Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random post that may help some people out there

Cost of Giving Birth in UKM Special Centre (2012)

RM4,100 - natural delivery, episiotomy, epidural, pitocin induction, 3 days 2 night stay in a single bedded room, extra paeds visit because my baby wouldn't pee. I think it should be RM600 less had the second paeds visit didn't happen for we had to stay another night.

3/5. So-so. Not spacious, bathroom isn't as nice as the likes of gleneagles or sjmc (or even kpj, perhaps). Not to worry if you aren't fussy. After all it isn't like you're gonna camp out in the bathroom throughout your stay. Plastic accordion door. Heh. Oh and we had a stubborn mosquito the first night.

Spicy but generous portion. I walloped everything since i was starving all the time after the laborious birthing episode, bahahhh.

Prof Azurah. Very gentle but I was a bit bummed that she ignored my request to not be induced after my water broke. Natural birth isn't really practiced in Malaysia I suppose.

Hospital staff:
Awesome. Friendly and funny nurses in the labour room. One was like my pom pom girl without the poms.

Labour room:
No bigger than a chicken coop. Serious shit. My husband was sandwiched between the wall and my labour bed.

Will consider again if we find that other hospitals are potong leher.

Why am I posting this? I went through some unhappy time managing $$$ since our medical benefits do not cover maternity-related expenses. Yes, even the GLC bank my husband's working at. Kijam. I know that this info will be very helpful to many expecting mothers out there. Having kids are expensive man!


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