Sunday, December 31, 2006

what am i actually into?

very rarely that i would buy books that i plan to. it's always the case of heading down to that nice bookstore and grab a title (or more) that catch(es) my sight. sometimes i'd have a case of emotional episode at the office and somehow clothes no longer console moi and yes, i choose books. blame it on the weekend library outings when i was a lot younger (this translates into 'please blame my parents').

everybody who's ever nestled in my comfort zone knows that i'm a wreck at handling romance. at the moment i'm at the stage of being a total biatch comtemplating ending a loooooooooong term thingy that i have with you-know-who and also (comtemplating) pursuing new-found crushes. i totally fail at both. the latter, mostly. (this must be the age thingy. i hate being ancient.)

oh yeah, back to books. it's kinda dificult to explain how paras 1 and 2 above are related. anyway, shortcutting it all, i knew i had to get "he's just not that into you" yesterday - and pronto.

See excerpt

told a friend (whom i think is in dire need of "she's not that into you") that it can look rather stupid to spend X much on a self-help book on romance of all things but i need to get myself sorted. now that i'm done with the book, it feels a little sad that i did all the crappy DON'Ts many years ago to secure you-know-who for moi and now that you-know-who has well-reformed i'm doing the same things he did to me then. man, i'm a walking disaster alright.

is there still hope for selfish lunatics like moi? greg behrendt says "Don't waste the pretty". what if the *pretty chooses to go wasted while knowing that 10 years down the road she may be mourning for mr. shoulda-woulda-coulda?

very scary....

*for the record, i'm not implying that i regard myself so highly to call moi 'pretty'. honestly. you know what i mean.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

when one simply snaps

last weekend was supposed to be, errrmmm....eventful? did not turn out to be so. the resort sucks big time. apparently everyone at the office thinks so too. how can you not tell me earlier nooooooooooo!

anyway, there was a lot of waiting involved. i snapped a lot of pics out of boredom.

What KL is to me.

bukit tinggi. (tinggi ke?)

An Ode to the Kids :)

It doesnt look like yours truly will get any better at photography. Darn. Perhaps I'll just snap, snap, snap and concentrate more on the captions.

Yep. *Shalt divert thy attention elsewhere...hehe

*my obviously failed attempt at ye' ole lit.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sugar HIGH

If you're a mall rat, Mid Val is a no miss. Especially at year-end and now that MNG's having the end-of-season sale. And they have the best Xmas deco. Yep, delicious delicious deco. See the humongo lollies below? Yum....

(i think this pic's nice. me no professional but me likey likey this piccie heeee...)

But even the abundance of lip smackin' artificial confectionery can't entice us Malaysians to buy truckloads of candy canes.

Ya, asam tahi telinga tu jugak yang korang cari hahahaha...
Aku suka ini uncle! ;P

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

out of hibernation

whoa nelly, it's been aeons since my last entry! simply said, i dont have time. TIME. TIME. TIME. and i have been guilty of not having time to focus less on a certain activity that could dictate my future but at the same time could jeopardize what i have held on to for long.

i'm approaching the big 2-6 in less than 2 months time. yet i still choose to be the loony old me in front of people. is it just a facade? because i can be really mean and nasty especially to those closest to moi...

unknowingly to the "lord of mighty research", i spoiled his pic. hehe...

it's nice to look happy so that people are pleased.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

appreciating the art of purchasing and real arts

art? hardly.

the dying art. please appreciate.
wak dogol and friends need your support.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

old skool

lack of sleep? the glasses? the monitor? work? i wasn't quite sure, but the (eye)sight was not pretty. so, at times like this i do what i do best: draw.

this is my drawing of Ryan working on some program codes
(view from my cubicle, between 1040-1052 hrs, October 17. Hopefully this can pass as a very belated birthday pressie, heheh.)

Had to deliver 2,600 copies of marketing stuff to my alma mater today. i the only one still wishing to back to school? i love uni days. love the 'vintage' college i spent 5 years in. this coming from someone who's well-known for skipping classes half the time...
(had peeps who hated me just because of that. i aced the exams n they didn't quite. wicked moi, haha!).

i must be a sicko for longing for school. yep, my sis thinks i am.

delayed piccies

i wanted to post these up last nite:

piggin' out @ marche . post piggin' out sesh (smile!)

my ever faithful tumbler. a bedtime must-have.

drink up people. u need more than half a cup a day. me? at least half a litre before bedtime. detox, detox, detox!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday M. And Thanks for the Tag, another M.

Yesterday was M's birthday. We had good food. But poor M was feeling down-ish. Bad haze. Bad,bad.....haze. I love M. Love him loads. M's like my fave old jeans. Good times or bad, old jeans will always be snugly, and comforting. Hopefully we'll celebrate more birthdays together. M, N, and perhaps O, P, and Q too (*smile).
And today, another M has tagged moi. Here goes...

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

  1. give loads to my parents. some to my sisters. underage kids cannot have so much money. hhmmpphh.
  2. buy a gazillion guitars for M.
  3. quit from whatever sickeningly job i have at the time, travel more,then come home and run a small tour business. maybe something weird like that funny red light district tour in amsterdam.
  4. or open up a little cafe that specialises in puddings.
  5. get meself a live-in maid to prep fresh waffles every morning for me brekkie. yummmm....

5 bad habits:

  1. snooze.button.
  2. impulse.purchase.
  3. retail.therapy.
  4. binge.eating.
  5. OTT.go-getter.

5 things I hate doing:

  1. lipat baju.
  2. makan timun.
  3. stupid motiv camps.
  4. admitting that i'm broke.
  5. missing people. hurts. ouchhh.

5 things I'll never do:

  1. leg warmers (remember my name, FAME! i wanna live forever...i wanna learn how to fly)
  2. pink polka dot rah-rah skirt.
  3. corn rows. whoever would wanna look like uruk-hai?
  4. being a doormat.
  5. not being me.

5 things I regret doing:
(so many regrets, so little space allocated here...)

  1. Sept '05-august '06
  2. PCD
  3. gecko beaded key ring
  4. hawaian host choccie
  5. that token from louvre

5 fave toys or thing:

  1. my new Panasonic DMC-FZ50.
  2. lip balms. all kinds.
  3. pencil-and-paper combo. drawing is therapy.
  4. gold pumps.
  5. my little hippo which oozes brown gooey poo when squeezed (heheh)

5 orang yg akan menyambung sesi ini:

  1. your name here. yes, you reading this!
  2. and you.
  3. and you.
  4. and you.
  5. and yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

***pics will be posted tomorrow. probs with uploading :(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Breaking Through (To The Other Side)

(Penang. September 2, 2006)

If there's a door, you have to walk through it, a door isn't going to do anything for you by itself. You have to be willing to take advantage of things when the time comes, and be secure about yourself when you walk through, because if you're not you may well trip and fall.
- S. Strait

has the cat got your tongue?

the cat may have poise. the cat may stand out among other cats. the cat may stand proud for having climbed down the eiffel the old fashioned staircase way.

but can it move past keeping mum in awkward situations?

meow-ing is not an easy feat.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

my babies

My new found love...
I'm still trying to love...

Whatever the babies snap, the diary will tell.