Sunday, February 07, 2010

Putrajaya Night Run

Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada Counterpain dan GU energy gel. Saya lari tanpa henti walaupun tak laju.

7.7km, 1 jam 10 minit.

Pacing baik-baik ye sebab tak train, asal sampai finish line dengan tak berenti berjalan kaki.

Saya dapat nomot 2 hanya 5 minit belakang HRH Ki-Moira. Potong Nonz, yeheheeeeee.

Kudos to ahli kumpulan baru, Cik Ezwin Haida yang sangat menceriakan pengalaman berlari terutamanya semasa sesi bergambar.

Okay, Energizer Night Run nanti mau masuk 10.5km x 4 relay kah?

Photo credit: HRH Ki-Moira

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Upset on Tuesday Night

There are reasons why people are expected to have in their resumes terms like 'team player', 'ability to work in a team', or even better 'independent but a great team player'. Because when you are with an organisation, be it for profit or not, you are EXPECTED TO WORK AS A TEAM. You are not the only one with a fancy qualification - almost every person around you has one. So if you find yourself strutting your ass around town dissing your team mates to external parties, just stop ok?? Hurl insults to them all you want but keep it within the walls. You think you're a gem in the public eye now that you've covered your ass but in reality you just bring shame to the tribe you (supposedly) represent.

Have some respect for people. Be a team player for once.

You may not have so much expectations when it comes to religion. You may not impose certain expectations on other people towards your religion. Perhaps you don't really care or you religion doesn't expect much from you. But the person next to you may have things the other way round. If that person cares enough to nicely request that you oblige to a certain religious demand, just show some respect and say OK.

I am not one helluva religious person but I'm really disturbed when I get questioned why I NEED TO ACCOMMODATE TIME FOR PRAYERS. Yes, I am super pissed off now. With so many friends of different races and religions, never have once I encountered such nuisance.

Oh yeah. No wonder. You're not a friend.
Even then, respect people la oi!

*Am helping myself to bowls of decadent ice cream to ease the angst*