday, January 20, 2007

another one on second base

my old roomie who's also one of my closest friends is officially engaged today!!!

So it looks like everybody is on 2nd base or will soon be, except for moi. and M thinks i'm upset that i'm not in the club. suka-suka hati je. i'm not, okay? it's just that i always thought all of us girls will get married a lot later and bersama-sama ber-enjoy dahulu dan berkahwin pada masa yang sama. how could you leave me all alone out here in singledom? :'(

but it's alright, when i do get betrothed in 2009 all of you selfish people will have to get me the gempak-est wedding pressie because:

  1. i will constantly remind you that you have to. oh sudah tentu....

  2. it won't be cool to share wif other people when u are married. u only share wif your husband lah of coz. and married people always give nice pressies dont they? *wink wink

  3. when u share wif your husband, your husband pays, which practically means you can demand for whatever u want to buy for your bestest best fren (this would be moi).

  4. or at least, very likely you'll earn beribu-ribu lemon already by that time. a gempak-est gift will not scratch your gucci purses the slightest bit.

  5. i will also remind you time and again that you have left me all cold and alone by choosing to get married first, which will make you very much laden with guilt, and the gempak-est gift is an offering to moi untuk menebus rasa bersalah anda hahahaha!
it's january and i'm already expected to attend FIVE weddings. Mind you that these are only friends', not inclusive of distant cousins' or friends-of-friends'. Phewww...
I've been attending a lot of weddings of late and it's amusing that many of the same people i met at every one of them tend to ask the KBL question again and again - "Kau Bila Lagi?". The same answer will be "Lambaaaaaaaat lagi". lepas tu tanya lagi, tanya lagi, lagi lagi lagi.... Perhaps wedding hosts should separate their guests into several categories:
  1. married
  2. single and looking
  3. single but not looking
  4. in a relationship and getting married soon
  5. in a relationship but not getting married anytime soon and very comfortable with this arrangement so please stop asking them the KBL

This, in itself, will be a great conversation guideline, no?

Anyhow, i'm not all bitter and grumpy lah... So to all of my babes who will take the plunge soon, i wish you congratulations and semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu y'all! Married or not, you guys will always be the best friends anyone could have :)


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mari Mengomen

To those very few of you who visit this page,

Please be informed that I have worked out the comments settings, yeay!

You can now view your comments from 372 years ago and my feedback which have only been uploaded, like, ummm, the last 3 minutes. Hahaha.

Do keep posting your comments. If you haven't got any, just ramble some nonsense. I love nonsense. You know i do, *wink *wink!

And whenever i don't have any photos to upload, doodles will do the dirty deeds. That's a cheat sheet tip from moi for today.

XoXoXo Adiepot

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Punishment for disgraceful behaviour

One must not be the slightest bit jealous of one's mate. It is EXTREMELY against the the 10 Commandments of Eternal Friendship. More so if it's someone whom one has known for many...many years.

Checking up the 'validity' of the 'news'?
Shame on you Adiepot >:(

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let's meet up! NOT.

I went to (bleep) for a meeting,
'twas my job to minute all the yapping,
It started out very much confusing,
but half-way through didnt't look like it was ending.

What fun can a girl have in the middle of this
when All she wanted to do was doodling,
Cause one of the guys was talking-cum-a-spitting!


- by adiepot ketepot

That's moi all confused and the know-it-all guy who talked non-stop getting on the nerves of everybody. Okay, so there were actually more than 2 people at the meeting. But I can only draw on Paint and it's not so fun using a mouse, eh? Let's pretend that everybody else is also in the picture that i drew :D