Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Minimuffs: A tribute to the PMR results announced today

Making choices isn't easy. Do I go for plain banana, or pair it with apple-cranberry sauce, chocolate chips, raspberry conserve, or as the usual me would do in such indecisive situation, attempt all in one go?

I went with the last option. Some of my mini muffins are somewhat not too hodoh I think. But one or two definitely "deserve jail time" (quote: Debbie). doesn't matter if they taste sinfully good (they do). Had I decided to go for one flavour at a time, I might have been able to perfect them by batches. But I was kinda too excited, tamak, impatient, and look what I ended up with.

Isn't this like the PMR exam? Multiple choice answers but you shade only one. You could hit bulls eye. But if you shade two columns in your answering sheet thinking the machine doesn't know any better you head straight to '0'. Markah kosong.

Making choices. Deciding. You can't have it all. Well you can, but they won't as near perfect. C'est la vie.

Happy new year friends. I am bad at choosing. Muffins?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hajime, kamu maukah?

Presenting my apple-raisin-walnut muffins that look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame - TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I crammed all 12 cups in a baking tin (not even a proper cupcake tray) hence the significantly picasso-esque end result. Lihatlah ada tinggi rendah. You can gelak, takpe. Next time I'll try to be lebih proper :P

Don't play play they taste awesome tau..... When emak gives you a thumbs up you know you score, heh. My emak is the Simon Cowell of baking okeh? Jadi apabila emak suggest saya buat bisnes part time jual muffin saya rasa macam dapat SPM 15A1. But perhaps I need to undergo cosmetics surgery training before attempting going commercial. Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

party animals (yeah baby)

Saya adalah tetamu yang paling tua

Saya sangat suka makan ayam belanda lauk krismas. Malam ini Michelle menjemput saya ke rumah dia untuk makan-makan dan bersosial. Seronok!
Saya dapat makan banyak...

Saya dapat kawan-kawan baru...
(dlm gambar ni setgh je guests, yg lain belum sampai)

Saya juga dapat prezen...

Saya tak boleh balik lambat atas arahan ibubapa dan telah miss sesi bermain game (saya patutnya jadi marshal sebab saya bukan peminum, kena jaga score dengan tangkap orang mengelat). Tapi takpelah saya sangat gumbira malam ni sebab sekali lagi orang ingat umur saya 23-24 tahun. Kalau tiap-tiap weekend ada hari krismas kan bagus. Makan free, prezen, dapat puji lagi...miahahahahaha.

nota kaki: jangan risau. ayam belanda konfem halal - ada sticker JAKIM. Michelle has been a gem to make sure that she caters to the guests' religious (food) concerns, as in HALAL stuff and no beef for the Buddhists :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I could have extra room for storage should these go out

Yoohoo yoohooo I've made a list of stuff that I'd like to let go of at very attractive price tags. All used at very minimal frequency or never at all. These will include:
  1. Benefit Maybe Baby EDT 100ml (actually sold to Fied tonite hehe)
  2. Nike bag pack - fits a 15-17" laptop, gym stuff, 1 pair of sneakers in front compartment. Bought in June/July, used less than 5 times, for minimal duration. Also useful for weekend getaways.
  3. Targus laptop bag - fits a 15" laptop. 1 year old.
  4. GAP shoulder bag - fabric+leather
  5. GAP wrist clutch - straw+leather, never used.
  6. 1 pair of GAP flip flops, never worn.
  7. 1 pair of ankle boots. PVC that looks like nice patent leather - perfect for stylistahs. See previous entry.
  8. Le Sports Sac bags (let me update the style names later lah) - 1 big carry-all, 1 med carry-all reversible, 1 small baguette, 1 two-fold shoulder (very pretty), 1 limited edition design wallet (wallet style also discontinued), 1 cosmetics tote
  9. Guess small tote - fabric+PVC (kot...certainly not leather)
  10. Benefit Rush Hour - for lips and cheeks (20% retail price)
  11. Benefit Primpcess - limited edition eye makeup kit (20% off retail price)
  12. 1 pink corduroy jacket, size UK 12 (boleh up harga ke kalau saya cakap sebenarnya saya beli jeket ni kat London? ahhahaha)
  13. Loop cosmetics cases - 1 tote, 2 travel pouches
  14. 1 MNG denim jacket
  15. Several GMAT prep books, 2008 & 2009 editions. I've decided to pursue my MBA locally so yeah, GMAT books can make a move outta my room at 25% off the shelf price. Maybe 30% off if I'm feeling generous on the day you enquire. Mahal okeh buku2 ni.
  16. 1 Nike iPod (latest, 3rd generation kan?) armband. Gift from my che su tapi dia silap beli. My iPod is the square one takbleh masuk.
  17. 1 Esprit plaid skirt. Grey. Looks kinda like the Brit school uniform skirt. Baru beli 2 bulan.

I've also some stuff that I haven't really decided whether to simpan or sell. Maybe selling if the price is right:

  1. Starbucks destination bears - 2 Malaysian, 1 Singaporean, 1 Taiwanese, 1 Indonesian, 1 American (San Diego). Sayang lah...but I know there are peeps who collect them too and willing to pay good money for ones they don't have.
  2. Altec lansing portable speaker for iPod. Bought it several months back. Hardly used and it just collects dust.
  3. CK One Summer 2008 EDT 100ml. Yang lain pun belum habis pakai....sigh
  4. A (sombre) pink Furla handbag. Better suited for office use, or a very boring occasion.
  5. 1 pair of Nike+ running sneakers. Size women's UK 5.5. Worn twice and in the gym.
  6. If I can get a better pair of running shoes, not Nikes, I'm also letting go off my Nike+ running tracker device - 20% off retail price (it's never discounted in the stores)
  7. Fish eye lomo camera.
  8. 1 pair Gucci sunnies.

Also, there are clothing items going for cheap cheap cheap. Tahlah, maybe I just give them away. Let me know if you're interested because my sisters can't take them in either.

  1. 1 evening dress. Long, black, not velvet but gives some sort of sparkly sheen. Very good quality. I really sayang this dress but don't think I'll have any occasion that warrants its use anymore.
  2. 1 black lace party dress. Worn once.
  3. 1 knitted sweater in brown. 70's inspired. Worn twice max.
  4. 1 pair Ralph Lauren cargo pants in navy. Men's size 28. I wore these many times la but they don't look buruk or what. Can give to your Wak tukang kebun for his Sunday outings (if he's the petite type). I don't have any brother to pass them down to. Kawan2 lelaki pun mostly boroi dah. Nyehehehe...
  5. Some accessories that may look good on your bohemian-themed Christmas tree. Or on you. Yeah, pile 'em all up and you can be a walking bohemian Christmas tree yourself!

I'm really serious lah. Bukan main2 tau. Will snap pics and upload them on my Picasa and Facebook albums. Please tunggu for my next update.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

I am thinking of letting go of some stuff, pre-loved and never-been-kissed. Just random thoughts that seem to come flooding everytime I get home early from work and usually never materialise come the weekend when I'm supposed to rummage through my closet and separate my "wants" and "want-nots".

I should bid adieu to:
  1. Le Sport Sac bags that I don't recall having anymore. They're there, at the bottom of the box and easily forgotten. Funny how they keep calling to me before I bought them. Now it's like, 'hey saya ada beg ini kah? Oh chomel.' (ps: they're not that outdated, 1-2 year old max. Maybe there are buyers out there kan...)
  2. Other bags too, including this one designer label that was a gift from emak. Derhaka tak kalau senyap2 jual online? I so...soooooooooo don't fancy beg itu.
  3. Shoes I hardly wear. No one to pass 'em down to as adik beradik berkaki besar and lebar macam robot.
  4. Those new peep-toe ankle boots. Pure lust in the kedai, they were so seductive that I failed to realise their non-support of my high arch. Wore them for 5 minutes from the car park to office and now they're sitting nicely on my display shelf - a reminder that I always make stupid purchases.
  5. Some evening dresses that I wore perhaps only once.
  6. Lots and lots of accessories bought during my weekend bazaar-crazy years.
  7. A medium-sized toolbox. Bought for safekeeping of stationeries but apparently too small for all my junks that I had to get a much bigger one. RM3 for you - any takers?
  8. Benefit makeup bought online recently. Havent been used and now making me feel like a big sinner.
  9. Also Benefit's Maybe Baby perfume. I have 5 others that can only be finished off in 10 years so I better let this poor bottle go before it has to succumb to a painful slow death on my dresser.
  10. My many pairs of jackets. Oh yes, Malaysia used to be da very da cold until recently. If you are into layering (ahah!) you should give me a call.

The question is, can I handle parting ways with them after all these years? Ish...scary la pulak.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just don't mess with me because I can revert with the ugliest of things

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time
Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

~From the words of Leona Lewis' Better in Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I will not work in the city centre

Hello people. I am currently stuck in the mad Jln Sultan Ismail
traffic as a result of my sheer stupidity.

Malaysian Savings Sale. Saya - bengkrap. Damn you kucing.

Pembelian hari ini:

4 bijik bantal bagi menggantikan 4 biji bantal lama dan 1 bantal double baru yang telah dikencing kucing saya yang sedang horny. Seems when a cat comes of age, they pee. Everywhere. I wonder if it's really pee and not 'reproductive excretion'.

Kucing also peed on my expensive bean bags while I was out. Emak panicked and cleaned up the mess before I got home but adik no. 3 blabbed. Gotcha emak - apasal sorok haaaaa.....

Lessons learnt:
  1. Don't ever get excited over cute tempat tidur kucing. It's expensive, the kucing can't be bothered with it and prefers to chill and PEE ON YOUR BED instead.
  2. When you always desires mid-to-high-end range stuff, your kucing also adopts the behaviour. Hence, I believe, the peeing on expensive cushions.
  3. Kucing should have been neutered. Call me evil but apparently this stops the pee-fest.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Ki-Moira, our posts are kinda related lah for today. You inspire me, awww...

Apa itu 'timing'? Mengikut Incik Oyett, 'timing' adalah naik hangin. Ki-Moira juga mendiscuss tentang isu ini kat blog dia. Saya pun baru belajar macam mana nak guna perkataan urban ini.

Contoh kejadian 'timing':

Hari ini saya timing dengan makcik cleaner kat office. Nampaknya bukan incik oyett saja yang timing dengan makcik cleaner dia. Makcik cleaner kat office saya tu memang dah melampau. Kalau bercakap satu level 13 boleh dengar. If it's not for the partitions and many simpang labyrinth maybe boleh dengar sampai kat hujung department orang lain. Makcik cleaner ini kalau bercerita lord of the rings pun kalah, so never attempt to strike a friendly chat with her because oh boy i dont think she can stop talking. Dan sangat kuat suara macam speaker surau. Hari ini dia pasang volume kat maximum. Apparently she's upset that some people tuduh her having done something or the other and she 'obviously' is being victimised over something she didn't do. Siap ungkit pasal 'pengorbanan' dan 'jasa' dia kat Firm tu. Wah wah drama betul kau makcik. Saya takbleh tahan saya sudah komplen sama admin dan admin hantar email komplen kat dept services (sambil mem-bcc saya). Esok kalau makcik cleaner buat vocal practice dia kat pantry lagi saya sumbat dia masuk dalam peti ais.

Bila timing, perut jadi lapar. Betol tak? Jadi saya singgah di pasaraya membeli sayur untuk memasak makan malam. Heh, I cooked again tonite. Bapa wanted to heat up masak lemak but I said, 'No Bapa, very unhealthy lah everyday u makan masak lomak jo. How about some pasta?'. Bapa is always up to people cooking for him. Little did he know that this is a vegetarian dish. Heh. Heh. Heh.... Halfway through cooking I casually said, 'Oh by the way, this is a vege only pasta.' Bapa responded with 'oh oklah' but I think I heard him muttering 'bukan ke pasta selalu ada meat?' *kihkihkihhhh*. Anyhoo spaghetti aglio olio saya itu sedap. Bapa memuji lagi walaupun mengulang suara berkata 'mungkin sedap juga kalau ada cebisan daging'. Ahhh.....real men need meat. Kasihan bapa, jarang komplen. Bapa tidak pernah timing dengan apa2 yang kami masak kat rumah walaupun tak sedap. paling teruk pun dia cuma cakap 'tak berapa sedap lain kali try cara lain' saja.

Oh masih ada lagi spaghetti dalam kuali sebab emak dan adik belum pulang dari tempat kerja. Family saya memang champion dalam hal-hal balik kerja lambat macam ni. Dalam hati I'm having a very keji thought of hoping that both emak and adik won't come home hungry so that I can tapau the spaghetti to work tomorrow. *evil schmevil*

esok kerja balik. tak best.

eh tak, mungkin biasa2 je. tak boleh kata tak best, nanti betul2 tak best. saya tak mau tak best di tempat kerja. saya tak mau fikir (atau dengar) apa2 yg tak best lagi. nanti hati sakit saya akan mengamuk baling semua barang dalam bilik macam saya buat semalam. saya marah hati sakit sangat. baling barang was the least i could do since it was already 3.30am. drama drama!

facebook really takes forever to upload pics of the engagement ceremony and here i am writing nonsense. my babe, eza, got engaged today (eh, yesterday) and there she goes leaving natd and i dua orang terkontang-kanting in singledom. kamu mesti fikir, eleh dia baru tunang je kenapa saya ni dah paranoid. FYI, eza dah nak kahwin 26/12 ni. oh oh saya bukan bukan bukan paranoid. in fact saya okay je dan sangat2 happy bila kawan2 baik akan/sudah kahwin. saya hanya fed-up bila orang tanya bila saya nak kahwin. ye, kalau kamu biasa baca blog saya kamu mungkin perasaan at least setahun sekali saya akan ada post yang bising2 sebab orang tanya saya bila mau kawin bila mau kawin bila bila bila mau kahwin. bila-bila lah!

in this twisted world i'm living in, not bothering anymore is the best choice because pusing kiri pusing kanan banyak benda buat pening kepala. maybe when the day that i have that knockout body and washboard abs but without a single calon for kahwin comes, i'll worry myself sick.

terima kasih selamat malam in less than 8 hours i need to be at my desk in the office and after a week-long break i so don't feel up to it.

nota kaki: facebook belum habis upload gambar. damn you i need my sleep!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

bila tidak bekerja

I am on leave. Perasaan yang boleh tahan best sebab boleh bangun tido lambat. ehehe...

Perkara-perkara yang telah dibuat sejak bangun tidur:

  1. Ikat rambut.

  2. Toilet. No need to elaborate la.

  3. Online - facebook, baca blog orang, tengok email dan...

...Tersengih-sengih girang melihat confirmed itinerary PENERBANGAN PERCUMA untuk PERCUTIAN KE SIEM REAP bulan depan.

Angkor Wat here I come, yaaaaaaaa...huuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Nota kaki: There wasn't much that I did since I have only been awake for an hour or so. hihi.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I am reacting and that's about it. Period.

A really shitty drama post picnic today. But i'm not gonna stoop to their (low) level so i'm just gonna stay quiet. i've got better things to do and i dont want people to start wearing their 'i'm with stupid shirt' when i'm around because i clearly am not. thank you.

lesson learnt: morons wear you down. why bother?

Friday, December 05, 2008

lamanya tak tulis

minggu depan saya cuti seminggu. tapi saya tak dapat pergi mana-mana. ini semua bangkok yang cemas punya pasal. haih...apa nak buat dengan teket free tu? mesti pakai sebelum 31/12 ni.


sekarang saya rasa macam nak road trip. naik atas pergi kuala kangsar ke...turun bawah pegi segamat ke... tah, macam best je. ada sapa2 nak ikut? jadi co-pilot. minyak saya bayar. awak boleh belanja tol, atau makan minum. saya dah lama nak pergi road trip. sebelum tua sangat, sebelum umur _ _, saya nak buat ini dan pergi volunteer kat negeri orang miskin. boleh tengok dunia sama tolong orang jugak.

jadi yeah, saya nak pegi jalan. telefonlah saya. amiklah cuti. saya yakin kamu orang ada banyak lagi annual leave belum habis. saya kena habiskan entitlement cuti. bagus betul kompeni baru ni, masa probation pun suruh pegi cuti.

kalau kita tak pergi road trip, kita pergi siem reap nak? jogja ke. padang ke. saya tak kisah. dah puas pegi tempat orang putih saya nak pegi tempat yang airasia pegi je. ya, ini alasan saya yang dah takde duit nak jalan jauh. harap maklum.

telefon tauuuuuuu kalau nak ikut road trip/amazing race asia saya :)