Monday, February 18, 2013

Post Pendek Tidak Menyayat Hati

Jikalau belum mampu untuk mendapat zuriat, silalah cari anak kucing/hamster/mengkarung dan cuba jaga makan minum berak kencing sakit demam cirit sembelit dia dengan sepenuh hati. Selagi tak rasa jadi mak ayah (mak la especially kan) kita takkan tau rasa macam mana erti sayang orang lain selain diri kita kalau perlu mati tertonggeng pun tak apa asalkan anak sihat selamat semuanya okay. Dan semua ni mula dari saat kau nampak imej hitam putih sebesar beras kat screen tu.

Bila sampai masa kau terbongkok-bongkok kat tepi baby cot sambil mata dalam macro focus mode nak tengok anak bernafas ke tidak masa tido (lepas kau letak jari kat bawah hidung dia macam cerita polis zaman 80-an), seriously, give me a call.

Till then I'm gonna go worship my child at the altar I just built for her. Eheh.

To Be Blown Up For The Wall

When? Hahah don't ask. Being a stay-at-home momma doesn't mean I have all the time in the world.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

One More Month and I'm Making a Comeback

5 months old today. Them nostrils keep flaring -_-'

Chubby Pea needs to learn separation anxiety management because Mommy will need to hit the weasel world (Dilbert, Adams, S., 2000s) again. As Aunty Bella puts it, "kerana duit tidak jatuh dari langit".
Mommy's version is probably "kerana duit tidak jatuh dari langit dan sudah melabur hampir RM30,000 untuk sambung belajar jadi takde sebab nak buat sijil jadi pekasam". As much as I love spending my days with you I need to make sure that I fulfill my ambitions and that I become a good role model for you.

I need you to understand that with hard work (God willing) you will achieve great things in life.

I need you to understand that you first need to work your ass off in school, because it will take you places and that having good education trumps money, inheritance and titles and a lot of other silly things in this silly world.

I need you to understand that as a girl you need to be very, very independent and that your family is just an anchor to support your journey towards success, not as a means to bail you out when you're stuck in the deep end, about to give up for the umpteenth time. And no, I'm not buying you private school education or buy your first car or first house or pay 100% of your wedding expenses or any of those things that will make you take us, your parents, for granted. Belajar dapat sesuatu dengan usaha sendiri, bukan dengan ASB/EPF withdrawal mak ayah.

I need you to understand that in life, we should only think about going forward and not hold on to failures of the past. Have faith that today is going to be better than yesterday and that tomorrow is going to be better than today. If you hit a road block, understand that God only wants to make your experience extra special and you will come out of it better off than before.

My darling Pea, I have strong reasons to name you "noble strength". No, I didn't know then that it's the same as an MTV reality show star. It doesn't matter - just don't go attempting the entertainment world when you grow up.

As you grow older you will realise that I am a strict, totally rigid mother but trust me it's because I want you to be the best person that you can be. You will hate me at times. You will want to run away from home. But you will hold back from doing anything stupid because I make you your favourite meals that you don't get elsewhere.

Now be a good girl and accept the fact that you're gonna spend your days, 5 in a week, with a gajillion other screaming kids at the daycare centre. Go learn how to kick boys in their nether regions. I might as well start you young.

And when friends/teachers ask you what your mom does, say she's a drill sergeant. Eheh.