Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You're always at the back of my mind

Hello blog. How've you been? I'll get back to you soonest ya? Promise.

*kembali buat kerja sekarang. sigh...*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Birthday Partay 2010 - All Are Invited!

Yezzzaaaaa...laki pompuan bercampur, sweat, adrenaline rush, power bars, free clothes, goodies, artistes' performances, etc etc....


(I registered and the bloody system recorded my age as 29. Woi sekarang belum lagi lah!)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Makan makan makan

Malam ini saya discover prosperity burger tepi jalan yang sangat sedap daripada McD punya. RM4.50 saja. Sedap sampai rasa bodoh sebab tak pernah tau padahal uncle tu meniaga dekat dengan rumah je (dan 10 langkah saja dari McD besar depan rumah).

Dekat rumah anda ada gerai burger "Daging Mat Salai"?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jatuh Cinta Lagi

I'M THE MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Babies should be listed on Bag, Borrow or Steal Inc. I keep borrowing and stealing orang punya saja)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dear God, I want nobody else but him. Hoah.

Hate John Mayer, love his best friend. Yes, gotta love a cute and sengal marathoner guy. Satu je tak suka - the status 'aspiring actor'. Adeh.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Define 'Moved On'

Why do people hurt and take a hike, but never stop hurting the person they have left behind? 

Revenge will only get you so far. I'm through with despise. It just makes me sad.

I don't wanna be sad anymore. But it ain't easy when the hurt keeps coming.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bukan senang untuk kuatkan hati, tapi mesti buat

Bila orang-orang yang kita sayang dapat dugaan yang sangat hebat dari Tuhan, jangan soal kenapa orang-orang yang baik perlu hadapi semua ini. Kamu mungkin marah kerana orang-orang jahat selalu 'have it easier'. There are bigger rewards awaiting them (the good people) at the end of the road. Just be by their side and be grateful for you get to learn how they deal with the test from God.

'People who went through amazing hardship always turned out amazingly well' - Chris Guillebeau

Schatzi, be strong for your Papa and Mama. Mommy Adie, Aunty Babe, Kakak and the rest of the family look forward to seeing you grow up healthy and well. Amin... :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Work is a great source of inspiration for my personal life, bahahaa!

I so have the content ready should someone propose to moi (bila-bila lah).

"This document serves to outline the nature of our engagement. The terms of business which are enclosed in Appendix I, provide further details of our respective responsibilities and together with this engagement letter, constitute the entire agreement between us with respect to our engagement."

Ngeeeeeeeee :D

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Terry Fox Run 2009 - Kisah Benar Kami Berlima

- Post-race -

Now you see,

Now you don't!

Haruskah tambah order lagi? Dessert eh, bukan todi.

Hoi, kenapa banyak sangat makan ni? 5km saja tau tadi.
Itu pun banyak jalan je, bukan lari (heh, sesak2 beribu2 orang macam mana kami nak lari?).

Aaaaaaa......sebenarnya on da way balik kami kena kejar dinosaur itu pasal la banyak tenaga habes terpaksa makan banyak2 loading tak hengat lepas event!!!!!!!!!!

Nota kaki:
Yang terlibat dengan acara makan macam naga di atas hanya saya dan HRH Ki-Moira. Yang lain tidak terlibat. Diaorang kena makan ngan dinosaur tak sempat balik pegi shopping kat Pavillion dengan kami huahuahuahuaaaa booties cantek we love you and da scarf and tops too....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just keep on running

Bersedihlah jika perlu, tapi jangan lama-lama.

There are good reasons why God wants us to feel pain first gain later.

Takpe, it's all for the better. I know it is.


HRH Ki-Moira your tagalog drama will be over in 2 months. Me, my drama series finally drew the curtains down today. Our channel's new policy is 'no re-runs' kan babe? :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Either the satellite's orbiting off-track or ya gotta get a new decoder

When nice is misconstrued, are we at fault for perceiving things only as how/what we want them to be, albeit subconsciously, or are the persons at the other end insensitive enough to send the wrong signals?
We're all guilty at either end. We have all been there. It's confusing yeah.

Just don't get trapped.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yeay yeay yeay

Happy World Toy Camera Day!

Okay, it was yesterday, apparently. But let's celebrate nonetheless yippeee yippee yippeeee...

Superheadz Black Slim Devil, ISO100 expired

*Proud Mommy of 3 toy cams (with another on the way!)*

Nic Nichols of FourCornersDark is giving away one of 5 new Golden Half cams.
Submit your favourite toy cam shots to :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Riang Ria Di Malam Raya

Selepas menengok wayang...

Saya dan Encik Nize pergi makan. Dapat 2 keping papadom je seorang ciss kedekut punya kedai.

Lepas itu kami pergi Brickfields...

...sebab nak cari baju raya. (Eh bukan juga).

Masa tengah bersesak-sesak itu, tiba-tiba semua orang sebok pergi kat tepi jalan.

Waaaaaah tengok apa?

Happening betul.

Tengok ini ke?

Oooooooooo....ada show bunga api lah!

Lepas yang itu habis, kami jumpa persembahan ini pula :O

Brickfields oh Brickfields, saya sangat seronok tadi :')

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hah, cilaka betul.

Excuse my language.

Guess whose birthday popped up on my phone reminder???????

chill chill sabar buat bodoh saja walaupun rasa macam mau baling talipon ini oh tapi sendirilah bodoh kalau buat begitu

Hari tidak selamanya murung. Ada sinar di sebalik kelam.

I'm not one to be overly poetic and I would've only scored C6 in Sastera Melayu had I taken up the subject for SPM so please, don't feel overwhelmed by the subject line.

Despite all my dramas I always believe that there must be something good behind all the shit. I've been utterly sad for the past week and I was trying so hard to will myself to think of a reason why this has happened. Cancer, good? Hardly.

Tonight I consoled an old friend who's grieving over the news of her brother's liver cancer. One week ago I was no less miserable than her. God is great. You needn't wait long to understand why things happen(ed). No need to ask 'why me?', 'why her?' or 'why him?'.

So take care my friend, we know we have each other. I know now why we met some 18 years ago :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink is the Colour of Passion. Pink Ribbon?

Have you ever donned that tiny pink ribbon on your lapel? If you ever had donated even 1 cent to breast cancer awareness fund raising drives, what did you really feel towards the cause? I have always supported the campaigns in little ways (amounts), sympathised with families affected by the disease and in awe by stories of those who survived the battle. That was the extent of how much I cared and I simply move on with my routines like it's no different than any day.

Never have once did I think that I would be affected so much by the disease (if ever) in my life. Not even with my paternal aunt's passing away of breast cancer last December (we weren't close so all I could do was feel sorry for the children who are already adults anyway). But things change abruptly within seconds, don't they?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

4 October 2009, ironically, was when we found out that one of my maternal aunts has breast cancer.

7 October 2009, was when we learnt that it is a rare type of cancer, one that started from the lymph node and not the tissue, one that STARTLED the doctors as it has only been the second patient they discovered having this condition, one that they classified as Stage 3 going to 4.

If it is hard for us, it is even harder for her. How long do we need to pretend that it is okay to live life as it has always been? How long do we need to pacify her with encouraging words when she herself knows what's coming her way soon? All those drugs they want to pump into her, the radiation, the surgery...

We pray day and night for her to be strong for she can't conceal her tears despite doing it in hiding away from us all.

It is not easy to balance reality and hope all at once.

Are we all aware of life, even?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

One spoiled sport doesn't ruin all the fun

Sometimes I wonder why some people try so hard to put up a good show when they are totally transparent you could see them through all the way to the back of their minds.

When in distress, be honest. You owe it to yourself and us peeps watching you from the sideline. Disappoint us (me) you must not.

Whatever lah, I have waaaaay better stuff to think about. Like, camwhoring at Nonie's engagement. Like, checking out Tat's photography gig tomorrow. Like, MORE camwhoring with HRH Ki-Moira after the show. I loike i loike i loike!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Diana Mini is pretty snazzy

I don't know how these shots end up like this. 4 shots overlapped in 2 frames, which I have combined here. Weird but best giler...

See more pics I took with the cam on my flickr.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't forget thy roots

Episode 1: My Extreme Kelantanism

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Come what may, budu rules!!! Guess how much I ate that day? Hehehehe...

Watch out for Episode 2: My Extreme Negeri Sembilanism - coming real soon in web browsers near you!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Love at first sight. No, not Yong lah.

My new Diana Mini. Cinta!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caffeine makes the world a happier place

I have a hobby. My hobby is collecting setem. I believe I have genetically inherited this passion from my late grandfather. His album setem is (was?) massive.

Everytime I buy a cup of kopi, I get a setem. Sometimes more if the person processing my purchase is a male (woah woah I still have some saham left). I drink many cups of kopi a week. Hence I have many many many setem. Like these:

Rewards are very nice indeed.

12 setem


12 setem


6 setem


30 setem


My kopi place allows me to redeem free kopi for every 7 setem I collect. I have redeemed quite a number of cups of free kopi but now I have a problem. The offer is only good till September 14. I have a surplus of setem. I am sad.

Now I need THREE DATE-ABLE DATES for a kopi session.

Or TWO DATE-ABLE DATES for two separate kopi sessions.

Let's not waste the kopi. Waste is shame.

Monday, September 07, 2009

21 Tanda Anda Tahu Itu Chenta Bila...

  1. Anda tak sabar-sabar nak jumpa mereka.
  2. Anda tahu dengan mereka ada makan-makan (yang sangat banyak manjang menapau).
  3. Anda cemas tak tau nak order apa untuk makan.
  4. Anda order makan dengan excited bila dah dapat idea.
  5. Anda beli lagi dan lagi dan lagi makanan tambah dalam menu.
  6. Anda buat pulak aiskem asam boi sampai tengah malam bersengkang mata.
  7. Anda kasik teka-teki kat mereka semua 'apa dessert untuk malam esok sila teka' dan tergelak-gelak best bila semua tak bleh teka.
  8. Anda frust bila aiskem asam boi tak keras. Damn u freezer.
  9. Anda dapat minta tolong sesiapa dalam geng untuk collect aiskem itu kat rumah anda sebab anda kena keluar awal tak buleh bawak sendiri nanti dia dia cair terus, dan orang dalam geng itu bawak tong penuh dengan ais.
  10. Anda seronok tengok semua orang makan 2-3 round.
  11. Anda nampak Cip Rimau juga makan nasik 2nd round (tak penah nampak) dan makan aiskem tak tau berapa round.
  12. Anda ingat semua makanan dah letak atas meja sekali ada yang cakap 'Eh aku lupa la nak hidang kuih aku bawak ni!'. Yeah...more food!
  13. Anda sakit kepala sangat2 dan ada yang sanggup bagi panadol 2 biji last kopek dalam plastik ubat wife dia yang tgh pregnant ada alahan teruk (harap2 Fira tak cari Panadol semalam huhu...)
  14. Anda sakit kepala sangat2 dan anda boleh baring atas riba sesiapa dan tanpa menunjuk muka seposen ada tangan yang sudi picitkan kepala.
  15. Anda tak perasan yang anda boleh manja mengada sampai tak malu baring kat kaki boipren orang lain. Huahuahua...malu I taw.
  16. Anda rasa video piknik ala-ala Blair Witch Project tu pun best bila tengok ramai-ramai semua menyelit sesama sendiri.
  17. Anda boleh menteteramkan anak dalam geng ini yang panik cari emak dia tak jumpa dan dia tak mau lepas tangan anda walaupun anda meronta-ronta kelaparan dalam hati macam mana aku nak amik lauk neh Johanna sila lepas tangan Mummy Adie sekejap pleazzzzeeee......
  18. Anda drive tengah malam balik rumah ada yang teman konvoi sama-sama dan sanggup bawak perlahan walaupun sebenarnya anda sendiri dah takbleh tahan nak tekan minyak bawak laju lagi. Sidol you are da very da sweet u know?
  19. Anda dah hilang rasa sakit kepala masa drive balik dan terus rasa lapar balik lalu makan nasik yang ditapau semangkuk sebaik sampai kat rumah.
  20. Anda tak sabar-sabar nak bukak Fesbuk bila bangun pagi cari gambar berjimba bukak puasa.
  21. Anda dapat 2 SMS mcm ini: "Syaza bangun tido terus tanya Mummy, Babe, Mak Non, Uncle" dan "Syaza bangun pukul 4 pagi cari Mummy, mana aku nak cari Mummy time tu". Haaaawwwwwww terharu! Okeh esok Mummy belikan Syaza baju raya 10 pasang. Sila mintak kasut Burberry dengan Babe ye Syaza. Dengan Uncle Oyett pulak bleh mintak Blackberry. Mak Non mungkin bleh bagi Ribena Berry sebab dia pandai bancuh air. Heh.

Photo credit: Cip Rimau Mira Melor Ezwany

Tiada dalam gambar: Lokman (cameraman), Fira (tak sihat sbb pregnant tapi sangat rock bangun balik bila dah ok sikit), Oyett (lari pergi keja sekejap tapi juga sangat rock sebab datang balik bawak cekelat mahal)

Ohhh...anda sangat-sangat tahu itu chenta bila anda dapat rasa dalam hati yang anda tak perlu cinta yang entah hapa-hapa pening kepala banyak kerenah bila anda ada mereka semua, dan anda terus rasa lega bila lihat wajah atau dengar suara mereka bila anda jiwa merana.

Kamu, ada chenta macam saya?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My 1Malaysia Post Sempena Hari Merdeka

Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Friday, 11pm+


Monday, August 17, 2009

Nak jual barang second hand? Hmm...kita bukan Becky Bloomwood

Bolehkah betul-betul jimat belanja jika:

  1. Berhenti minum kopi mahal.
  2. Berhenti keluar makan, makan kat luar, sengaja keluar makan.
  3. Berhenti masuk kedai baju.
  4. Berhenti masuk kedai kasut.
  5. Berhenti bersedih, kerana ini punca durjana semua perbuatan masuk kedai.

Hey jangan salahkan emosi. Hati gumbira pun tak berhenti belanja.

*Entri ini dikarang selepas dibebel oleh bapa tentang pengurusan kewangan orang muda zaman sekarang. Diam saja. Jangan jawab bila bapa tanya kamu mana duit kamu habis. Huuuu....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wahai kawan2 yang bersamaku di alam jongos...

Hahahahahhaaaa korek benda lain, benda lain yang jumpa. Sila mengenang zaman lampau.

Hebat tak hebat? Umur 14 dah dapat sponsor sama Tiger :D

Ini Datuk Bandar KL

Kenapa kamu yg di sebelah kiri nampak sgt kecil berbanding sekarang?

Ini bukan Alien yang saya kenal. macam terlampau sopan.

Ini siapa boleh ingat yang kat sebelah Nazli ni?

Sila senyum terharu melihat zaman inesen anda semua mwahahaha

Yaaaaaaahhhhh....inilah dia wajah narsis yang biasa kulihat - terserlah sejak dahulu kala!

Apa khabar 'kawan' sekarang eh?

Nanti malam esok korek lagi. Yeah.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Twist n Shout. Memang banyak menjerit bila kami main kerana posisi yang sangat menarik otot.

Jika bermain Twister haruslah diingat ada pihak yang akan mensabotaj.

Ini Marshal yang jujur.

Ini pula geng Marshal yang sangat diragui kejujurannya. Penuh tipu moslehat.

Lihatlah bahana menggunakan khidmat mereka...


Sila jangan lupa kawan-kawan sekolah anda. Mereka ini chenta hati.

Special credit:

Encik Tatt yang memberi hadiah 3 roll filem expired untuk Encik Kamera Lomo saya. Terharu :')

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Saya mau tengok cerita komando hensem

Sandra Bullock, I love.

Ryan Reynolds, I love BERRRRRRYYYYYYY much.

The Proposal, hmmmmppphhhh.......

So I told Ki-Moira 'Maybe I'm not a romance shithead anymore'.

Let's do G.I. Joe next yeahhhhhh...

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am really sorry

Please accept my apologies for the emotional outburst yesterday. Things can get pretty bad at times, mostly at the unexpected times. I'm trying to manage the angst, frustration and sadness. It's been pretty good but almost like a junkie post-(first-time)-rehab, I get relapse now and then.

Thank you Debbie for the comment. Sorry it had to go away with the post but it stays in my heart :').

Perhaps to bare all publicly like this isn't a preference to everyone, but at least to me I get to knock myself in the head and realise that 'Oi malulah orang tengok. Now behave.'

I quote Debbie, 'Love you, miss you, mean it.' Thanks for putting up with me folks ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saya ditindas. Diberi bilik bibik.

Mentang2 sorang je pompuan trip kali ni. Cheisss...look at the ironing board. I'm gonna report to human rights group!

Update pantas dalam perjalanan yang tidak pantas

Are we there yet? No. Signboard hijau says 'Georgetown 15km'

Of the 5 people in this mpv, 3 are glued to some sort of Apple product. Taksub.

I am dying to pee. Ugghhh.

Mendengar lagu hindustan dan rock kapak dalam perjalanan jarak jauh itu syiok. That's the Melayu rempit in me huehue

Mantra: Tomorrow will be better than today. Walaupun malas.

I'm leaving for Penang in the afternoon. Heh malas. Tak minat. Just like Ki-Moira I have to share an apartment with the boys.

Matilah saya orang-orang lelaki ini tahu saya bersepah orangnya.

*tak mahu pergi Penang

*tak mahu pergi Penang

*tak mahu pergi Penang

*tak mahu pergi Penang

Iklan testimoni pelanggan
Power Gel memang hebat. Sila makan ini jika harus menemani girlfren bersoping di musim Mega Sales. Semasa main badminton kalah tipis juga bagus. *cisss kenapa bleh kalah tadi

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey kenapa belum tidur lagi ni

Soalan UPSR tahun ini:
Apakah yang dapat anda terangkan mengenai gambar di atas?
(Adakah ini sama maksud dengan 'Please describe the picture above'?)
  1. Jiwa bergelora semasa mencuba pakaian biru itu dan hati berkata 'Ya, harus beli!'.
  2. Semangat berkobar-kobar semasa kali pertama memakai pakaian ini ke tayangan gambar yang dibelanja kompeni walaupun terpaksa memakai leggings (adakah terjemahan 'berkaki-kaki?') untuk menghormati hari Jumaat.
  3. Pakaian biru ini belum diulang pakai. Semangat begini memang biasanya cepat hilang.
  4. Bersama rakan bernama Abang Yong yang akan turut serta bersama-sama berlari di Adidas King of The Road hujung minggu ini. Dua-dua manusia ini tidak berlatih berlari habis lah kamu dua orang lepas tu mau lawan badminton sama futsal lagi (berharap ini semua menyumbang kepada keadaan kurus sebelum puasa jadi masa raya lebih kurus).
  5. Perasaan rindu terhadap rambut panjang dan lurus itu. Kenapa pergi potong, kan dah menyesal.

Esok mau bangun pagi jadi sila tidur. Trafik jem sekarang adalah seperti cilaka (jika berumur bawah 13 tahun sila jangan sebut perkataan ini nanti Tuhan potong lidah).


Saturday, July 25, 2009

The highlight of my recent (gloomy) weeks

Sowmiya redefined 'butt-lift' for me.
Move aside J-Lo. No one can get 'em perky any method better than this!
(Photo credit: Ali Reza, See Kiong)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One day I will sing 'I like to move it move it'

Still can't bring myself to write anything witty. They say this needs a long recovery period. I envy those who can get up so quickly.

Someone said 'you need to be selfish this time'. Meaning, whatever's in my head it has to be 'I', no mention of 'him' even there are words such as 'forget', 'erase', 'hate', 'wanna kill'..yeah u know the drill.

So 'I' will continue to tell myself that 'I' have to eat. 'I' have so many other people who love me, of whom do not want to see me break apart anymore - accumulate all their years of love for me and I'll get far more than the 9 years I spent being attached to some jerk so THINK HARD NADIA DON'T GO WASTED LIKE A LOSER.

'I' will go out with my friends to have fun. 'I' will resume my training because 'I' have another run this August and 'I' will successfully finish it within the cut-off time. 'I' will do a lot better at work because 'I' have what it takes.

'I' will be better. 'I' will not feel this pain anymore.

'I' and more 'I's'.

Someday soon 'I' will be that robust person again. You just wait.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teket untuk berlari

3 possibilities here, when I put these receipts up on my cube wall:
  1. Memberi semangat untuk berlatih sepenuh perasaan.

  2. Memberi semangat untuk orang berkata 'Cheh, show off. Perasan.'

  3. Memberi semangat untuk Oyett berkata dalam hati 'Aku ini berperasan ingin masuk juga'.

Tapi perasaan saya yang sebenar adalah 'Semangat sangat kuat jika saya buleh amik baucer Rm50x4 ini senyap2 tanpa pengetahuan kawan2 dan top up untuk ini':

Koray sandals, Adidas by Stella McCartney
(Kenapa kalau barang mahal mesti best & ngam2 dengan *kakiku yang kurus ini?)

Ahhhh tapi baucer juga hanya untuk pembelian kasut berlari. Anyone want mine?

*By kaki i mean 'feet', not legs. Narrow feet, not slim legs. Harap maklum sebelum mengeji.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wahai rakyat jelata Shah Alam....

...make way for the quartet of King and Queens!!!
(Seriously, this feels like coming back from Bandung and immediately buying tix for the next trip)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adoi adoi my knees hurt!

Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i finished my first 10K run...

and so did Nonie and HRH Ki-Moira!!!

I am thankful to God because the early morning drizzle was only, well, in the early morning.

I am thankful to God that despite not being able to locate my babes before the race started our promise to finish within the qualifying time kept me motivated, finishing merely 3 minutes apart from them.

I am thankful to God for having Hazlan pushing me through the race especially at times when my legs felt like giving up. We learnt so much from today's run, eh dahling?
(Lesson: Please feel kesian for your friends who have to put up with your lovers' squabble.)

I am thankful to God for kedai mamak ABC Shamelin Perkasa which serves the perfect concoction of pre-race Neslo panas for my energy boost (no need expensive PowerGel).

I am thankful to God for all the good people who supported my running in this race by donating to my cause, National Autism Society of Malaysia. Bless them. Really, I can't thank you enough. This has tremendously made my first long distance run meaningful.

For the record, I loathed running in my formative years. Merentas desa was a lenggang kangkung trip for moi. Ahahahaha all you thin and Indian kids in school 'eat my shorts' now!!!

Also thank you Babes for queueing up again, and for the longest time ever, to teman me collect my finisher's medal. Ye, I malulah nak bukak keluar plastik dan pakai masa tu tapi sekarang menyesal sebab gambar macam beli kat KL Marathon souvenir kiosk pulak ngehehehe...

Note to organiser:



Makan nasik lemak okeh?