Tuesday, November 27, 2007

industry forums are fine

I just got back from attending a forum on innovation and the way forward for the industry. excellent speakers from the private sectors but same old same old from the public sector. no offence to anyone and i'm certainly not going to blog about the content of the forum. although, someone from the boston consulting group is now the object of my envy (man, i wanna be this girl). and oh, ever notice how some peeps really like to take photos of speakers at events? I mean, i get it if they're snapshots of the presentation slides but of the speakers...? wonder if them pics go into da reports (yes boss i went to the boring seminar u forced me to attend and as a proof of me not playing hookie here's a snapshot of the speaker(s) in slot 1,2, 3 and 4.)

i almost skipped the afternoon session but something held me back and yep, i stayed on till da forum ended. As I was about to leave the venue suddenly i saw a very familiar face just a few yards away and i was like, Oh My God....

...jeng jeng jeng, it was a good friend from my uni days whom i haven't seen for 4 1/2 years! Fine, not a celebrity or anyone famous but it's so nice to have met him after all these years and to catch up. Well, i didn't expect to ever gonna see him again. Having gone to Oxford for his doctorate I had thought he would be bought over from his sponsors by some mega bio company and stays abroad for indefinitely. I'm sure he received offers but he came back and is serving the country. That's what you call a 'national'. And he's the same old guy, very humble, and it looks like his colleagues love him to bits just like all of us did in uni. Dr. Teh Oooi Kock is the same Mr. Teh we all knew in our retro years. *terharu*

Some peeps just aren't like that. Gosh how i hate those i'm-foreign uni-certified-and-you're-not-therefore-i'm better-off peeps. Yeah yeah this may sound very juve of moi but this breed still exists and 'all grown up' is not checked off on their list yet. Oh yeah, their cousins would be those in MNCs or are some 'selected bunch of public servants' (you know what i mean) who make faces when u tell them that u work for a small local company. You meet them everywhere. Sigh...world peace and unity is definitely a far-fetched goal in humankind.

Back to discussing on work-related stuff, i wanna share with u the following jotting i meant to put up online earlier (i kinda passed out immediately after shower last night. must be an effect of that low-fat lunch regime, yikes!). My work requires me to do a lot of research on everything, and translate them to useful stuff for business proposals. As i was perusing the Net to get some insights on Ruby on Rails I stumbled upon this comment on a blog which I find very cute and funny ha-ha:

"I started reading Damian Conway's book on object oriented Perl a few years ago and it made my head hurt so badly that I gave up."

That's it. A good statement for me to quote in justifying my decision to have left the programming hell for good. A lot of people have passed judgements when i told them that i have a BSc in Computer Science, grrrrrr.....

So people, be nice to everyone. We're all entitled to feeling superior over others, but try to be mean only to those who snub us. Hello, i'm not exactly a saint so i have a tendency to retaliate when offended okay....? huhu.

AdIEpoT (who's started looking for greener turfs, oohhh errrr...)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

one of dem days

Smart peeps arent always smart, and it's worse when u think u ARE
being very smart. That's it. I'm so up to becoming the next prez of
the dumberest. Damn. Tried so hard to put my defences up. Still they
manage to creep in and manipulate da head and da heart of moi. This is
going to be a long wait till my next vacation. I need a break. Or
lotsa mad mad work frm da bosses. bosses, help. Distract me please.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bersama Kawan Kawan

10 November 08
SAAS Class of 96-98. Small get together @ Ampang Sports Planet.

20 plus of us, nice. Yours truly had a go at futsal for ze first time. Not bad le kan da experience. Since I was da "VIP", I only kick kick da ball la. Dont want to peluh peluh much. Moira would get injured if she doesnt wear heels so futsal trainers are a no-no, meaning she couldnt play lah. Nonz was da top scorer of da nite. Berkat super bibir. Ngeh ngeh.
And later we went melantak at some tomyam place in Ampang. From my humble observation, the girls makan more than the guys. Huhu.

(i heart kawan2 sekolah very much. hawww...)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


26 Oct
Besfren saya ada majlis khatam Al-Quran sebab...

27 Oct
...hari ni dia kawin. Majlis nikah pukul 11 pagi.

28 Oct
Wedding reception today, and I had bridesmaid duty *major honor*.

4 Nov
Another wedding reception, sebelah Hadi @ Dewan MPPJ. It was quick, phew... (i'm really not cut for bridesmaid duty). Yeah ok, I had to nick this pic from the photog's flickr page. Mell, mana original copy gambar saya dgn Ila? Kata nak bagi....

Nota kaki: 2 days post the groom's reception, the couple fled to seclusion in "LA" (ehem). The bride kinda slipped some juicy bit that they're gonna go MIA for 2 more days than the official honeymoon period (as per made public). Yeah people, you can pay me some token to stalk 'em at 'Location X'. Hohoh.

7 Nov
Gruesome day at work. Last minute major assigment. Expect non-holiday tomorrow. Plus, I think someone's a bit pissed that I was called back to the office from 'station X'. And guess what, Mr Boss knows my blog. Crap. Uhhh biarlah. (If you're reading this, well, hello Boss!)

8 Nov
Happy Deepavali to all. Oh, gua kena kerja hari ni. Kerja yang banyak. *sob sob*

9 Nov
Am getting crossed eyes. Gazillions of numbers at the smallest point of font size in hundreds of sreadsheet tabs. More work till next Monday. Gilak ini.

Depression level

Shopping mood

Choice of de-stressor
NEW 'DO @ MIKO's!!!!!!!

Finally...I've got the curls darlings! Major investment here so they gotta stay till next November hahaha....(Should I get the new colour and highlights next? Hmm...)

TOMORROW'S MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: Early Breakfast Wif FJ (ngeeeeeeh... :D)

Moi. XoXoXo