Monday, July 28, 2008

yes, i'm still under intense emo core

Latest Raleigh alerts:
  1. am still getting the sponsorship (partial or full, pending his bank balance) so yeay!
  2. maxis IDD132 is 20 sen a minute not 99 sen. pheww...
  3. eva air has way cheaper tix to the states. i'd prolly get full sponsorship after all, heh.
I hope them Raleigh folks have ferris wheels in town. There's a promise of Eye on Malaysia that was not fulfilled before he left. Again, the fault is most probably mine. Ngok. Ngok la kau Adie. One hefty lump of ngok-ness in you.

AdiEPoTT the 'Ngok'ness Monster

Sunday, July 27, 2008

jangan lembik!!!!

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

dont call him.

please go to sleep.

or keep cursing the airlines for the extra 2k for june '09 (babi la mahal nak mampus baik aku bayar ptptn).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i need RM6k to fly to Raleigh

i miss him so bad. 

why raleigh? why cant they have regional training, like, in malaysia? :(
many other MNCs conduct local trainings. why cant your stupid company do the same?????

it's gonna be a long, hard year. i have to let go of may other things, and people, to prove that i'm worth the pain. 8 years and things are still difficult.

i miss u M. i know i cant have 7 hours of video conference with you everyday come July 28th. i hate the awful time difference. i hate that Maxis IDD132 is expensive for calls to the States. I hate that I have to close both eyes to get my own pc so that i can call u for cheap cheap. i hate that u give me more and more mixed messages. i hate that it's one year, and not one week or one month. i hate that the possibility of me seeing you is next july or august and many rounds of careful savings so that i can scrape off enough money to fly to you. i hate that you're not around when i start my new job. i hate i hate i hate all of these.

pain... :( 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fringe Benefit? Heho!

My benefit shipment arrived today, yeay! Thought they're only arriving on aug 19th so this is a welcome surprise :-). Really made my day, after all those bad things i've gone thru for the past week.

It pays to buy online: a lot cheaper n i hv stuff that the counters dont have. I'm a happy camper!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gone Bonkers and Lovin' It

Sorry for being AWOL for a bit. Not that the five, maybe six, of you there reading mind kan? Hohoh...

Ok, here's the dirt-

Current employment status: Employed

Employment status in three weeks time: Unemployed

Perasaan: Exhilirated, Lega, Ha-he-ho!, Sandy beaches+Guccis = Schweeeeet......

Perasaan lain-lain: Scared shitless cos I wont have much money if this lasts for...a bit longer than I thought, Gila ke aku ni?, Pelik-but-ok-la-kot-kejap.

Also, I'm totally not in the mood to baby anyone. I'll adopt a tiny orphan if I'm so damn psyched to doing just that.

And I'd quite like to really butt-kicking start my fudge business seriously soon.

Sejak bila aku suka pegi pantai ni?

Monday, July 07, 2008

can't take it anymore

'So what's your plan?'

'What are you working on today?'

'Maybe you can think about it over the weekend.'

'When do you think you can get it done?'

'What's on your plate at the moment?'

...and a string of others.

Tell me, am I crazy of wanting to move away? It's hard when I want to deliver but can't. I don't have the drive anymore. I can't cope.

i. really. want to move away. far.