Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DIY Wednesday: Part VIII (and the imminent birth of Ms. Wan Little Pea)

After weeks of DIY block, I came across this tutorial for a no-sew coloured pencils roll-up case. All of a sudden, Kakak Krafter's hat popped on my head and tadaaaaaaahhhh....I came up with a similar version for make up brushes! 

Warning: I am still in my malas mode so please excuse the wonky end product.


1. Get a piece of felt. Draw these lines - this will be your brush slot band.

2. Line them brushies up.

3. Mark the width of each brush neck. Snip off the sections, creating slits.

4. I was feeling a lil' bit fancy and honestly, the original tutorial was too straightforward. Since makeup brushes should be kept off germs as much as possible, I thought that it's just appropriate that I make a properly covered case. 

I took a chunk of fabric from my stash - didn't even bother to properly measure the dimensions and I just placed the felt piece from above on the fabric and snip a rectangular piece off it. Remember, we're still trying to aim for a no-sew craft here, so hem the sides using fusible tape we did.... hahahhaaaaa!!!!! 

If you're in Malaysia, you can get your fusible tape at sewing/craft supply shops (there's a good one in Pertama Complex) or buy online here.

5. Attach the felt piece. Fold the bottom bit of the fabric upward to make a pocket. Again, we use our trusty fusible tape on the sides. Heheh.

6. Slot your brushes in. Almooooooosst ready.

7. Okay, I missed a picture here (bahhahhh, lazy mode lazy mode). 

There will be quite a bit of fabric on the top bit, yes? 
Now you use that as the top flap to cover the bristle. 

Make a tiny slit in the middle, or wherever you want, so long as the front and back bits of your floral print fabric meet.

Grab a long-ish piece of elastic thread (you can also use hair elastic). Make a loop and thread the disjointed ends through one of your snipped slits and a button. Make a knot. 

8. We are now ready for the finished product. Roll the case from the no-button end to the other. In this case, it's left to right. If you're a lefty I imagine you'd have done this the other way round ;p

Loop your elastic around the case and tuck the end into your stopper i.e. the button. 

Told you it's wonky. Measure properly if you're a stickler for perfection. I'm pregnant and not being my usual self. 

So here we have what's probably my last DIY before Pea's birth. I hope that I'll feel as crafty and that time will be on my side during my confinement period. I've seen friends who were bored to the bones when they had theirs but I seem to always experience things differently compared to others, in both good and not-so-pleasant ways, so I'm not gonna put my expectations up so high for now. Just gonna relax and go with da flow...


Ahhhh...Pea. You're 39 weeks today and still happily wriggle about in Mommy's tummy. You come out when you're ready okay? Whatever it is, I believe it's all for the best. Guess you're too much of a priority to me now that I'm gonna be fine with how it will clash with my classes. Let's just pray that Mommy can sit for both Research Methods and MIS classes. Sayang dia mwah mwah!

Oh chup! I find it funny that the Mister startles a lot in his sleep these days. Like, when I wake him to help me get up to attend to nature calls, he'll go "kenapa sayang???? kenapa sayang???" thinking I've gone into labour hahahahahhhh.... 

(Laughing now, potentially screaming later)