Friday, October 30, 2009

Just keep on running

Bersedihlah jika perlu, tapi jangan lama-lama.

There are good reasons why God wants us to feel pain first gain later.

Takpe, it's all for the better. I know it is.


HRH Ki-Moira your tagalog drama will be over in 2 months. Me, my drama series finally drew the curtains down today. Our channel's new policy is 'no re-runs' kan babe? :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Either the satellite's orbiting off-track or ya gotta get a new decoder

When nice is misconstrued, are we at fault for perceiving things only as how/what we want them to be, albeit subconsciously, or are the persons at the other end insensitive enough to send the wrong signals?
We're all guilty at either end. We have all been there. It's confusing yeah.

Just don't get trapped.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yeay yeay yeay

Happy World Toy Camera Day!

Okay, it was yesterday, apparently. But let's celebrate nonetheless yippeee yippee yippeeee...

Superheadz Black Slim Devil, ISO100 expired

*Proud Mommy of 3 toy cams (with another on the way!)*

Nic Nichols of FourCornersDark is giving away one of 5 new Golden Half cams.
Submit your favourite toy cam shots to :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Riang Ria Di Malam Raya

Selepas menengok wayang...

Saya dan Encik Nize pergi makan. Dapat 2 keping papadom je seorang ciss kedekut punya kedai.

Lepas itu kami pergi Brickfields...

...sebab nak cari baju raya. (Eh bukan juga).

Masa tengah bersesak-sesak itu, tiba-tiba semua orang sebok pergi kat tepi jalan.

Waaaaaah tengok apa?

Happening betul.

Tengok ini ke?

Oooooooooo....ada show bunga api lah!

Lepas yang itu habis, kami jumpa persembahan ini pula :O

Brickfields oh Brickfields, saya sangat seronok tadi :')

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hah, cilaka betul.

Excuse my language.

Guess whose birthday popped up on my phone reminder???????

chill chill sabar buat bodoh saja walaupun rasa macam mau baling talipon ini oh tapi sendirilah bodoh kalau buat begitu

Hari tidak selamanya murung. Ada sinar di sebalik kelam.

I'm not one to be overly poetic and I would've only scored C6 in Sastera Melayu had I taken up the subject for SPM so please, don't feel overwhelmed by the subject line.

Despite all my dramas I always believe that there must be something good behind all the shit. I've been utterly sad for the past week and I was trying so hard to will myself to think of a reason why this has happened. Cancer, good? Hardly.

Tonight I consoled an old friend who's grieving over the news of her brother's liver cancer. One week ago I was no less miserable than her. God is great. You needn't wait long to understand why things happen(ed). No need to ask 'why me?', 'why her?' or 'why him?'.

So take care my friend, we know we have each other. I know now why we met some 18 years ago :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink is the Colour of Passion. Pink Ribbon?

Have you ever donned that tiny pink ribbon on your lapel? If you ever had donated even 1 cent to breast cancer awareness fund raising drives, what did you really feel towards the cause? I have always supported the campaigns in little ways (amounts), sympathised with families affected by the disease and in awe by stories of those who survived the battle. That was the extent of how much I cared and I simply move on with my routines like it's no different than any day.

Never have once did I think that I would be affected so much by the disease (if ever) in my life. Not even with my paternal aunt's passing away of breast cancer last December (we weren't close so all I could do was feel sorry for the children who are already adults anyway). But things change abruptly within seconds, don't they?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

4 October 2009, ironically, was when we found out that one of my maternal aunts has breast cancer.

7 October 2009, was when we learnt that it is a rare type of cancer, one that started from the lymph node and not the tissue, one that STARTLED the doctors as it has only been the second patient they discovered having this condition, one that they classified as Stage 3 going to 4.

If it is hard for us, it is even harder for her. How long do we need to pretend that it is okay to live life as it has always been? How long do we need to pacify her with encouraging words when she herself knows what's coming her way soon? All those drugs they want to pump into her, the radiation, the surgery...

We pray day and night for her to be strong for she can't conceal her tears despite doing it in hiding away from us all.

It is not easy to balance reality and hope all at once.

Are we all aware of life, even?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

One spoiled sport doesn't ruin all the fun

Sometimes I wonder why some people try so hard to put up a good show when they are totally transparent you could see them through all the way to the back of their minds.

When in distress, be honest. You owe it to yourself and us peeps watching you from the sideline. Disappoint us (me) you must not.

Whatever lah, I have waaaaay better stuff to think about. Like, camwhoring at Nonie's engagement. Like, checking out Tat's photography gig tomorrow. Like, MORE camwhoring with HRH Ki-Moira after the show. I loike i loike i loike!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Diana Mini is pretty snazzy

I don't know how these shots end up like this. 4 shots overlapped in 2 frames, which I have combined here. Weird but best giler...

See more pics I took with the cam on my flickr.