Sunday, April 20, 2008

i want

a new job.

my own pad.

a khaki shirt dress.

pair of boat shoes.

more muscle mass.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

a new job.

So now you know...

AdIePoTT dah bosan

Thursday, April 17, 2008

pressies, pressies, mo pressies!

It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my birthday but I keep getting presents, yeay!

Today I'm a totally happy camper. Who isn't with the load as per exhibited above? Fitness ball, set of 3lbs dumbells, and a very very cute pair of fitness gloves! You tak mau tangan i kasar sebab angkat weights? shweeeeeeeet. Oh drats, i forgot. He also got me a jump rope. Everything i need for basic at-home cardio. Ini orang memang pandai kasi saya cair huhu...

On top of all these, today a cheque finally made its way to one of the winners of Maybank Auto Financing contest - yep, that's moi. I'm RM888 richer now, muahahahha... Dont hate me for my luck. I do always win contests. Oh, bragging itu kekejian yang best :P

AdIePOTT Sayang SemUanYA

Friday, April 11, 2008

now that's what you call lurve

See the decadent raspberry butter frosting...adakah rasa berdosa?

Tidak :D

Oklah I do feel berdosa towards my (healthy) meal plan. I go run more next week. Promise.

I love running these days.

Yeah baby. Yeah. Yeah.