Thursday, January 24, 2013

Funny, We Have Never Even Met (for real) Despite Having Attended the Same School. Shame On YOU, Mak Odena!

Odens went to sleep at 1230hrs tonight. Hahhhh biar benar tido awallll????? 

So I checked my blog and somehow clicked on her profile pic and "bam!" discovered that she had long since wrote again. 

So that's how I spent the last 1.5 hours, of which, could have been utilised to savour my precious sleep time but no regrets, for I had fun catching up on the last 4 years.

You're on my bookmark list (again!) Bells, and my wish is that for you to have a paeds ward-free stories this year :)

Aside to the 5 people who follow this blog, go read this. It makes you understand now why you should appreciate SAHMs. Yes, because they/we see the lighter side of things among the throngs of snot/tantrum/goldfish crackers-on-the-floor/fever/poop/etc etc episodes. Because SAHMs don't deserve to be looked down upon as if they (we)'re living off what little dough the husbands bring home at month end by (as the Malays call it) "dangling our feet in mid air at home". << ahhh mungkin juga. Cuba buat scissors untuk ketatkan perut yang geleber2 lepas beranak ni, but hey, I'm only 49kg post-partum. Much thinner/lighter than those of you you haven't popped little earthlings out of your vajayjay.  Riak. Hah. Hah. Hah.

I still can't bring myself to bake the goddamnrainbowcake for the Annual Jimba Picnic (dari monthly selo selo dah jadi annually bila semua beranak pinak). Eeeee too much hassle. So I'll probably make this:

Now. Smile, people. Smile.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pop Cultured

Hello, it's me again. Yes, the lady who's obsessed with her child. Oh goody goody for today what will it be?

Here's my 167th attempt to make her look more girlish. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it's a level 6.5 failure. We need to understand our pinks better and in the meantime keep resorting to the foolproof giant flower headband.

On a side note, I am clueless about this whole sharifah-bawani fiasco. Call me ignorant but I have poop and spit to attend to (She's teething and this cheapo mom can only afford to give the baby her arm to soothe the itch. Gnaw away little one. I have more of those extra flesh in my mid section.)

Oh, did I mention that this is her intense look watching THS - Selena Gomez? And kid got so excited when I followed up with I Love You Like a Love Song on YouTube. No joke, man. She went "eeeeeeeeee!!!!!". I need to come to terms with the possibilities of my daughter coming home with a blonde mop top dude. Oh boy.

I really have no idea on how to conclude this entry cohesively or to decide whether writing about not wanting to have to pee on a stick in a few week's time is appropriate (it'snotandiknowit).


Monday, January 14, 2013

Because I Have Flooded Instagram & Twitter Enough for People to Curse Me

My motivation is the clock striking 2 on Tuesday afternoon, meaning I will hence have a worry-free 4-week break where I won't have to go through my daily routines laced with guilt because at the back of my mind I kept thinking "school assignments" (read: major procrastination and blaming baby blues). Also motivating me is the vision of graduation day with my loved ones, especially with a toddler age Audrina carrying a huge bouquet of flowers for Mommy.

In one year and eight and a half months time.




Okay. I think I need me some nasik lemak now. The anxiety is killing me. Tolonglah pass paper hari Selasa ni.

Uhuk. Uhuk.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Wait

15 January 2013
ETA: 1800hrs

A perfect complement to a killer paper exam day.

Now I don't know whether to feel anxious or excited.